Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We are concerned...

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Dear Valued Customers,
We are deeply concerned about the recent blog post on the popular blog Mysansar.com (http://www.mysansar.com/2013/08/6380/).

We are what our subscribers and customers are. We are what you make us, and what you want us to be. We hereby want to share our official statement in response to the post made.

Dear Umesh (Mysansar.com),
We at Sparrow SMS, have read your blog article published at http://www.mysansar.com/2013/08/6380/

It has become matter of deep concern to us.
Thank you for mentioning what we missed today. We would like to extend our apologies to everyone directly or indirectly concerned with this. However, If you get chance, please go through our most of ads, where we explicitly mention the price. We missed in our facebook creatives and we can only regret it now.

We respect you and your blog and in fact we are deep supporter of all youth entrepreneur of Nepal.

However, few critical information mentioned in the blog post have drawn our major attention. We would like to clarify how VAS market works and how we are able to serve our subscribers / customers every day.
  1. We have mentioned cost of SMS at many places wherever possible.
  2. We have given all our efforts to acquire best resources viz. highly paid technical manpower, hardwares, softwares, efficient connectivity.
  3. We have always tried our best to give fastest and reliable service.
  4. Marketing and administration overheads are always major expense. We try our best to provide results(and other services) in an easily and widely accessible way.
Your assumption of sharing ratio 80/20 has come as a great surprise to us. For your information, here is a brief of the general revenue sharing model: 
  1. Each Shortcode has a fixed tariff. 
  2. There is NO REVENUE Sharing for shortcodes with tariff plan Re 1/- or lesser. VAS Partners do not get anything. We regard this as a General Shortcode and we have been providing services Free of Cost from these shortcodes. Sms2email, sms2facebook, sms2twitter, Sparrow-Digicard are few of our free service, where we are focused on solving problems of general people. 
  3. For shortcodes with tariff higher than Re 1/-, we as a VAS provider receive around half of the cost paid by subscriber (excluding the taxes).
And here’s the cost overhead, we as a VAS provider (Content Provider) incur in running every single campaign includes and not limited to - 
  1. Revenue Share with the content provider
  2. Campaign Promotion
  3. Content Generation
  4. Hardware / Software resources
  5. High Bandwidth Internet Connectivity
  6. Telecom connectivity
  7. Human Resources
  8. Office Operations
  9. Initial Investment and setup
  10. Research and Development
However, the major point is the lack of understanding and research, that is revealed in the blog post that we have a serious concern for. Also the comparative study between telecom service and our service made on your blog is actually incomparable. We seriously condemn few issues you have raised and it has hampered a lot that we have gathered in this span of 4 years. The premature research and populist article posted has made us point your major mistakes. 

टेलिकमलाई शुल्क उल्लेख हुँदा-नहुँदा खासै केही फरक पर्दैन होला।
- यो लेख्ने कत्तिको उचित होला ? उल्लेख सबैले गर्नुपर्छ, र हामीले हाम्रो भूलको स्विकार गर्छौँ । 
किनभने स्प्यारोको एसएमएसमा कन्टेन्ट प्रोभाइडर र सेवा प्रदायकबीच ८०/२० दरले आम्दानी बाँड‌्ने सहमति भएको भए। पाँच रुपियाँबाट टेलिकमलाई एक रुपियाँ आउँछ। 
- यो लेख्नु पछाडि तपाईले गर्नुपर्ने यथोचित र आवश्यक अनुशन्धान गर्नुभएन छ? यसको जवाफ हामीले भन्दा सहि अरु कसले दिन सक्थ्यो होला ? 
टेलिकमकै १४०१ मा गर्दा पनि आउने एक रुपियाँ नै हो। तर यहाँ मार त उपभोक्तालाई पर्‍यो नि। एक रुपियाँमा आउने सेवाको लागि किन पाँच रुपियाँ तिरिराख्नु ! 
- यसको उत्तर सायद हामीले माथि नै दिईसक्यौँ।
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd., Sparrow SMS are the names committed in upbringing startup culture, SMS culture, youth entrepreneurship and serves a major contribution for the nation. We have been able to represent ourselves and the people we belong to, in different parts of the world and it gives us an immense pleasure in admitting the same.

PS: There is a huge difference between A commercial business house and a popular and a non institutionalised blog. Even though we realized what we missed, we felt hard hit by the brand attack via the post on your blog. We are committed in serving the best we can, henceforth expect the support and cooperation from all aspects.

Looking forward for a positive response and an appropriate action with respect to the clarification we have provided.

Amit Agrawal
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Sparrow SMS


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