Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Social Aves to Celebrate World Social Media Day with Social Media Meetup in Kathmandu

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For information and registration type SMDAY and send SMS to 34001

Social Aves is organizing Social Media Meetup on June 29 to celebrate World Social Media Day. Social media has revolutionized the world digitally. It has changed the way we communicate, share ideas and market our products expanding our reach globally. Social media has made it even easier for us to keep connected to people and world events. With a growing popularity of social media, it wasn't a surprise that there would be a day dedicated to celebrate its presence.

Started in 2010 by Mashable, World Social Media Day is a worldwide event observed on 30th June every year.  With more than 40 million page monthly page views, Mashable is the most prolific news site providing information and news on various technological and social media related subjects.

With mobile penetration of 68.45 percent and 25.23 percent internet users in Nepal, social media is a growing culture and social media sites like facebook and twitter have already gained millions of users. Mostly used for socializing, social media is also gradually becoming popular as marketing tool in Nepal. To celebrate this growing culture, Nepal too has started to observe World Social Media Day.

World Social Media Day celebration was jointly organized last year by Social Aves (Social Media Agency), Nepali Bloggers Unite (Online Nepali BloggersCommunity), and AakarPost (Independent Nepali Blog). The event was a huge success with 60+ people attending the event including Bloggers, Journalists, Ex-minister of Science and Technology, Entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts.

WSMD celebration, this year, is being organized by Social Aves a social media marketing company based in Nepal, in association with Living with ICT, an IT magazine which caters information related with Information and Technology with the recent developments in its field. Social Aves has been helping the company to establish its brand in market and provide quick and efficient customer care services by leveraging the power of social media.

WSMD is scheduled to be held at Kings’college where social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, bloggers and other tech enthusiasts will come together to celebrate and discuss the role social media has been playing in Nepalese society today.

Social Media Meetup

Date: June 29, 2013
Time: 12:30 pm onwards

For information and registration type SMDAY and send SMS to 34001

Twitter handle : @socialaves
Hashtag:  #smday and #smdaynp

Monday, June 24, 2013

LOCUS 2013—Bridging the Gap with Technology

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For information about Locus type Locus and send the SMS to 34001.

Locus-2013, the Tenth National Technological Festival, is scheduled to be held from Asadh 14th to Asadh 16th. Held every year, Locus organizes hardware and software competitions, electrical projects, paper presentations, technical quiz, gaming competitions and other events with participants from engineering colleges all over from Nepal.  Based on a different theme every year, the festival this year has the theme of “Engineering the Rural Development” so chosen to focus on the disparity in the technology in Nepal.

Being held annually by the Locus Committee – a committee of Electrical, Electronics and Computer
Engineering Students—of Pulchowk Campus, Locus was started in the year 2003 with a group of students from electronics and computer engineering department. In the year 2005, electrical department also joined the team of Locus.

Locus organizes events under Competitive and Non- Competitive categories. Under the competitive events this year are the theme based and open hardware and software competition, video and web page designing competitions and informal events like paper presentation, code map, Quiz and gaming competition and more. Under the non-competitive events are exhibition of various electrical projects and a panel discussion on IT Entrepreneurship in Nepal to be held on the third day of the event where students will get to learn about opportunities for IT entrepreneurship in Nepal.

Like each year, this year too, Yomari will be organizing the code camp on the second day of Locus. Programmers are required to develop an application on the theme “Engineering the Rural Development”. The best application will be awarded by Yomari.

Focusing on this year’s theme of “Engineering the Rural Development” Locus wishes to conduct a seminar wherein the major concerns would be
  •    Energy : Save, Sustain, Survive
  •   Bridging the digital divide
  • ICT’s empowering rural Nepal
  •  Technovation for development
  • ICT for corporate competency

Encouraging the clever ideas and designs which will help in taking technology from selected institutes and urban sector to every household of the rural sectors of the nation, the committee wishes to find a solution through students participating in the Locus that can be modeled via hardware implementations, software implementations, paper presentations or talk shows.

