Monday, April 29, 2013

Grade 12 HSEB Examination begins Tomorrow

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The final examination for class twelve is all set to begin from 17th of Baisakh 2070, i.e., tomorrow. Students from around 3596 HSEB affiliated colleges are appearing for the exams. The exam is scheduled to continue for a period of twelve days from 17th of Baisakh 2070 to 29th of Baisakh at various examination centers across the country.

The end of class twelve marks the end of high school and beginning of the bachelor level in education. Students are extremely excited and anxious to get over with the exams and most often the over excitement leads to silly mistakes during exams that are regretted later. The best thing to do during exams is to remain calm and not panic. Remember, most often it’s panicking that causes most of the accidents. It might seem natural to feel pressure during exams but stress can be minimized to a great extent with few simple steps:

HSEB Grade 12 Exam Routine
  1.    Always be prepared for the exam earlier and keep the time before the exam for revision
  2.   Be attentive in class. Most often, if you are focused during the class lecture, you don’t need to study hard for exams
  3. Do not panic. Most problems are solved, greater obstacles are overcome by remaining calm and thinking rationally. So keep your head cool during exams.
  4.  Eat and sleep well. Many students put extra amount of effort during exam and end up being sick. Studying at the expense of your health is useless if you can’t take exam.
  5. Take exam and forget about it. Do not worry about the results.
Sparrow SMS wishes best of luck to all the examinees appearing for the exams. Sparrow SMS has been helping students of HSEB view their results via SMS and thousands of students have benefitted from this service. All they had to do was type HSEB followed by a space and their symbol no. and send the SMS to 35001.We hope we can continue providing our services to the students in future.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mobile Users in Nepal Reach 65.65 Percent

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Based on the data collected till the date of March 15, 2013, Nepal Telecommunications Authority has published its monthly report on telecom scenario in Nepal. The report shows a significant growth in the telephone penetration in Nepal over last one month. 

Compared to last month’s 71.90, the telephone users in Nepal have reached to 73.88% this month. While there isn’t any growth in the number of landline users, the users of mobile have increased from 63.72% to 65.65% this month. This year too Ncell leads other telecom operators in the total market share. With total og 9553,404 users, Ncell has 49% of total market shares while NTC has 44% with total of 8595771 users and UTL and SmartTel have market shares of 3% each.

There has also been an increase of 1.46% in the internet users in the country from 22.23 percent last month to 23.69 percent as per March 15. GPRS has the largest number of users which decreases significantly as we move from GPRS to CDMA, ADSL, Wireless, Cable modem and finally to WiMax which has the minimum number of users as per now.

Ncell tops the list of internet provider with 51% of market shares compared to 46% of NTC while UTL and other ISPs have 2 and 1 percent respectively. As compared to last month there is one percent decrease in market share of NTC while Ncell has achieved a percent gain in its market share.
If we look at the data over the last one year, the mobile penetration has increased by 11.19% while there has been 6.16 percent increase in internet users in Nepal.

Overall, the data suggests that the penetration of communication technologies in Nepal is getting stronger and with the introduction of new operators and service providers there is strong competition in the market which further motivates the operators to come up with better technology and stronger market strategies to reach out to larger public across the nation.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

International Girls in ICT Day to be Observed

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International Girls in ICT (Informationand Communication Technology) Day is being observed worldwide in more than 200 countries amid several events on April 25, 2013. Celebrated on the 4th Thursday in April every year International Girls in ICT Day is an initiative backed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Member States in ITU PlenipotentiaryResolution 70 (Guadalajara, 2010).  The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the body of the United Nations in charge of information and communication technologies. Their mandate is to encourage the world to use technology, set unified standards globally and address issues that are raised with the development of technology. International Girls in ICT Day has been established by ITU to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The day will also be celebrated in Nepal for the first time on this Thursday.The event organized by NTA (NepalTelecommunication's Authority) and DBI, Equal Access Nepal and supported by ITU (International Telecommunications’ Union) will be held at St. Xavier's College from 1 to 5 pm. Digital Broadcast Initiative, Equal Access Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that creates and disseminates radio shows that empower listeners with critically needed information for social change on a wide range of development themes. The event is being promoted by Sparrow SMS, VAS service provider of Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. Sparrow SMS has been providing various SMS services to individuals as well as businesses for information sharing and marketing purposes.

