Thursday, March 14, 2013

SLC 2069 kicks off in Nepal

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Once again, like every year, SLC, one of the biggest national events of the country has arrived. With 547,165 students appearing the exam, SLC, this year, is being held from March 14-22. Government is all geared up to hold the exam in peaceful and fair manner. Education Minister Dina Nath Sharma has said that directives have been issued to ensure fair and peaceful conduct of the exam. Fourteen joint secretaries—one to each zone—has been deployed for monitoring and the exam centers. And interestingly as much as 19,860 security personnel will be present throughout the nation to keep things grounded.

SLC exam 2069

But we are not here to tell you only these SLC facts. We would like to share some tips with you to help you or your loved ones appearing the exam through the preparation. We know SLC is most talked about and hyped of all exams and besides it being dubbed as iron-gate even more amplifies the pressure upon the students. If you are giving the SLC or one of your siblings or relatives is appearing the exam, here are few quick tips that can help make the exam ride smoother:

-So the most important thing to do during SLC or any other exams is not to burden yourself with unnecessary pressure.
-Instead take regular breaks from studies and relax allowing your mind to refresh itself.
-Try to get prepared for the exam long before the exam arrives, this will help relieve some pressure during the exam time.
-Do not hesitate to take whatever help you need from people around you such as your siblings, parents and teachers.
-Be prepared with all the materials you need for the exam one day before the exam. Last minute preparation often gets messier and complicates the things even more.
-During the exam try not to panic, read your questions carefully before answering them and plan your time so that you finish the exam in time.

While all these tips are simple they are still effective every time. So we would like to wish all those appearing the SLC a very best of luck. We shall be with you even after the exam and also during your results. Just be positive and work smart and hard. Rock the exams!


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