Friday, September 27, 2013

Grand Finale of Prostyle Manhunt International Nepal 2013 to be Held Tomorrow

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Type PMH<space>contstant-code and send the SMS to 33001 to vote for your favourite contestant

Ten contestants will be competing for the title of Prostyle Manhunt International Nepal 2013 in the Grand Finale tomorrow. Organised by Group of Event Entertainers, an event management company established in 2000, the final round of the Prostyle Manhunt will be held at Army Officer’s Club, Sundhara.

The top ten contestants for the final round can be selected by public voting. You can vote your favourite contestant by SMS. The SMS format for the voting is as follows:

Type PMH<space>contstant-code and send the SMS to 33001.

The winner of the Manhunt will be awarded with a cash prize of NRS One Lakh and a motorcycle from Hero. The winner of the contest will also have the opportunity to represent Nepal at the 17th Manhunt International 2013, to be held in China in October 2013. 

The event has been sponsored by Prostyle, Srinath, Hero, Real, Sparrow SMS, as SMS partner, and others.

The details about the event are available at the official site of the event

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HSEB Non-Science Faculties Result Published

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[ To view your result with marksheet, just type HSEB<space>symbol-no.  and send the SMS to 35001. ]                         
The results of grade 12 Management, Education and Humanities faculties have been published today. The examination held between 17thand 29th of Baisakh 2070 had a total of 2,08,701 students in regular and 1,374,12 students in exempted category from all over the country out of which a total of 8,06,20 students in regular and 4,25,38 students in exempted category  have cleared the examinations with a pass percent of 38.63% in regular and 30.96% in exempted category. In detail statistics, the result of grade 12 management faculty can be presented as below


Total Appeared : 2,08,701         

Total Passed :  8,06,20           

Pass Percent : 38.63

Cancelled : 151

Withheld : 5


Total Appeared:  1,37,412

Total Passed : 42538

Pass Percent : 30.96

Cancelled : 55

Withheld : 11

To view your result with marksheet, just type HSEB<space>symbol-no.  and send the SMS to 35001.

Complete result of grade 12 with marksheet  is available on SMS via Sparrow SMS.

To view your result with marksheet, just type HSEB<space>symbol-no.  and send the SMS to 35001.                           
*Each SMS costs NRS 5 exclusive of taxes

[Updated] HSEB Management, Humanities and Education Results Published Today

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[Type HSEB <space> Symbol-no and SMS to 35001 to get results with Marksheet]

It seems the long wait of the management, humanitites and education students of HSEB for their results is finally coming to an end. HSEB has announced that the results for the +2 non-science faculty will be out today have been published today. The exams for grade 12 were held from April, 30, 2013 to May 12, 2013. It has been more than four months since then and management students quite understandably had grown extremely desperate and frustrated in the meantime.

Earlier on August 13, 2013, HSEB had published the result of science facultySEHSEHH, and after a gap of more than a month, the non-science faculties results are to be out today by the late afternoon.  Just as there had been the provision of viewing your results through IVR and SMS for SLC, and HSEB science faculty, results for management will also be available via SMS and IVR.

Result via SMS can be viewed by the service provided by Sparrow SMS. To view the result through SMS, all you got to do is type HSEB followed by a space and your symbol-no and send the SMS to 35001. With 75.32 pass percent, 25236 students had cleared the science faculty exams among a total of 33556 appeared.

                 [After the Results are out, type HSEB <space> Symbol-no and SMS to 35001 to get results with                                                                            Marksheet]

*Each SMS Costs Rs 5+tax

Nepal plays Bahrain in the AFC Under-16 qualifiers today

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Type GOAL and send it to 35001 for more footballing updates

The footballing season for Nepalese fans is far from over. With the AFC Under-16 qualifiers on the way, Nepal will take on Bahrain in its opening group match today. The game will begin at 5 pm in the evening at Dashrath Stadium.

These qualifier games are being played for the 2014 AFC Under-16 Championship. The draw for qualifiers was held on April 26, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Altogether 48 teams have entered in the qualifiers for the Championship and have been divided into 10 groups of 5 teams and 4 teams. The winners from each group along with the best 5 runners-up among all the groups will make it to the AFC Championship Finals joining host Thailand next year. Being the host, Thailand got a free walk-bye to the finals.

Nepal is placed in a rather tough group where the opponents are strong contenders like Bahrain, Iraq and Turkmenistan. But with all the Group C games being held in Nepal, the Nepalese team will want to make the most out of impressive home support. After facing Bahrain in the opener, Nepal will then face Iraq in its second group match on September 27th. The final group match against Turkmenistan will be played on September 29th. With all this footballing action taking place around us, lets us all raise our voice to support our players. Cheers for Nepal!

And yes, no matter where you are, you don't have to miss a single moment from the games. Simply type GOAL and send it to 35001. You will get all the updates on the on going AFC U-16 Qualifiers. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PicoVico to Launch Android Application on GDG DevFest 2013

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For info SMS GDG to 34001

Google Developers Group DevFest is a large scale community-run event that feature speaker sessions on various Google products, an all-day hackathon, code labs, and more. Last year 77 DevFests were organised across 41 countries that saw the participation of over 14,000 developers.