Official Banner
The event aims at encouraging girls and women to use ICT and build up their career in ICT field. ICT is a fast growing sector and vital in the development of the nation. With more advancement in this sector more opportunities are being created every day. And it’s not long before ICT will be a leading sector and strong force behind the economic system of the country. The event mainly intends to promote and encourage girls and young women to actively participate in the fields of ICT and benefit from it and contribute to it as well.

The event will be attended by more than hundred female participants that include both students as well as working women. Few successful women among them will be speaking on ICT and Women and how ICT can empower girls and women.

Sparrow SMS congratulates the organizers for taking such initiative and organizing the events on International Girls in ICT Day. We hope more and more of such events are organized in the future and we promise to support such events in all possible capacity of a company. More information about the event can be received via SMS, just SMS GICT to 34001.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you utilizing the gap between your SLC exams and the results?

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For SLC Results 2069: Type SLC<space>symbol no. & send to 35001
SMS valid only after the results have been published by OCE.

After a hectic schedule for months, you must be taking a deep breath of relax. Well you obviously deserve one since the SLC exams are a no small thing. But is the time worth only relaxing? 

Think about it again. Nearly two and a half months long vacation before you start your +2 education is one of the few long vacations you ever get in your academic life. And this long time should be used in some productive ways. Some of you must have already joined courses or trainings and others might be travelling around or simply sitting back with your grandparents. While there isn’t any specific way that calls to be the best, a balanced mix of these can definitely be a good one.

after slc exam result sparrow sms
Is the leisure time worth only relaxing?

So what does the mix contain? Experiences of senior students & advisors point out these few things to do in such leisure time: 

1. Getting back to family life (going out together for dinner, movies, celebrations, etc) 
2. Travelling (visit your far residing relatives or get a travel package to explore new places) 
3. Get a skill enhancing course (lessons that can enhance the skills of your interest like music, designing, sports, photography, programming, etc.) 
4. Explore & collect information (research to find out your areas of interest and places you can pursue them) 5. Prepare for your further studies (if your higher studies require special preparations then do it) 
6. Earn (or save) some personal money (you are going to need it for sure in your college ahead) 

If you are doing all of these you are making the most anybody can make out of such leisure times. But if you have been involved in only few of these then do not feel low because you still have time to catch up. Make a brief plan and assign priorities to each activity then get on them with your complete effort. While we encourage you to do all the above things, make sure you actually learn and enjoy in each of them. You must gain from anything you do. So now, go ahead and enjoy your leisure times- the smart way.


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Friday, April 19, 2013

Tech Mashup—Come Celebrate & Talk Technology

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We have various startups and tech communities in Nepal that are working towards building a technologically strong and developed society. But general public, so far, still remains unaware of all the tech communities and their work. Many a times people have been found wondering what FOSS Nepal or Mozilla Nepal does and how could they be a part of it. A lot of tech communities have emerged in Nepal and a lot of tech events are happening around, still a lot of people do not know the objectives of the communities around. At the same time, many businesses houses and investors in Nepal have little idea about the tech potential in our country.

So, one fine evening when five innovative minds of Amit Agrawal, Sakar Pudasaini, Vidhan Rana, Catrin Froehlich and Chandan Gupta sat down to discuss about the World Startup Report event to be held on April 27, they came up with an idea of a speed networking event to bring together all people associated with the tech world in Nepal. Speed Networking Event is basically a gathering of people with similar interests to know each other and exchange information.

