Monday, June 17, 2013

Donate Blood, Save Lives, Be a Hero

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Heroes save life. Superheroes with special powers save thousands of lives. We have seen heroes in movies barge into a burning house to save a child or stop a train with their bare hands. But that’s in the movies. In reality, surprisingly, it’s much easier to be a hero. You don’t need to try the impossible just stick to smaller yet important things in life that bring greater change in people’s lives and you will be a hero.

Saving lives, definitely, makes you a hero but you don’t need any special power to do so. Lives can also be saved by a simple deed of donating blood. Every year several blood donation programs are held nationwide but the collected blood do not have very long life and in the absence of proper preservation techniques they don’t last long. Hence, when in need, there is often shortage of blood in blood banks and most often you don’t find a donor in time.

In order to ease the search for blood during an emergency, Sankalpa Nepal, in association with Sparrow SMS has initiated a project known as HamroBlood which allows the voluntary donors to register themselves in a blood donor database termed as National Database ofVolunteer Blood Donors. Anyone in need of blood can, then, get the contact of these registered blood donors just by an SMS and then contact them to request for blood.

Those willing to register themselves in the database can do so by filling up a form on the site of HamroBlood. The people in need of blood then can get the contact number of donors currently located in the locality near them by typing the blood group and sending the SMS to 33001.

For instance if the required blood group is AB positive, just type AB followed by any of the following attributes—

Similarly, for negative blood group any of the following attributes can be used—
Besides, in case of absence of attributes, the system automatically takes it as positive i.e., AB and AB+ both mean the same thing.

In order to reach more donors, the request sent through SMS is also broadcast in twitter and other social media websites. Besides, the team is also working on android application to be launched in the near future.

So, if you want to be hero, if you want to save lives, if you realize the importance of a pint of blood, come register yourself and be a hero!


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