Friday, January 20, 2012

Mero Euta Saathi Cha - SMS Contest

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Rules regarding participation

# Type FRIEND<space>Your-Friend's-Mobile-Number</space> and send SMS to 34001*
# You can send only one person's number and only once. It's (euta saathi). So make a genuine confession only.
# If the person, whose number you sent, sends back with your number, then you both earn 100 points each.
# If any of your firends confess you as a friend, you earn 25 points for each confession.
# An individual with highest points will be selected as a winner.
# The confession you made, and you received, both will remain confidential.
# The contest will run till 13th February, 2012.
# Result will be declared on 14th February, 2012.

*SMS Charges Re 1/- + applicable taxes.

# If any kind of FRAUD actions are detected, an individual will be marked as disqualified.

Do ask us and we'll clear you.


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