The event named as Tech Mashup will be organized at Baber Mahal Revisited from 5pm to 9 pm, on April 28, a day after the World Startup Report event, by Janaki Technology in close co-ordination with Biruwa Ventures and great support and hard works from Catrin Froehlich, Chandan Gupta, Avinash Kundaliya and Sakar Pudasaini. The event is basically a speed networking event aimed at bringing technological enthusiasts together for casual meeting and discussion on the startup culture and its promotion in Nepal. Also present in the event will be the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bowei Gai who is coming to Nepal to study the startup culture here for World Startup Report and Tech Mashup, as a part of the WSR, is also intended to provide Bowei with a much wider vista of startup ecosystem in Nepal.

The event is open to anyone interested in interacting with the tech communities in Nepal and people associated with it. The people attending the event will be able to share their knowledge and experiences, get to know about the startups and tech communities active in Nepal, interact with other tech enthusiasts and get opportunities to contribute to and be a part of such tech communities. Also available for the startups looking for exhibiting their company profile is the facility to hire an exhibition stall for NRs. 2000. To book a stall, the people to be contacted are Mr. Amit Agrawal (9803162500), Mr Chandan Gupta (9840063488) or Mr. Avinash Kundaliya (9813678886) or simply SMS TM to 4001.

So, if you have any interest in technology whatsoever or if you are simply interested in meeting and interacting with people from the tech world, it’s the place you got to be. You can also register for the event on our page in facebook.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge in Nepal

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NASA space challenge is a competitive event first organized in April 2012 in 25 cities around the world. Due to its success and popularity, it has been turned into an annual event and will be held expectedly in 70 cities this year, including Nepal, on April 20 and 21. In Nepal, the event will be organized by ICIMOD within the framework of the SERVIR-Himalaya's initiative supported by USAID and NASA, in close collaboration with YoungInnovations, a local partner organization.

Through NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, people from all over the world have been given a chance to learn more about space technology and earth observation applications and use their knowledge and skills to develop meaningful solutions to help to address critical global challenges. This year, people from Nepal too will have an opportunity to participate in this challenge and work with experts from ICIMOD to learn more about the issues faced by the region. Participants will use their skills and knowledge to develop solutions to pressing problems, especially those that are affecting communities in the Himalayas.

Anyone can participate in the International Space Apps Challenge, which requires individuals with a broad range of skills. Participants could include engineers, technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, students, and entrepreneurs – anyone who has a passion for changing the world and is willing to devote two days to this exciting event. The participants in the event can choose from a list of challenges listed in the page featured challenges of NASA’s space challenges website that includes a wide range of topics, including possibilities for software and hardware development, citizen science, and data visualization.

In Nepal the event will be held at Direction Exhibition and Convention Center Hall (DECC), United World Trade Center (UWTC), in Tripureshwor. Interested people can apply by registering in Kathmandu location’s dedicated webpage no later than 15th of April, 2013. Regular updates can be found on the tumblr blog of the event and facebook page of the event

Janaki Technology is always excited to see such events being organized in the country and we encourage everyone to register a great participation in it. With the new technologies getting popular in Nepal, more such events such as Startup Weekend, Ted Talks, Barcamps, PHP developer meetups, Python Developer Meetups, Hackathons, Internet Freedom Day and many more are being organised everyday. Janaki Technology is always keen to support such events.  In its attempt to promote such culture and upcoming startups in Nepal, Janaki Technology would also be hosting World Startup Report event on April 27th and we expect huge support from everyone. We are also expecting to see some great IT startups to evolve from Nepal and we would be happy to contribute to the community in any possible capacity of company.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sudip Limbu Wins National Web Competition

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National Web Competition, organized by CAN (Computer Association of Nepal) and Sastra Creations and sponsored among others by Sparow SMS has been concluded amid an award ceremony on April 12, 2013. Sudip Limbu was declared the winner of the competition and was awarded the prize money of NRs. 50,000 while Suman K.C., Suman Thapa and Sagun Ghimire of Domain Nepal bagged the second position in the competition and Krishna Karki, Pradeep Giri and Krishna B. Khadka of Kp creations secured the third position. Domain Nepal and K2p Creations group were awarded, NRs. 25,000 and 15,000 respectively.  The winners were also awarded with trophies, medals and certificates.

