Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The "Legendary" Question

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We just love to bring you good stuffs everytime and now when the SLC exams are going on, we know you definitely need some. Today its about a simple question (we know the title is exaggerated). The most common question that has been raised since centuries (well who knows? :)) is that-
"How can I concentrate in studies during my exams?"
You know even you have raised this atleast a dozen times till now. And even legendary are the answers we get every time we ask this question (whatever way we ask). So we thought why not put together some of those answers from around the world and show you how diverse are our we think. You'll be having a great time with this. Take a look.

The Question:
"How can I concentrate in studies during exams?"

Answers: (source: Internet)
1:  "I find the best way for me to study is to go in a private place in your house and read out loud. Yes talk to "yourself while you are reading. It helps with the distractions around the house.
2. "Sit at a suitable place like on a desk and not on a bed"
3. "Turn on the computer. Look up things"
4. "Switch off the computer, it's always going to be a distraction!"
5. "Try Yoga. It is very relaxing and helps to stimulate the mind. It would probably help you concentrate better."
6. "Try to eat something. This will help you with concentration. Stay away from the sugar items though."
7. "Study"
8. "You are allowed to take as many breaks as you want when you study. It helps with the clarity of your learning process. Cramming your study is just going to make you forget more information."
9. "Think about the what the instructor talked about in your last class and try to relate it to what you are reading"
10. "Remember the goal and why you are doing it. What's in it for you? Don;'t think of the now, think of the end, when you get an A on your paper."
11. "If you are a young person, you could put a password lock on your computer's internet connection and ask your parents to pick the password and "lock" you out of the internet until you show/tell them you are finished with school work. This would allow everyone else to surf on their own computers while keeping you from browsing."
12. "I listen to some soft music, that relaxes me and I seem to be able to focus on my studies lol"
13. "It's not difficult to concentrate on my studies because I know that my life will be better after I get an education."
14. "For girls, when you study, have a scent in the room, preferably a perfume or something. Then when you take the test, wear that perfume. It can help you remember what you study because you relate the scent to the information. Of course you have to use a scent that you wouldn't normally smell"

Some really serious, some quite practical, some obvious and the others...you know. So you got now how diverse we think? One question and numerous answers. Some even with no heads and tails. Especially the last point just made me roll on the floor. And answers no. 3 & 4 are amazing too.

This is what happens when we listen to a lot of people without actually looking inside ourselves. Everybody has a different weakness and therefore everybody has a different answer. Forget all that others say. Just think what has been distracting you when you study. It might be cell phone, music, somebody at your side or even a mosquito. Simply avoid what distracts you and there you are- concentrating on your studies. It might be tough in the beginning to avoid that but you can do anything if you really want & are trying to do it. So now concentrate on your studies ;) and Enjoy your exams.
And if you have come across any "amazing" answer, drop it in the comments below.


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