Monday, July 29, 2013

Android Devices Globally Vulnerable to Massive Security Threat?

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Bluebox, a mobile security company, recently revealed that nearly all the android devices launched in the last four years have a massive flaw in them making them vulnerable to various threats. The flaw can even let a hacker 'take over' and 'control' the android devices, as Forbes puts it.

Android security threat
Android Security Threat

The  vulnerability is due to the process how Android apps are approved and verified allowing hackers to tamper the application code without changing the app's cryptographic signatures. That means any app that looks safe can actually have a malicious code embedded within it. And this flaw can let the hacker gain control of all permissions on the phone or tablet.

|If you want to read the news in detail, refer to this article originally published in Venture Beat on July 3|

However this flaw can be corrected by updating the android version, which contains a patch to cover the loophole. Users who are unsure of their phone’s update status or who are unable to update should be extremely cautious when installing apps, Bluebox says, and be sure to identify the publisher of the app before installing it. In addition, it’s a good idea to only install apps from Google Play, where Google has the ability to verify and validate apps.

One thing you can do to ensure you are safe, regardless of which app store you frequent, is to use Google Play as an application verification tool regardless of where you’ve downloaded your apps. To do that, simply go to apps menu and tap Google Settings > Verify apps, or, in Android 4.2 and higher, go to Settings > Security > Verify apps.

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