Monday, April 8, 2013

Janaki Technology to host World Startup Report Event

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Janaki Technology, on April 27, will be hosting World Startup Report public event in Kathmandu. The World Startup Report is a social mission to document and connect the global startup communities. The project was founded by Bowei Gai. Bowei is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and fire starter behind the World Startup Report. He was formerly the founder of Snapture Labs and CardMunch (successfully acquired by LinkedIn in 2011).

Startups are companies set up to test business models developed around new ideas. Lately, the term startup has been associated mostly with technological ventures. The startup culture in Nepal is fast growing with young and energetic people coming up with innovative ideas in the fields of technology. Many technological events and meet-ups are being organized each year and lots of new startups are emerging in the country. Bowei has been excited to come to Nepal ever since he was informed of ‘a good deal of untapped technical talent looking for opportunity ‘by the product director of CloudFactoryMark Sears and Kailash Badu. Bowei also met the Picovico founders in StartupChile and learnt about startup culture in Nepal which strengthened his commitment to visit Nepal and document its startup ecosystem.

The project, among others, has been sponsored by 500 STARTUPS, StartupDigest, Startup Weekend and LinkedIn, and provides readers with a global network of startup ambassadors and insights into the market trends, cultural challenges and opportunities for new ventures outside of the Silicon Valley.  In less than 3 months, the project has interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors & policy makers in 5 different countries and held over 15 events. Entrepreneurs, investors and companies are now looking abroad for growth and there are very few resources available to them. The project aims at providing the entrepreneurs and investors a glimpse of the countries around the world and opportunities available there. So far, World Startup Report has documented and connected the startup ecosystems in 29 countries and 36 cities. The ‘China Startup Report,’ that Bowei published in 2011, has now unexpectedly received over 110,000 Slideshare views while recently published India Startup Report on March 19, 2013 has been able to gain a staggering number of viewers of above 124000 in a very short period of time.

Bowei is expected to be in Kathmandu from April 26th till the end of the month and will attend the World Startup event hosted by Janaki Technology on April 27th. Bowei is expected to moderate a conversation between a panel of successful entrepreneurs and startups and a team of growing startups which will be, then, documented into a report for the Entrepreneurs, investors and companies around the globe to provide them about an idea of the growing startup communities in Nepal.

If you have any query, please feel free to contact Mr. Amit Agrawal, CEO, Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. at


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  3. You can Register for the Event here !


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