Friday, August 10, 2012

Sparrow SMS is now on SmartCell

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It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Sparrow SMS service is now available on SmartCell. We feel privileged to be able to extend our services to SmartCell Subscribers. With the new developments, our service is now available to NCELL, NTC, UTL and SmartCell Subscribers.

20th March, 2010, I vividly remember the day. It was on this day that we started our journey. While we knew what we wanted, we did not know how we were going to turn our visions into reality. All we knew was that we wanted to provide quality service to you.

We owe our success to you, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our well-wishers, including you for believing in us, for being a loyal user, a true critic, and for making Sparrow SMS what it is today. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and for showing your support over the years. I assure you that this is just the beginning of a great journey, and with your support, we know that, sky is the limit for us.

We care a lot about how our subscribers communicate and we value every SMS that we receive. We have given our 100% to provide the best service and quick response to all user queries for a better texting experience. Our services like SMS to Email, SLC Results, HSEB Results, SMS Fund Raiser, SMS to Facebook, General Info Enquiry, etc. have created a positive difference in the lives of people across the country by simplifying the way they communicate.

Sparrow SMS has always believed in the power of text, in its potential to become the best means of instant communication in the country. With your support, we'll continue to bring better services and solutions that are cost effective, simple to use and that can help people in making lives easy.

Sincere Thanks!

Amit Agrawal, CEO-Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Amit Agrawal
Sparrow SMS

Saturday, June 9, 2012

School Leaving Certificate Examinations (SLC)

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The School Leaving Certificate examinations popularly abbreviated as SLC, is the final examination in the secondary school systems of Nepal. It is an academic qualification awarded in specified subjects, with full marks totaling 800 by students aged 14– and above, in secondary education in Nepal. It is equivalent to GCSE , the academic qualification in UK, and Matriculation in India.

Every student must take part in this examination for completing the 10th grade of their study else they aren’t admitted for higher secondary / intermediate level education. The SLC examination is normally scheduled in the month of March - April and has been regarded as the “Iron Gate” for the academic career in Nepal. Since, its the marginal qualification for college level education, the analogy still seems to be relevant.

In present days, SLC examination holds a full marks of 800, with following compulsory subjects.
  • English,
  • Nepali
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health, Population and Environment

Students can opt in for two other optional subjects each carrying 100 full mark. 32% is the pass mark for each of the above mentioned subjects including the optional subjects.

Examination Centers
Nepal is divided into five development regions and each region has many examination centres (as per the Examination Controller's Office). The question pattern differs from region to region although it is same within a region. Examination is conducted throughout the country simultaneously. Examination centers allotment is based upon the school a student applies from. Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), Sanothimi Bhaktapur established under the Government of Nepal/Ministry of Education and Sports functions in managing and conducting the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examinations.

About three months after the completion of the SLC, results are published by the Office of Controller of Examinations (OCE). Students are categorized into five divisions according to their score. The division allotment policy is as per the following.
  • Distinction - above 80%  ( विशिष्ट श्रेणी )
  • First Division - 60% to 79.99%  ( प्रथम श्रेणी )
  • Second Division - 45% to 59.99%  (द्वितिय श्रेणी )
  • Third Division - 32% to 44.99%  ( तृतिय श्रेणी )

If one fails to get above 32% marks in each subject, student is declared as failed to pass the SLC. Despite such low pass marks the literacy rate in Nepal is low. Mostly students from rural areas fail to pass this exam due to lack of proper teaching staffs and infrastructure.   

Leading +2 colleges often take into account the performance at SLC. SLC examination score has been a benchmark for several scholarships and awards in the immediate higher secondary level.

The first SLC examination of Nepal was held in the year 1990 B.S. (1934 A.D). The overall examination topper during that year was Mr. Pushpabhakta Malla. Since then, SLC Examination is being conducted regularly.  You can check a complete statistical report of the examination results so far at the OCE website. We will soon try to present a graphical chart based on the published data.