Other attractions of the event include Inter College +2/Bachelor Level Technical Quiz Competition, Assembling and Soldering Competition, ROBO Akhada (robot wrestle), Photography Demonstration, Rural Development Photography Competition, Online Technical Quiz, Logo Design Competition, CISCO Networking Seminar, Photovoltaic Power System Design Workshop and a blogging competition.

Sparrow SMS supports and encourages such technological events in Nepal. We hope the event is successful in discovering a technically viable solution to end the disparity in technology in Nepal. Sparrow SMS would be glad to provide its services and support in the endeavour where and whenever required.

For more information about Locus type Locus and send the SMS to 34001.

Also visit the official website and facebook page and follow @Locus2013 or the hash tag #locus2013 on twitter.

The event this year has been sponsored by Verisk IT, Yomari, Immune Security, Karkhana, Kings College

Sunday, June 23, 2013

NTC Suffers Loss while Wimax Gains more users-Telecom Scenario in Nepal

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Yet again Nepal Telecommunications Authority has released its monthly report on telecommunication scenario in Nepal. The report based on data collected till the date of May 4, 2013 shows a significant growth in the telephone penetration in Nepal over last one month.

The report shows that the telephone users in Nepal have increased by 1.65% from 75.46% last month to  77.11% this month. Yet again the increase is due to the increase in the users of mobile telephones from 66.96% last month to 68.45% while the percent of users of fixed telephone lines remains unchanged from the last month.

With total of 10,096,130 users, Ncell has 49% of total market shares while NTC has suffered a loss of 1%  of its users and now has 43% with total of 8,795,157 users while UTL has gained 1% in its users and now has 4% of total users and SmartTel has market shares of 3%.

There has also been an increase of 0.81% in the internet users in the country from 24.51 percent last month to 25.23 percent as per May 4. Although, there is increase in number of users of all the internet services, GPRS still leads the users’ choice of internet service while the newly initiated WiMax service from NTC seems to be getting popular and has gained 555 more users since last month and now has 1203 users.The market shares of the operators and ISPs remain unchanged from last month. Ncell, thus, still leads with 52 percent of entire market share in internet while NTC has 46 percent. UTL and other ISPs follow behind with 1 percent each.

If we look at the data over the last one year, the mobile penetration has increased by 11.9% while there has been 6.66 percent increase in internet users in Nepal.

Overall, the data suggests that the penetration of communication technologies in Nepal is getting stronger and with the introduction of new operators and service providers there is strong competition in the market. While, Ncell still remains to be the most popular brand in telecommunication, WiMax the new internet service brought by NTC is getting popular with time.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Startup Weekend Kathmandu—Women Edition

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For More Info and participation, type Swktm and send SMS to 34001

The startup culture in Nepal is on the rise. In last few years the startup ecosystem has grown bigger with more and more innovative startups coming into existence. In order to acquaint the startups, exchange ideas, and strengthen the tech culture various events are organized every year.

One such event with the name TechMashup, to bring all startups and techies together under the same roof to discuss ideas, share experiences and promote startup culture was organized on 28th of April 2013 by Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd in association with Biruwa Ventures. The event was huge success with large number of people from technical as well as non-technical fields turning up for the event.

Another similar event is the Startup Weekend held in number of cities across the world. Startup Weekend is basically a weekend long event where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. It’s a global movement of active entrepreneurs learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. Startup weekends are the events where developers, designers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups.

This is what happens in a Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization with headquarter in Seattle, Washington, and organizers in over 200 cities across the world. The first Startup weekend in Kathmandu was organized from 8 February 2013 to 10 February 2013. Of the 84 total participants, in the StartupWeekend, only 4 were women which highlighted the need of special attempt to enable more women to get involved in the world of startups.

Based on the following data,
-        7% of Tech companies are currently led by women.
When you have Female Executives in Tech Companies you get
-         35% Higher Return on Investment
-         12% More Revenue when backed by venture
-         10% Higher GROWTH RATE
the organizers felt the need of a Startup Weekend exclusively for women and so Startup Weekend Women Edition was conceived. 