Besides the top three winners, prize money of NRs. 15,000, a medal and a certificate were handed over to Shiva Kumar Shrestha, Saroj Kumar Poddar, and Gandaki team, with team members Bidur Subedi, Niranjan Udas and Bijay Paudel, for best coding, best design and innovative idea respectively.

The competition was held at Islington College, Kamalpokhari and there were two hundred and fifty-nine participating groups initially but only 20 groups were selected for the final round. The participants were judged by a panel of judges and the competitors had to go through three rounds before reaching the Grand Finale. After the second round the websites of top 30 participants were exhibited on internet and were judged jointly by the judges and the voting conducted through SMS and on facebook. SMS voting was facilitated by the SMS service provided by Sparrow SMS, one of the co-sponsors of the competition.

The prizes were handed over by the special guest Mr. Dhruba Prasad Sharma, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication. Addressing the event, Mr. Sharma said that technology is a strong medium to make Nepal Known to the world and, hence, we should all strive towards it. Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Mr. Keshav Prasad Bhattarai also attended the event as the chief guest. Mr. Bhattarai thanked the organizers for organizing such event and expressed his dedication to support such events in the future.

Sparrow SMS would like to congratulate the winners and wish them all successes in their life. We also wish to support such events in future and serve in whatever ways possible.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Winners of National Mathematics Olympiad to be Awarded

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 Mathematics is probably the only  subject that hass been learnt since the humans were not civilized. The maths then was however primitive. Today the advanced education system has allowed every student to learn solving complex mathematical problems at early age. And recognizing such talented indivuals are contests like IMO. IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad ) is a World Championship Mathematics Competition first held in Romania in 1959 with 7 countries participating. It has gradually expanded to over 100 countries from 5 continents. International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is held annualy in a different country now.

Something similar was initiated in Nepal when, on February 23, 2013, Bloom Nepal organized a National Mathematics Olympiad. The three-hour long test of ingenuity in Maths was simultaneously held in seven major cities located throughout the nation. The competition, sponsored by Norvic Educations, DISH Home and Siddhartha Bank, was open for all the students of grade eleven and twelve from all over the country. In order to encourage large number of students to participate in the event from all across the country the registration of the students were easily conducted via SMS with the service provided by the SMS partner Sparrow SMS.

“Although large number of students participated in the competition, only 9.1% of the participants were girls and the participation was low as we moved out of valley”, said Ram K Rijal, Director of Bloom Nepal School. “Among top fifty participants only ten were from outside the valley which raises important question regarding the educational standards in the country”, Mr. Rijal added.

Winners of the National Mathematics Olympiad will be awarded on April 14, 2013 in a ceremony to be held at Bloom Nepal School building in Khadga Tole Ekantakuna. The top positions were secured by Aditya Agarwal from Rai School, Isha Upreti from Carribean College and Prabin Mandal also from Carribean College. They respectively scored 46,34 and 33 marks out of 60. The remaining of the top ten students were as follows: Sanjeev Lamichhane Pujan Pandey Lokesh Pal Pujan Thapa Pradip Niroula Tyson Pun Magar Madhav Bista The prize money for top three students are fifty thousands, thirty thousands and twenty thousands to be awarded on April 14.

Events like Nepal Maths Olympiad are doing a great job in filtering out talented students from across the country and it also encourages them to learn and excel in a competitive environment. We, Sparrow SMS, are proud to be a part of such initiatives. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get HISSAN Exams Result via SMS

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The pre-board exams of class eleven conducted by HISSAN-Higher Secondary Schools’ Association Nepal have concluded today. We hope the exams have gone well for all the appeared students. It’s time now to relax and prepare for the HSEB exams and not worry about the results.

