Monday, March 19, 2012

We for Ourselves-Solving Problems

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Hello Everyone,

Sparrow SMS has been providing various technological solutions via Short Messaging Service (SMS) in Nepal.

You can connect to us at on Facebook and on twitter.

Power of Text

The Power of Text is an initiative to support social causes via SMS. This service aims to help a person, a group or community, or a society raise funds to solve a crisis, through SMS Fundraiser.

Through the initiative, funds have been raised via SMS for medical treatment of Lt Kumar Kancha, a popular Nepali singer, who was bedridden with paralysis at the S L Raheja Hospital in Mahin.

This project, however, is not just a simple fundraiser. We partner with other organizations because we realize that it is not easy to raise huge amounts just via SMS. With the success of the pilot initiative and the realization that it can be the next big innovation in the field of development, we are taking it to the next level. We have entered and have been shortlisted in “The Dell Social Innovation Challenge”.

The Dell Social Innovation Challenge identifies and supports promising young social innovators who dedicate themselves to solving the world's most pressing problems with their transformative ideas.

Our idea is now competing with thousands of other ideas from around the world. We need your support to win. We need your vote. We need your help to prove to the world the ‘Power of Text.’

In order to vote, please follow these simple steps given below:
  1. Visit 
  2. Register yourself 
  3. Go to And vote for the project.
  4. You can also leave a comment after you vote. 

Your time and effort is appreciated. Thank you!


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