Startup Weekend Women Edition is the Startup Weekend exclusively intended for women. Based on the same model as all startup weekend events, the event beginning on 5th of July will continue for 54 hours till 7th of July at SAP Falcha, Baber Mahal. The event is open for anyone to pitch in their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams will be then formed around top ideas determined through voting. The teams will then go through a 54 hour long session of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend, as usual, will culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback. To know more about what happens in the Startup Weekend, watch the following video

Brijendra R. Joshi, organizer of startup weekend, Kathmandu said,” eventually the aim is to have just one Startup Weekend event and get participation from both men and women; but until then it is our endeavor to reach as many women as possible through the Women’s edition and help them make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.”

Official Logo if Startup Weekend Women Edition
The tickets for the event are priced at NRS 3500 for professionals and NRS 1800 for the students and registration for the event can be done by visiting the following link .

For More Info and participation, type Swktm and send SMS to 34001

For more information visit or the facebook page or twitter. For any queries send an email to

The event is globally supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, Coca-Cola, Microsoft BizSpark and

Monday, June 17, 2013

Donate Blood, Save Lives, Be a Hero

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Heroes save life. Superheroes with special powers save thousands of lives. We have seen heroes in movies barge into a burning house to save a child or stop a train with their bare hands. But that’s in the movies. In reality, surprisingly, it’s much easier to be a hero. You don’t need to try the impossible just stick to smaller yet important things in life that bring greater change in people’s lives and you will be a hero.

Saving lives, definitely, makes you a hero but you don’t need any special power to do so. Lives can also be saved by a simple deed of donating blood. Every year several blood donation programs are held nationwide but the collected blood do not have very long life and in the absence of proper preservation techniques they don’t last long. Hence, when in need, there is often shortage of blood in blood banks and most often you don’t find a donor in time.

In order to ease the search for blood during an emergency, Sankalpa Nepal, in association with Sparrow SMS has initiated a project known as HamroBlood which allows the voluntary donors to register themselves in a blood donor database termed as National Database ofVolunteer Blood Donors. Anyone in need of blood can, then, get the contact of these registered blood donors just by an SMS and then contact them to request for blood.

Those willing to register themselves in the database can do so by filling up a form on the site of HamroBlood. The people in need of blood then can get the contact number of donors currently located in the locality near them by typing the blood group and sending the SMS to 33001.

For instance if the required blood group is AB positive, just type AB followed by any of the following attributes—

Similarly, for negative blood group any of the following attributes can be used—
Besides, in case of absence of attributes, the system automatically takes it as positive i.e., AB and AB+ both mean the same thing.

In order to reach more donors, the request sent through SMS is also broadcast in twitter and other social media websites. Besides, the team is also working on android application to be launched in the near future.

So, if you want to be hero, if you want to save lives, if you realize the importance of a pint of blood, come register yourself and be a hero!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nepal Management Symposium -2013 Being Held in Kathmandu

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After its success in 2011 and 2012, Kathmandu College of Management Student Council is back with its annual event Nepal Management Symposium (NSM) being held on 14th and 15th of June 2013.

KCM a leading provider of world-class management education in Nepal since its inception in 1997 organizes NSM every year to acquaint management professionals, enthusiasts, students, academicians with the emerging trends and issues in the world of management and business industry.

With the theme “Where managers of today and tomorrow converge”, NSM this year is being organized at The ShankerHotel, Lazimpat. NSM 2013 is a two day event of 5 sessions on existing and emerging management issues, industry-academia issues and Q&A discussion between industry participants and students.

The five sessions of the event will be divided into local and regional management issues with panelists from corporate fields. The event will host students from various business schools who will be presenting on suitable themes from a number of sectors and functional areas like
• Human Resource Management
• Economics, Banking and Finance
• Marketing, Sales and Promotion
• Entrepreneurship and Technology Management
• General Management

Biggest of its type in Nepal, the event is a platform to bind management professionals, enthusiasts and aspirants and create a common hub for students, managers, entrepreneurs, academicians, policy makers, consultants and other stakeholders in the world of management.

For schedules and list of speakers and participants at the third Nepal Management Syposium, visit the official site of the event and the facebook page 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Violence Against Women Hackathon to be Held on 16th of June

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World Bank Group in collaboration with YoungInnovations and Computer Association of Nepal are organizing a Violence Against Women Hackathon on 16th of June at Trade Tower Business Center, Thapathali to build innovative technological solutions to assist the victims of Violence Against Women and the agencies that work to support them.

