Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wondering what to do after SLC ?

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For SLC Results: Type SLC<space>Symbol no. to 35001. E.g.: SLC 1234567 to 35001
SMS valid only after the results are published.

after SLC

So after much hype and excitement, SLC examinations are finally over. Starting on 14 th of March and continuing over a period of 9 days, SLC this year had over half a million examinees. Now these students have nearly three months time before the results are out. Instead of wasting away this time in just waiting for the result and lazing around, we would suggest everyone to indulge in something creative and educative.

Post SLC period is usually very useful time to explore one’s interests and ambitions which would help the students decide their future course of study. Many institutes across the country offer short term courses that besides equipping students with additional skills also make them well prepared for courses ahead of them

Most students often utilize this period to learn computer programming and softwares, or join a bridge course for ten plus two or other diploma courses. But most of you might frown at the idea of spending the overly precious free time that you get after a hectic schedule of studying for the SLC in studying new courses or reading books. But we don’t suggest you to devote entire time in studying. As we said, thie time can be used to explore one’s interest and ambitions so you can spend the time learning to play guitar or any other musical instruments, learn ride a motorcycle, go on an expedition or travel to some exotic places. No matter what you do, do not waste away this period by sitting idle and watching TV.

But whatever the SLC students might busy themselves in, at the back of their minds, they are always worried about the results. Through this article, the message we want to convey to you is that worrying about result is completely futile. So, why don’t you enjoy your short-lived freedom as others did last year- they just messaged SLC<space>Symbol No. to 5001 and we took care of delivering their results to them as soon as the result were out. 

Please note that, results by SMS are for immediate informative purpose only. The accuracy of the results should be verified with the official marksheet published by OCE, Sano Thimi.


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