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Participate in the Third Green ICT Application Challenge, Help make the World a Better Place

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For Details SMS GICT to 37001

Climate change and energy crisis are two of the most pressing problems that the world is currently faced with.  Technology on the other hand is evolving into a strong and extremely useful tool to combat all kinds of world problems.  In order to use technology to combat climate change and energy crisis, International Telecom Union (ITU) launched a Green ICT Application Challenge to find the best and most innovative idea for a climate change focused application on April 12, 2011.

The challenge is focused on finding an innovative application that can help improve energy efficiency and combat climate change. Open for participants from ITU Member States, ITU and Telefónica are organizing the 3rd Green ICTApplication Challenge this year to invite developers to submit the best and most innovative Concept Paper for an ICT application to help build Smart Sustainable Cities and achieve environmental sustainability in urban areas.

It is necessary that the cities in the present time adopt sustainable development policy in order to face the challenge of growing population and meet the rising demand of resources and services. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can be the driver for solutions to the problems faced by cities. Due to their ubiquitous application in all human activities, ICTs can provide solutions to make cities of the future smart and sustainable, as well as stimulating positive behavioral changes towards environmental issues.  

The areas to be focused upon while submitting the papers this year are:
  • Energy management
  • Water management and sanitation
  • Waste management
  • Transport and mobility
  • Urban planning, including smart buildings
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Smart societies, community engagement and environmental education 
The interested participants may also form a team and submit paper on behalf of the team. The requirements of the paper are listed below:

  1. A detailed Concept Paper (maximum of 6,000 words) describing a new and innovative ICT application that would help build Smart Sustainable Cities. The proposed application may be any kind of software tool, platform or game, be it for the web, a personal computer, tablet or a mobile device;
  2. Screenshots and diagrams illustrating the application’s proposed features and functions;
  3. An implementation plan for the development of the application;
  4. An explanation of how the idea would help build Smart Sustainable Cities and provide an ICT solution to environmental or sustainability issues. 
The paper has to be submitted until 15th of July. The winner of the challenge will be announced on 26th of August and awarded in and ceremony on 18th of September this year. The winner of the challenge will be awarded a cash prize of 5,000 USD and will be invited to present his/her paper in the third Green Standards Week being held from September 16 to 20 in Madrid, Spain. The Green Standards Week will bring together leading specialists in the field, from top policy-makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, academia, standards experts and others. The main purpose is to raise awareness of the importance and opportunities of using ICT standards to build a green economy and shape smart sustainable cities.

Individuals from Nepal, an ITU member country, too can participate in the challenge. Those interested from Nepal can contact Pankaj Chettri, an IT graduate working as an ICT expert at Equal Access. Mr. Chettri is the ITU Ambassador for Nepal and is responsible for promoting ITU Green ICT Application Challenge 2013 in Nepal through various media. He has been working to make Nepalese aware of the global ICT events and to motivate them to participate in global competitions.

For details visit :

SMS GICT to 37001

You can also mail Pankaj Chettri at


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