Before the hackathon, the team of organizers worked with stakeholders and local communities to identify and define the following problem statements

Causes and Prevention
1. Children learn about gender roles through socialization. These gender roles contribute to developing a sense that men are superior to women thereby justifying violent actions. Create an educational tool (web platform or a mobile game) that teaches boys and girls about how gender roles are formed and enables them to question existing gender roles and to redefine.

2. Create a speed dial alert system for women and girls to inform a close groups of friends and family members when they feel in danger and also inform them of the location

3. Sensitization on the issue of VAW is much needed. A mobile app that allows people to attain information on VAW would be helpful. The app can ask the gender of the user in the beginning for targeted information.

Support to victims – access to information, support and justice
4. Many times, immediately after an incident of violence, the victim and the victim’s family may not know what to do, what services are available and what their rights are in terms of accessing justice. For example, victims are unaware of the 35-day limit to file an FIR. They may also not be aware that the government has mandated police stations to have a female police officer to handle cases of VAW. A web portal, SMS service or 24-hour helpline that provides information to victims on the legal procedures they have to follow and relevant government bodies, agencies and CSOs that can support them would help victims to file cases and get the necessary support. Additionally, a service that provides legal should be developed via SMS, voicemail or the web that will answer questions such as how long the case will go, what will be the consequences, who can help etc. 

5. Develop technology that is both web and mobile based that will map police stations or courts and provide phone numbers so that victims can immediately seek help during emergency situations.

6. Mobile-health services have already been developed and are increasingly used. Develop a technology that provides medical counseling for both physical and psychological problems.

7. When a victim files a complaint, she has to explain all the details of the incident to the police. However, this report is not shared so when she talks to the lawyers or to the activist, she has to recount the incident several times, which adds to the psychological distress. If a system can be developed where the cases once reported can be shared among the police, doctors, activists and lawyers, it would help increase efficiency and also reduce the number of times a victim has to retell the incident. The system should be developed in such a way that anonymity where desired by the victim is maintained. Also, responsibility of maintaining the system should be given to such an organization that would not misuse or tamper with the information.

8. It is estimated that almost 60% of women do not talk about violence they experience. The trend of not reporting cases is a major challenge in tackling VAW. A system that allows for victims to file cases via SMS or mobile service for free would be helpful especially in remote areas. This information could also be mapped.

9. Mapping of how and where to get birth, death, marriage, citizenship and relationship certificates. Lack of education and awareness on the importance of these certificates and the challenges that women particularly face in acquiring them has left many women without the certificates. These certificates are essential for getting school admission, finding jobs and owning property. More importantly, these certificates are necessary when filing legal cases. An interactive map or program that provides detailed directions on acquiring these certificates and also provides space for feedback to rate the service providers at the different stages of the process would be helpful.

10. Providing on the spot and immediate support to victims continues to be a challenge. A system that keeps a roster of individuals who can serve as a stand-by team in various locations would help to deploy help where needed.

11. Develop a virtual space where women human rights defenders (WHRDs) can inform others of various levels of threats they receive while doing their work or just share their experiences.

12. The number of women migrating is increasing rapidly. A system that enables female migrants to anonymously report their experiences of being victims of VAW including being trafficked for sex work or forced labour would help to rescue the women. GPS technology would be additional support.

13. Conventional banking options are limited for victims due to absence of collateral or guarantors. An online platform that connects victims who want to borrow with guarantors and a microfinance institution would enable victims have access to finance. This would be something similar For example, a victim wants a loan but has no group to guarantee, she can approach this platform, where a CSO will guarantee her. After which, a microfinance institution agrees to finance her.

14. Develop a map and a database of all initiatives on VAW. There are many organizations working to reduce VAW and providing a range of services. Many times the organizations are not aware of each other’s services. A map and database that shows who is working on what would enable better coordination. This would also indicate which geographic or service area is underserved.

15. Technology that enables tracking of victims to follow-up on their conditions would help to make sure that they are not re-victimized or are not victims of societies stigmas.

