Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loadshedding reduced for SLC exams

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Phew (sigh)! The loadshedding duration is down by 2 hours per day effective from 11 March, 2013. A small relief amidst everything complicated going on in the country. Thanks to the repair work accomplished in one of the Hydropower plants of our state that will now produce enough power to let Nepalese use the rare thing for an additional couple of hours per day. This definitely will bring a smile on the faces of especially the SLC students who are having a tough time preparing for their BIG exams.

            To get the latest loadshedding schedule on your phone type G
                   & send it to 35001. 
Eg: G4 to 35001 for group no. 4.

The resumption of power supply totaling between 55-60 MW from a under maintenance plant is to thank for this relief. Currently, the power supply is nearly half of the peak demand (550MW for a demand of 1000-1025 MW). But despite of all the criticism done about the attitude of government the current move may signify that effective steps are being undertaken to improve the condition of energy production in Nepal. A lot of projects are halted due to administrative procedures and some couldn't even make it to kick off. But there is no choice left than waiting and watching all that is being done. On our side we can only economize the use of electricity and stay hopeful that in a matter of few years Nepal becomes a self sustainable nation-at least in case of energy.
For now leave all the serious things behind, and enjoy the relief & reschedule all your important works because you have got the flexibility of 2 more hours to get things done. Pick up your phone and message G<group no.> to 35001 to get the routine below for the whole week on your phone. For eg: G1 to 35001 if your group no. is 1. 


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