Result Publishing Modes
SLC results used to be published every morning printing on the National Daily, and Gorkhapatra was what everyone knew about a medium to know their result. OCE used to publish the results via a wall notice, with the pass list pasted division wise.

However, its not the same these days. Its been few years ( three / four years past from now), that OCE has started giving results to more than one national daily, publishes from websites, IVR and SMS. There are few other providers, who publish results every day.

SLC results by SMS and role of Sparrow SMS:
As mentioned earlier, OCE already started giving results to VAS providers to publish via SMS.
Sparrow SMS being a VAS service provider of Nepal, and being interested in education sector, has been assisting in publishing results via SMS. Sparrow SMS provided results for both regular examination and supplementary examinations for the following SLC results
  • SLC 2066
    was available to Nepal Telecom subscribers only
  • SLC 2067
    was available to Nepal Telecom and Ncell subscribers
  • SLC 2068available to Nepal Telecom, Ncell and UTL subscribers

Pre-subscription about the SLC examination results is already available via Sparrow SMS. Once any information about the result is available, Sparrow SMS will deliver the information to its subscribers.

Below is the format to pre-subscribe for SLC.
Type SLC<space>Symbol number and send SMS to 35001.
    • SLC 01234567
    • SLC 01234567A

For more information on SLC examination, its history, opportunities after SLC and career queries, Sparrow SMS maintains the following web-portal.

Also, any real-time updates can be available at the Sparrow SMS official facebook fan page.

For any queries, feel free to mail us at the following contact.
Sparrow SMS
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd
Jhamsikhel Lalitpur


PS: This post was prepared with a collaborative effort from Sharmila Basnet, Kamana Adhikari, Ronak Agrawal

Monday, March 19, 2012

We for Ourselves-Solving Problems

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Hello Everyone,

Sparrow SMS has been providing various technological solutions via Short Messaging Service (SMS) in Nepal.

You can connect to us at on Facebook and on twitter.

Power of Text

The Power of Text is an initiative to support social causes via SMS. This service aims to help a person, a group or community, or a society raise funds to solve a crisis, through SMS Fundraiser.

Through the initiative, funds have been raised via SMS for medical treatment of Lt Kumar Kancha, a popular Nepali singer, who was bedridden with paralysis at the S L Raheja Hospital in Mahin.

This project, however, is not just a simple fundraiser. We partner with other organizations because we realize that it is not easy to raise huge amounts just via SMS. With the success of the pilot initiative and the realization that it can be the next big innovation in the field of development, we are taking it to the next level. We have entered and have been shortlisted in “The Dell Social Innovation Challenge”.

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge identifies and supports promising young social innovators who dedicate themselves to solving the world's most pressing problems with their transformative ideas.

Our idea is now competing with thousands of other ideas from around the world. We need your support to win. We need your vote. We need your help to prove to the world the ‘Power of Text.’

In order to vote, please follow these simple steps given below:
  1. Visit 
  2. Register yourself 
  3. Go to And vote for the project.
  4. You can also leave a comment after you vote. 

Your time and effort is appreciated. Thank you!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mero Euta Saathi Cha - SMS Contest

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Rules regarding participation

# Type FRIEND<space>Your-Friend's-Mobile-Number</space> and send SMS to 34001*
# You can send only one person's number and only once. It's (euta saathi). So make a genuine confession only.
# If the person, whose number you sent, sends back with your number, then you both earn 100 points each.
# If any of your firends confess you as a friend, you earn 25 points for each confession.
# An individual with highest points will be selected as a winner.
# The confession you made, and you received, both will remain confidential.
# The contest will run till 13th February, 2012.
# Result will be declared on 14th February, 2012.

*SMS Charges Re 1/- + applicable taxes.

# If any kind of FRAUD actions are detected, an individual will be marked as disqualified.

Do ask us and we'll clear you.

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