Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Confluence of International Happiness Day & World Sparrow Day

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International Happiness Day- March 20 worldwide is also marked as World Sparrow Day. On this wonderful confluence of two apparently unrelated but metaphorically linked day, we thought about drawing your attention to what actually makes these two days related to each other in so many ways. Firstly, we all know that happiness lies in small things that we most often tend to overlook, similarly, sparrow a small but beautiful bird was not considered for any conservation programs until Nature Forever Society in collaboration with Eco-Sys Action Foundation took the initiative to raise awareness of sparrow by observing the world sparrow day. Sparrow is a common bird found around the world but also highly vulnerable which makes it more like happiness which can be easily found to those who have their arms open to it but can also be lost with a small mistake.

We don't have any thing very profound to say to you. All we want to say is that like sparrow it's the small things in your life that matters the most. Overlooking smaller things can lead to missing some great things. So instead of ignoring small important things, it's necessary that we understand their importance in life and embrace them with open heart. So while big things will come with time, do not miss these small-little-tiny things. It is things like this that actually can spread a smile with almost no effort. Spread a smile and show your love for sparrows. Wish you a great World Sparrow Day & Happy International Happiness Day.


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