Sparrow SMS has been helping the students and their kin view exam results of SLC, HISSAN, HSEB and other exams through SMS since last three years, and millions have benefitted from our services. Sparrow SMS is a sole provider of HISSAN result through SMS and we expect large number of students enjoy our service this year too.

The SMS format to view one’s result is similar in all cases including SLC, HSEB and HISSAN exams. To view your HISSAN result all you need to do is type HISSAN<space>Symbol No. and send the SMS to 35001.

The format for viewing HISSAN results via SMS has been also printed behind the admit card as shown below:

So instead of worrying about your results, relax, take it easy, and prepare for your HSEB exams and career ahead of you.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Janaki Technology to host World Startup Report Event

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Janaki Technology, on April 27, will be hosting World Startup Report public event in Kathmandu. The World Startup Report is a social mission to document and connect the global startup communities. The project was founded by Bowei Gai. Bowei is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and fire starter behind the World Startup Report. He was formerly the founder of Snapture Labs and CardMunch (successfully acquired by LinkedIn in 2011).

Startups are companies set up to test business models developed around new ideas. Lately, the term startup has been associated mostly with technological ventures. The startup culture in Nepal is fast growing with young and energetic people coming up with innovative ideas in the fields of technology. Many technological events and meet-ups are being organized each year and lots of new startups are emerging in the country. Bowei has been excited to come to Nepal ever since he was informed of ‘a good deal of untapped technical talent looking for opportunity ‘by the product director of CloudFactoryMark Sears and Kailash Badu. Bowei also met the Picovico founders in StartupChile and learnt about startup culture in Nepal which strengthened his commitment to visit Nepal and document its startup ecosystem.

The project, among others, has been sponsored by 500 STARTUPS, StartupDigest, Startup Weekend and LinkedIn, and provides readers with a global network of startup ambassadors and insights into the market trends, cultural challenges and opportunities for new ventures outside of the Silicon Valley.  In less than 3 months, the project has interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors & policy makers in 5 different countries and held over 15 events. Entrepreneurs, investors and companies are now looking abroad for growth and there are very few resources available to them. The project aims at providing the entrepreneurs and investors a glimpse of the countries around the world and opportunities available there. So far, World Startup Report has documented and connected the startup ecosystems in 29 countries and 36 cities. The ‘China Startup Report,’ that Bowei published in 2011, has now unexpectedly received over 110,000 Slideshare views while recently published India Startup Report on March 19, 2013 has been able to gain a staggering number of viewers of above 124000 in a very short period of time.

Bowei is expected to be in Kathmandu from April 26th till the end of the month and will attend the World Startup event hosted by Janaki Technology on April 27th. Bowei is expected to moderate a conversation between a panel of successful entrepreneurs and startups and a team of growing startups which will be, then, documented into a report for the Entrepreneurs, investors and companies around the globe to provide them about an idea of the growing startup communities in Nepal.

If you have any query, please feel free to contact Mr. Amit Agrawal, CEO, Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. at

Thursday, April 4, 2013

SLC 2069- 2070 Result date announced

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Type SLC<space>Symbol no. & send to 35001 after the results are published.

SLC result 2070 date
SLC Result SMS format
__________________________________________________________ SLC 2069-2070 just got over after its usual hype and here we already have received a news about the result. OCE (Office of the Controller of Examination) has said that the result of this year's SLC will be published by first week of Asar.

