Friday, April 19, 2013

Tech Mashup—Come Celebrate & Talk Technology

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We have various startups and tech communities in Nepal that are working towards building a technologically strong and developed society. But general public, so far, still remains unaware of all the tech communities and their work. Many a times people have been found wondering what FOSS Nepal or Mozilla Nepal does and how could they be a part of it. A lot of tech communities have emerged in Nepal and a lot of tech events are happening around, still a lot of people do not know the objectives of the communities around. At the same time, many businesses houses and investors in Nepal have little idea about the tech potential in our country.

So, one fine evening when five innovative minds of Amit Agrawal, Sakar Pudasaini, Vidhan Rana, Catrin Froehlich and Chandan Gupta sat down to discuss about the World Startup Report event to be held on April 27, they came up with an idea of a speed networking event to bring together all people associated with the tech world in Nepal. Speed Networking Event is basically a gathering of people with similar interests to know each other and exchange information.

The event named as Tech Mashup will be organized at Baber Mahal Revisited from 5pm to 9 pm, on April 28, a day after the World Startup Report event, by Janaki Technology in close co-ordination with Biruwa Ventures and great support and hard works from Catrin Froehlich, Chandan Gupta, Avinash Kundaliya and Sakar Pudasaini. The event is basically a speed networking event aimed at bringing technological enthusiasts together for casual meeting and discussion on the startup culture and its promotion in Nepal. Also present in the event will be the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bowei Gai who is coming to Nepal to study the startup culture here for World Startup Report and Tech Mashup, as a part of the WSR, is also intended to provide Bowei with a much wider vista of startup ecosystem in Nepal.

The event is open to anyone interested in interacting with the tech communities in Nepal and people associated with it. The people attending the event will be able to share their knowledge and experiences, get to know about the startups and tech communities active in Nepal, interact with other tech enthusiasts and get opportunities to contribute to and be a part of such tech communities. Also available for the startups looking for exhibiting their company profile is the facility to hire an exhibition stall for NRs. 2000. To book a stall, the people to be contacted are Mr. Amit Agrawal (9803162500), Mr Chandan Gupta (9840063488) or Mr. Avinash Kundaliya (9813678886) or simply SMS TM to 4001.

So, if you have any interest in technology whatsoever or if you are simply interested in meeting and interacting with people from the tech world, it’s the place you got to be. You can also register for the event on our page in facebook.


  1. Wonderful event.....but in spite of all of your incredible efforts, you should increase the publicity of such events in national dailies too. Many students are not getting informed about such events.Only if such events draw the attention of students, we can envision a prosperous nepal and finally transcend from the level of theories and bookish knowledge to the level of real world technologies and applications.

  2. Thanks Ashim for the event. As this event is being organized by the communities itself, we do not have funds for Paper Advertisements. We are trying our best to rise the tech startup culture in Nepal and its a gradual process.

  3. Astound with such initiatives taken by young entrepreneurs in the area of technology. I wish it turns out so well and eventually people will start looking for it as for upcoming events. Good luck

  4. The inclining ICT development trend in Nepal is standing to prove the quality of private sector and some activities - Tech Mashup - will make consolidated roadmap of ICT for everyone in Nepal. The role of private sector in e-governance has been increasing and the contribution of such event will be clearly visible days ahead. All the best, the team.

  5. Thanks @Bandhu and @Sahara. Hope to see you all there and see some tweets #techmash :-)

    Cheers !

  6. great work. this event gonna be huge ! i won't miss it :)


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