Monday, April 1, 2013

SLC Trauma—Why So Serious?

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Students, especially in schools, often picture exams as nightmares. The stress and anxiety that they go through during the exams are incomparable. They can’t imagine failing in exams as since very early childhood they are taught to be embarrassed and ashamed of failing. They grow up believing that failing an exam is one of the gravest of mistakes.

But no other exams in the life of a student can beat the stress that SLC brings in their life. With huge media coverage, and great amount of interests shown by entire nation, it feels entire population has its eyes on SLC examinees, and a failure in it would mean a national embarrassment. This causes a number of suicides to occur across the country during and after SLC. People often blame the students for the suicide; they are considered weak and unable to handle the pressure. But it’s not them but us who are to blame. The hype we create around SLC, the expectations the parents have from their children and humiliation that they are subjected to in case of failure put students in a very dire situation.

SLC is minimum certificate level of education in our country and it’s important that one appearing SLC passes it but it’s also very natural for someone attempting something to not be successful at once. This is what we need our children to learn. Although we must always encourage them to work hard and try to succeed in everything they attempt, we should also let them know that it’s okay not to succeed in everything for the very first time. If they fail or feel like it, instead, of discouraging them with harsh words, parents and friends should help them get over with it and look forward with high hopes and optimism.

And as far as the SLC results are concerned, do not panic, just forget about them. Results will be out when the time arrives. Large number of students last year and year before that just typed SLC<space>Symbol No. and sent the SMS to 35001 to get their results. We hope, you too, can benefit with this service. 


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