Friday, July 26, 2013

'Result via Sparrow SMS' gets 'Special Mention' at mBillionth 2013

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Everytime we achieve something, we just can't resist sharing our happiness with you. This time it is a recognition on a South Asian Platform. Sparrow SMS (@sparrowsms) was awarded 'Special Mention of the Year' for m-Education and Learning category, at mBillionth Awards 2013 at New Delhi.

If you have read our previous blog post, you should know that our Exam Results via SMS service was selected as a finalist to compete with others in the m-Education and Learning category. And this service managed to bag away the Special Mention title in the awards ceremony.

While this is a very small step to introducing our service to industries in other country, we take it as a good beginning. Our aim is to use  technology to make things simpler for people in their daily lives. We have been trying to do this by bringing you services that are very user friendly both in terms of use and costs. Some of our services are even focused on extremely sensitive areas like Blood donation as well. So it feels good when our efforts are recognized on a platform like this.

Take a look at some of the pictures below of the awards and the program at New Delhi. And wish us luck encouraging us to introduce and effectively use more SMS services in a variety of useful ways.

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