16. How to collect stories of victims as she moves on (maintaining sensitivity to her emotional and psychological state) that can be shared. Stories where victims successfully reintegrate into society can encourage and inspire other victims. Whereas stories that show that victims face immense challenges to reintegrate can serve as alerts to CSOs on where actions are needed.

17. Monitoring of the services available to victims and their families is important to ensure that the service providers are doing a good job. Create a system that allows victims to rate the level of service their received. This feedback system where feedbacks can be collected anonymously can be used to identify bottlenecks within the justice system. The process can be traced and rated step by step and victims can indicate where the process stopped. This would include feedback on rehabilitation centres as well.

18. Although illegal, the trend of reconciling VAW cases by village leaders or police is high. A SMS or web based system that tracks reconciled cases and the amount of monetary compensation provided to victims will help understand the extent to which cases are reconciled and provide evidence for necessary legal actions. Similar to the site a site where WHRDs, victims or their families can report that they had to reconcile the case would help identify the extent of the practice. Also additional information on whether due to pressure from police, family or community would provide important information on how access to justice should be approached.

19. Information leakage is a major concern for h WHRDs. A system that helps to maintain anonymity of those reporting through mobile or internet would reduce anxiety among victims in case of information leakage.

The hackathon will be to work with volunteer technologists and domestic violence experts to prototype technology solutions to selected defined problems using a hackathon format.

Recently, as the people are becoming more aware about the VAW issues, more and more initiatives are being taken to curb the incidents of Violence Against Women. One such initiative is the endeavor of Sparrow SMS in collaboration with Yuwa to create a facebook group with the name of Voices Heard where the issues related to VAW can be reported and actions are then taken to address the cases by particular social organization as per the need of the facebook post.

The Project allows the privilege to
·         Report an issue related to you or anyone you know
·         Report on incident that you witness
·         Post Directly into the Facebook group
·      Send your post in real time by a simple SMS to 35455 with normal SMS cost of Rs 1+tax ,available for  NTNcellUTL and SmartTel users

It is hoped that such initiatives along with proper laws would strengthen the fight against VAW. If technology can be effectively used to work out efficient tools to fight against VAW, it would definitely empower those fighting to stop the violence against women.

More inforation about the Violence Against Women Hackathon can be found on their official website of the event 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SLC Supplementry Examinations to be Held from 20th of Shrawan

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[Update: The SLC Chance exam results have been published. Type SLC<space>Symbol no. & send to 35001. Click here for more details.]

Office of Controller of Examinations has announced that the supplementary examinations for those who could not pass the SLC examinations this year are to be held on 20th of Shrawan. Only those who could not pass in two or lesser subjects are eligible to take the examination. The forms for the supplementary examinations are available at all the District Education Office and have to be duly filled and submitted not later than 15th of Shrawan.

The students are required to submit attested copy of their marksheet and admit card of the SLC examination 2069 and a bank voucher of NRS 350 deposited in the bank account no. 14223 along with the examination form. The admit card and the symbol number for the supplementary exams are same as the one used to take the regular examination.

The results of the Supplementary exams can also be viewed through SMS. Just type SLC symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001 to view your result once the results are out.
Sparrow SMS would like to wish all the best to all the students appearing for their supplementary exams.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SLC Result 2069/70 Published

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Type SLC symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001. Eg: SLC 0123456A and send the SMS to 35001.

Office of the Controller of Examination has announced the result of the SLC exam 2069 today.  Amid a press conference at OCE, Sanothimi, Examination Controller Mr. Khag Raj Baral announced the result.

Held at 1,786 exam centers across the country total of 547,165 studens had appeared in the SLC this year among which 1,76,253 have successfully cleared the SLC. the results this year will not be published in the news papers and can be viewed only through internet and SMS. To view the result via SMS

Type SLC symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001. Eg: SLC 0123456A and send the SMS to 35001.

