Friday, September 16, 2011

Google Chrome App for Sparrow SMS

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Hello Friends,

We have released an app in Google Chrome to make ease in accessing the Powerful SMS Campaign Manager from Sparrow SMS.

Download the extension from the URL below.

Sparrow SMS

Monday, April 11, 2011

The CHEEP Way to Connect [Coverage] [The Himalayan Times] 11th April, 2011

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11th April, 2011 : on TheHimalyanTimes


After the rage of short message service (SMS) among youths, they are now attracted to mobile e-mail and social networking as a fast and easy form of communication.

Cashing in on this popularity, Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd has introduced Sparrow SMS on March 20 on the occasion of the World Sparrow Day.

Sparrow SMS, which is being promoted under the slogan -SMS to Facebook, SMS to Twitter, SMS to email, your SMS to your world -lets you send messages not only to social networking sites but to any other website also. It is especially a boon to the addicts of social networking, as keeping in touch with one's social networking accounts has never before been so easy in Nepal. With just a normal text message, one can update sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The users need to simply log in to the page and follow the steps mentioned in the site to authenticate their mobile number with Facebook account.

A similar status update service is available for Twitter. To connect to Twitter account, one can visit and follow instructions mentioned in the site. After users complete procedures mentioned in the instructions, they can type FB, follow it up with the status of their choice, and send it to 34001. Cost per SMS is Re 1 and has no activation charges. The Facebook account's status will also be instantly updated and users can keep in touch with their contacts. Moreover, Sparrow SMS also allows the service of sending SMS to email, which works for both NCell and NTC users.

Amit Agrawal, business development director of Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd says, "SMS is one of the easiest and congestion free methods of communication. It comes in handy even when you can't call someone. We have been doing a lot of research on the power of text and seeing the SMS culture around the world, we thought of bringing this cutting edge technology to Nepali Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry." It took altogether 10 months for the service to be launched, which included two months of extensive research and eight months for software development.
According to him, Sparrow SMS is the SMS value added service (VAS) brand in Nepal.

Sparrow is one of the most common birds in Nepal and hence, SMS being very common and reachable to everyone, the idea emerged of coining the name Sparrow SMS. Essentially, Sparrow SMS getting extremely comfortable with technology. So, he expects to gather more users in coming days.

Elucidating about the benefits of this SMS, he adds, "Sparrow SMS is not just an SMS service; it's an SMS campaign management platform. We assist in any kind of SMS based solutions. It is marketing, broadcasting, media, and the best is that it is a two-way mode of communication."

Himani Taparia, a college student and user of Sparrow SMS says, "I have been using the service since last four months. I came to know about it through friends and Facebook advertisements." According to her, it is convenient to use and she utilises it to update about her college work.

Suresh Shahi, journalist of ABC television says, "It is exciting to hear about technology developed in Nepal itself. I have been using this service since February. I have to travel frequently within and outside the valley, so it is obvious that I also reach places without any internet connection or GPRS access in mobile phones. In this case, Sparrow SMS is the best option to update my status even from remote areas and I have even updated my Facebook from Bhairawa."

Agrawal adds, "We will now be focusing on the web. We are planning to take Sparrow SMS to all levels of business enterprises." According to him, plans are on to expand SMS culture in Nepal and make it as simple and cheap as possible. There are also plans to integrate SMS with existing systems and industries like social media, health, education, travel, media, tourism and entertainment. He says, "In the near future, we are planning to introduce some other services like aves -a tool to manage social media, danfemall -online shopping, hornbill -barcode system and dovemail -email marketing software.

The software used by Sparrow SMS is SMSFox -also used in countries like New Zealand, Mozambique and USA.

Friday, March 18, 2011

SMS Service Launched For All Nepalese Football Lovers as said by

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We are happy to make this announcement that has partnered with Sparrow SMS to provide SMS based services to the supporters of Nepalese Football. Below is the press statement made by on its official webpage on Mar 17, 2011 08:18:47 AM


Mar 17, 2011 08:18:47 AM, on behalf of Biba Online Pvt Ltd, has launched Short Message Sending (SMS) service (Aba Goal Huncha Mobile Phone Ma) for all Nepalese football lovers who wish to get Nepalese Football News, Views, Schedules and LIVE Commentary in their cell phones. and Sparrow SMS have partnered together for the service.

Now the football lovers can type Goal and send it to 35001 to get latest and exclusive football news, LIVE commentary and schedules.

For Eg:
Type Goal and send it to 35001
Launching the SMS service, CEO, Bikram Thapa said, “ is always dedicated to the valued viewers. cares about the Nepalese football and working hard to promote and develop the game in the country and outside. We thought the Nepalese football news should be on the cell phone. So we partnered with Sparrow SMS for this service. We think Nepalese football lovers will like it and send SMS as per as their need”.

Business Development Director of Sparrow SMS, Amit Agrawal said, “We are very happy to partner with Football is the number one game in the country. Football Lovers now have an opportunity to get latest football news on their cell phone whenever the circumstance is odd or whenever they want. If you are facing load shedding and you want to get latest football news or LIVE commentary, all you can do is just send SMS Goal to 35001 and get the latest information”.

Sparrow SMS - VAS Service in Nepal

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Sparrow SMS is a SMS VAS Solutions provider for Nepal. We provide SMS VAS Services for Nepal Telecom and NCell Operators' GSM Networks throughout the country.

Sparrow SMS is the service provided by Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.

We provide services via the following shortcodes. All the mentioned shortcodes available both for NCell and Nepal Telecom GSM Networks.

  • 34001 - Re - 1
  • 35001 - Rs - 5
Any keyword is possible for the shortcodes mentioned. However we have separated the keywords into two major categories. 
  • Normal Keywords
    • Keywords formed especially from the Initials or abbreviated Acronyms of company, product or individuals example. SPRW, JT, POK, etc. 
    • Anyone can opt in for the Normal Keywords
  • PRIME Keywords
    • Keywords formed for very common English or Nepali words are under this category. for example. NEWS, GOAL, VOTE, LOVE, DRAMA, etc
    • These keywords have special weightage and Sparrow SMS doesn't provide these keywords, unless the content provider is justified for the keyword.

WHY 4001
We prefer/recommend 34001 shortcode in the following cases. 
  • When the content provider's motive is not to earn directly from the SMS Revenue
  • When the content provider wants to deliver information/message to its customers/clients via SMS.
  • When the purpose of the SMS Campaign is some official visiting card or Info On Demand campaign for the firm/company

WHY 35001
  • For PRIME services
  • When an incoming revenue is expected from SMS Campaign
  • Incoming Volume is extremely large and the liability per SMS is less primary for the SMS sender 

Contact Sparrow SMS on business days at the following contact address. 
Sparrow SMS 
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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