Monday, August 12, 2013

Keep Calm and Hope that HSEB Result will be Good

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[Once the results are out, type HSEB<space>Symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001 to get the result with marksheet]

As always, the nerves start to get tensed when the results of an exam approach near. We usually fear more during the results than when we give the exams. But that is a human nature after all. But we want to say you that "Keep calm and hope that your HSEB exam results will be good".
HSEB result nepal

Here we are writing this article because in the last two days we saw hundreds of comments & posts expressing the tension of students awaiting results. Every day must be going like a month for them. We understand that these results are important and matter to you but taking stress won't help a penny.

When you take stress and think too much about results, you are more likely to end up expecting too high which may cause dissatisfaction when not achieved. And even if you expect low, these days spend like hell. So what is the best way to cope up? Simple. Do not emphasize results too much. You have already given your performance in the exam and that was more important than this. The results are just the reflection of that performance. So stay calm and enjoy your daily life. You can also start searching the university for your higher education or look up for a job or even some recreational activities. Just do not take stress. And accept your result at it is.

And remember once the results are out, you can get your result with marklsheet by SMS just type HSEB<space>Symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001 to get the result with marksheet. 

The service is available for NTC, Ncell, UTL and SmartTel users

And yeah, just in case you still can't resist taking stress, then keep following us on our facebook page or our site. We can at least provide  you the latest updates so that you ease down a bit. Good Luck.

*Each SMS costs NRS 5+taxes


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