The data for the SLC result this year are as follows

Total Forms Submitted : 547,165

Disqualified :  20,105          Total Appeared : 511, 165     Regular : 403, 936 Exempted : 107, 229

Total Passed :1,76,253          Regular:167, 935          Exempted: 8318

Pass Percent :

Regular: 41.57 percent           Exempted : 7.76 percent

Distinction : 16, 924  

First Division : 76282         Regular : 76, 165           Exempted: 117

Second Division : 75678    Regular: 69, 830            Exempted: 5848

Third Division :  7369        Regular:  5016              Exempted: 2353    

To view your result Type SLC symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001. Eg: SLC 0123456A and send the SMS to 35001.

Sparrow SMS wishes Best of Luck to all the SLC appeared Students.

SLC Results 2070/2013 to be Published Today

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Once the results are out type SLC symbol-no and send the SMS to 35001.Eg, 01234567A and send the SMS to 35001.

Office of control of Examination has announced that the SLC results will be out today. The board meeting of the OCE was held this morning and it is likely that the OCE will announce the result this afternoon. The results will be then available to the students via various websites and SMS service provider including Sparrow SMS.

To view SLC result via Sparrow SMS
Type SLC symbol-no and send the SMS to 35001. Eg, 01234567A and send the SMS to 35001.

In the 79th SLC examination held between 14th of March to March 22, 2013 a total of 547,165 studens had appeared the exams in 1,786 exam centers across the country. A total of 1,786 superintendents, 2,655 assistant superintendents, 21,890 invigilators, 7,297 peons and 19,860 security personnel were mobilized during the SLC.

The answer sheets this year have been marked at 60 different centers. Last year among 4,19,049 total appeared students, 1,97,641 had cleared the SLC examination with pass percent of 47.16 . This year though it’s likely that the percent of passed students will be higher than the last year. The team of Sparrow SMS would like to wish good luck to all the SLC appeared students and promises to be with them in the future as well.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Miss SLC Nepal Finale to be held on first of Asar

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[Once the results are published by OCE, Sanothimi type slc<space><symbol no.> and send SMS to 35001 to get your results]

On first Asar, 2070, finale of yet another beauty pageant is going to be held at Nepal Academy Hall. The beauty pageant for the recent SLC appeared students by the name Miss SLC Nepal is being organized by the Fashion Plus. Fashion Plus has been organizing events like Miss SLC, Miss Teen and Miss College for last five years.

Thirty-seven contestants are competing for the Miss SLC Nepal title this year. The contestants are being trained by various experts for last one month and will be judged by their performance as well as their performance over the month by judges.

The contestants will go through three rounds of top 15, top 5 and top 3 before the winner is selected. However, selection of Miss Personality is to be done by public by voting their choices via SMS and the contestant who wins the Miss Personality title will directly move into the top 15 round. To vote for the contestants via SMS, one can type Miss<space><contestant name> and send the SMS to 33001.

Top 15 contestants will be provided with full scholarship for bridge course and other gift hampers. Besides, during the training period they will get opportunity to learn swimming and various other skills and get groomed by different experts.

The winner of the competition will be awarded cash prize of NRS 30,000 along with the trophy and crown. Similarly, the first runner-up and second runner-up will be awarded the cash prize of NRS 20.000 and NRS 10,000 respectively along with the trophies and crowns.

Monday, June 3, 2013

SLC Results 2013 not to be Published in the Newspapers

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[Once the results are published by OCE, Sanothimi type slc<space><symbol no.> and send SMS to 35001 to get your results]

The Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) has informed that the results of the SLC 2069 are likely to be announced by the third week of June i.e., first week of Asar. The preparations for the same have been going on round the clock according to Exam Controller Mr. Khag Raj Baral.

News published in The  Himalayan Times today
However, interesting information that has come out recently is that the SLC results this year will not be published in any of the newspapers. Breaking the year long trend this year, none of the national dailies will be publishing the SLC results.

News Published in Arthik Abhiyan Today
 “Although asked to submit proposal, none of the newspaper came forward. However, this is not going to affect the students much as they already get their results through electronic media before the newspapers are delivered”, said Exam Controller Mr. Khag Raj Baral.

However, students and their kin have nothing to worry about as far as obtaining their SLC result is concerned. Like last past three years, this year too, they will be able to view their results directly in their cell phones via SMS. Once the results have been announced, the result can be obtained by typing slc<space><symbol no.> to 35001.

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