Monday, March 11, 2013

Contest for Mobile Apps- Made in Nepal

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Mobile Apps sometimes seem like magic wands- one swing and a lot of things gets done magically in a moment. With the advent of smartphones, every user can now be that magician or at least learn a trick. Globally, the app industry is growing to multi-billion dollar industry reaping benefits for both developers and the app users. The users get a good utility for a minimal price usually around $1-$3 per app and the developers earn from the mass selling of such apps amounting to $ in thousands. 

Nepal is no exception to the market of apps despite of lacking a robust mobile payment eco-system. Nepali app developers have been undertaking the development of a lot of iOS and Android apps through outsourcing from foreign markets. Now its turn for some pure Nepalese apps to rock the market. And stimulating such an entrepreneurial movement are some communities and their contests- the latest and most promising being Pivot Nepal.

The organizers believe that Pivot Nepal is an initiative to bring out entrepreneurial spirit within mobile application developer community in Nepal. And if you have some killer mobile app ideas and concepts that you think will work in Nepalese context and has the potential to be scaled up at an international level this is the right avenue for you to submit your idea and take it forward. 

Pivot nepal

Prawesh Shrestha, the Project Manager at MobileNepal, replied to what is so unique and promising about this contest with these words- “ It is a competition to showcase and bring out best Mobile Apps and Services that are made in Nepal. It will provide help in refining ideas, assistance in various fronts that can convert skill and passion into sustainable and thriving business. It will link different businesses and investors with promising mobile app ideas and developers. It will also provide opportunities for international linkage and exposure.” He added, “This will definitely create enthusiasm amongst the developer community and interest in business community to innovate and contribute to Nepal's app market with incredible and valuable mobile apps.

As seen in the poster above, the apps can be submitted in three categories:
-Business and Financial Services
-Social Development
-Utilities and Entertainment

And the app can be at any stage of its development from a mere idea to a finished product. Waiting in the bags for the winners are cash prizes worth USD 6000 & more. For more details you can visit the official site here.

Now this definitely seems to be beginning of "Appreneurship" in Nepal and we, Nepalese are waiting to see some cool useful apps with the tag- Made in Nepal. So gear up all the developers and dive in the competition. Good luck from Sparrow SMS team.


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