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Nepal contributes to the World Startup Report

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World Startup Report event was successfully held in Kathmandu on 27th of April, 2013. The event was organized to provide Bowei a glimpse into the startup culture in Nepal.

world startup report sparrow sms nepal
Mr. Bishwas Dhakal, CEO (F1Soft Int'l ), one of the panelists, speaking at the World Startup Report
World Startup Report event organized by Janaki Technology at Kings’ College was a part of Mr. Bowei Gai’s social mission to document and connect the global startup communities. It was followed by a speed networking event Tech-Mashup on the following day. Mr. Bowei is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and fire starter behind the World Startup Report. He was formerly the founder of Snapture Labs and CardMunch (successfully acquired by LinkedIn in 2011).

Bowei world startup report nepalworld startup report team in Nepal sparrow smspanelist at world startup report nepal sparrow smsThe event was attended by seven panelists and guests from over fifty startups, tech communities and business houses. The panelists at the event were Mr. Bal Joshi, CEO,, Mr. Biswas Dhakal, CEO, F1Soft International, Puja Tandon, Director, Beed Management, Manohar Bhattarai - Ex-VC, High Level Commission of Information Technology, Vidhan Rana, Founding Partner, Biruwa Ventures and Subrat Basnet Co-Founder,   
audeince at world startup report nepal sparrow sms       
At the event, the panelist and Bowei, discussed their journeys towards becoming a successful entrepreneurs and hurdles they had to face along the way. They also discussed the startup environment in Nepal and the difficulties that the growing startups have to face. During the discussion, some interesting facts about Nepal were revealed. Although, Nepal hasn’t achieved great heights in technology, it was the first country to introduce 3G and digital telecommunication network in South Asia. But the fact that Nepal had its first computer in 70’s and internet was introduced in 90’s, we haven’t made any remarkable progress in the field is quite deplorable. However, what shocked Bowei most was when he was told only 4% of Nepalese citizens actually pay taxes.
But that’s just one side of the story. Things are changing for better in Nepal and startups like cloudfactory, and Sparrow SMS paint an optimistic picture for the upcoming startups. Also, companies like Biruwa ventures that support and fund innovative ideas are source of great encouragement for people interested in starting a tech company.

world startup report event nepal sparrow sms
World Startup Report being held in Nepal
It will be interesting, however, to see Bowei’s perspective on the startup culture and ecosystem in Nepal. We all are eagerly waiting for him to reveal his report on startup in Nepal. Reports on other countries like India, China, the US, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and others have already been published after a similar event in each of these nations. The ultimate aim of gathering such information is to help people in each country compare the startup environment of various nations and adopt a global approach to starting and scaling their ventures. So keep following us as we bring you the startup report of Nepal.

You can have a look at other snapshots of the event here


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