The SLC exam were held from 1 Chaitra to 9 Chaitra for 48 subjects across the nation. Pralhad Aryal, Deputy Controller at OCE, said that if no unfavourable circumstances arise the results can be published by 1st week of Asar, 2070 B.S.. The OCE has also demanded additional funds of NRs. 9 crores citing increased centres and resources expenses as the reasons for additional demand. The government has already provided an amount of Nrs. 28 crores for the smooth conduction of examination.
SLC result 2069 2070
Original news published in Gorkhapatra

For a quick review, as many as 5,47,165 students appeared this year in the dubbed- "Iron Gate" of Nepalese education system. And times of SLC results are equally hyped as the dubbed name of the exam itself.  However since few years, the result can be instantly viewed by sending SLC<space>Symbol no. to 35001. Such SMS services helped in delivering the results to the students as soon as they are published. Timely publishing of the results allow the students to resume their higher studies sooner which reduces time loss that keeps accumulating otherwise.
Keep logging on our blog as we bring you the latest news about SLC from every corner. Meanwhile you can also find out some good ways to spend these leisure waiting days in a productive manner here.
The official Sparrow page for SLC result format can be visited at:
Source: Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Telecom Scenario In Nepal

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Nepal Telecommunications Authority has revealed its latest report on telecom services in Nepal. The report demonstrates the overall telecom scenario in Nepal based on the data collected till the date of February 15, 2013. The report shows that the users of telephone services in Nepal are growing rapidly over the years causing the telephone penetration rate to reach to a figure of 71.90%.

While there has been a slight decrease in the numbers of fixed or landline telephone lines from 3.19% last year to 3.14% this year, the users of mobile telephones have increased from 53.39% to 63.72%. In the last one year Ncell has shown remarkable growth in its number of users and is now the leading GSM network of Nepal with a market share of 48 percent i.e., 9,133,305 users compared to NTC’s 8,503,891 users with the market share of 45 percent. SmartTel and UTL each have 3 percent of market shares while other remaining service providers have one percent.

Although the telephone scenario seems promising and rapidly increasing, the internet has not been able to gain large number of users in the country. Although much higher than last year’s data of 16.67 percent, only 22.23 percent of entire population enjoys the internet service in Nepal with largest number of users relying upon GPRS for internet while the newly initiated WiMax service of NTC has minimum number of users.

Ncell also leads the market share as an internet service provider with 50 percent while NTC has 47 percent of the total market shares as an ISP and UTL and other ISPs have 2 and one percent shares respectively.
Overall, the users of telephone and internet are increasing rapidly in Nepal and with the introduction of new technology the users are expected to rise to a greater extent in coming years.

Source : Nepal Telecom Authority

Monday, April 1, 2013

SLC Trauma—Why So Serious?

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Students, especially in schools, often picture exams as nightmares. The stress and anxiety that they go through during the exams are incomparable. They can’t imagine failing in exams as since very early childhood they are taught to be embarrassed and ashamed of failing. They grow up believing that failing an exam is one of the gravest of mistakes.

But no other exams in the life of a student can beat the stress that SLC brings in their life. With huge media coverage, and great amount of interests shown by entire nation, it feels entire population has its eyes on SLC examinees, and a failure in it would mean a national embarrassment. This causes a number of suicides to occur across the country during and after SLC. People often blame the students for the suicide; they are considered weak and unable to handle the pressure. But it’s not them but us who are to blame. The hype we create around SLC, the expectations the parents have from their children and humiliation that they are subjected to in case of failure put students in a very dire situation.

SLC is minimum certificate level of education in our country and it’s important that one appearing SLC passes it but it’s also very natural for someone attempting something to not be successful at once. This is what we need our children to learn. Although we must always encourage them to work hard and try to succeed in everything they attempt, we should also let them know that it’s okay not to succeed in everything for the very first time. If they fail or feel like it, instead, of discouraging them with harsh words, parents and friends should help them get over with it and look forward with high hopes and optimism.

And as far as the SLC results are concerned, do not panic, just forget about them. Results will be out when the time arrives. Large number of students last year and year before that just typed SLC<space>Symbol No. and sent the SMS to 35001 to get their results. We hope, you too, can benefit with this service. 

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