In past Google Developers Group Kathmandu has conducted various workshops and training programs on Android apps development, HTML5, Google APIs, Google Maps, App Engine development, Game Development, Web Applications and APIs development and always played a global exposure medium for developers in its community. Till date, GDG Kathmandu has provided starter's android development training to more than 500 developers in Kathmandu, Pokhara & Chitwan.

“For us DevFest is an opportunity to invite different circle of developers and professional who are working on or want to build career on similar kind of technologies. We plan to organize DevFest every year one week before the beginning of Dashain festival and we plan to continue doing this. In future, with collaboration with GDG Pokhara and proposed GDGs in Chitwan, Birgunj & Biratnagar we have plans to organize DevFest throughout the country. Making it a national developers event, a place for celebrating tech geekery - a festival, a common place for developers to engage, share and learn technologies with like minded pals”, said Bhupal Sapkota, the Community Manager of GDG. 

The success of the event last year has inspired the Google Developers to organise the DevFest this year too. Expecting to host over 30,000 developers, in about 63 countries, a total of 160 DevFests are being organised this year. With a core belief that when developers come together to share ideas amazing things can happen, the GDG DevFest in Kathmandu is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 28th of September at Trade Tower in Thapathali. Supporting the general theme behind DevFests - i.e - "Engage, Learn & Share with the Google Developers Community", the DevFest this year will be focusing on the agendas speaker sessions and codelabs on Android, AdMob Platform, Google App Engine, Google+, Google Maps, GWT.

On the occasion of DevFest, PicoVico, a San Francisco based company founded in Nepal will be launching its android application. PicoVico, where Pico stands for pictures and Vico stands for videos, allows the users to make creative and innovative slideshows using their photos.

“With the increasing popularity of android mobiles and mobile cameras, it was necessary that we launch the app that allows users to create and share slideshows with the photos clicked using their mobile phones”, said Suraj Sapkota, one of the co-founders of PicoVico. “With large number of developers coming together for google products discussion, hackathon and code labs, DevFest is the most appropriate platform for us to launch this app”, added Manish Modi, another co-founder of PicoVico.

Organised by Google Developers Group, Kathmandu, the event is supported by Sparrow SMS, as an SMS partner, Google, Google Developers and others.

For registration and more please visit or

For info SMS GDG to 34001

Date : September 28, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Software Freedom Day- A day to unite for freedom in Software

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Sparrow SMS keeps bringing you events that are related to you in with the increasing dependency on different types of technologies, it’s high time that we stop and think for a moment; ponder upon the impact these technologies have on us, on our daily life, on our freedom. While technologies have been built for the betterment of human life, there are times when these very technologies limit us, and even harm us. And, that is where software freedom comes into play. 

Software freedom, what does that even mean? How is freedom even related to software? Well, when you use a software, how fair is that only the developers of the software can hold the rights to change, modify, improve or demand pay for it. When you’re happily browsing through your web browser, how can you be sure that your browser is not logging in and sending your browser history to someone else? How can you be absolutely sure that the software is doing only what it says it’s doing and not more than that? And, this is what Software freedom is; free, transparent and sustainable technologies, which ensure that the “right for freedom” that we tend to emphasize so much on, is being provided to us.
software freedom nepal foss sparrow sms
Software Freedom Day 2013 in Nepal

To highlight the importance and to spread awareness on “Software Freedom”, we celebrate Software Freedom day on the third Saturday of every September. Software Freedom Day is a global, grass root effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom and the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Free and open source software as it can be inferred by its name is both free as well as open source software. That is unlike the proprietary software where the software is under restrictive copyright and the source code is hidden from the users. With FOSS, anyone is  freely licensed to use, copy, study, and change the software in any way, and the source code is openly shared so that people are encouraged to voluntarily improve the design of the software. Free and open source software is linked with “software freedom” not only because it is free, but also because FOSS allows its users to check and modify the software itself to ensure that the software is not breaching any privacy matters. 

The pioneers in the use of Free and open source software in Nepal, FOSS Nepal (Free and Open Source Software Nepal) is organizing Software Freedom Day Celebration this year around too on 21st September. This is the ninth time, FOSS Nepal has organized the Software Freedom Day Celebration and every time, they seem to do it better than the year before. 

FOSS Nepal has been tireless in its effort to promote Free and open source software in Nepal, and celebrating Software Freedom Day is one of the many ways it has been doing so. FOSS Nepal Community has even won Best Event Award for organizing SFD, three times in a row!! So, join the Sparrows and FOSS Nepal community on this big day, and show your support for Software Freedom by attending the celebration. Let us also be responsible for promoting Software Freedom here in Nepal- because its about our RIGHT.

Startup Weekend Comes to Pokhara

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For details SMS SWPOK to 34001

For geeks, start up entrepreneurs, and those with mindful of ideas for a startup residing in Pokhara who always felt that they lacked the sufficient support and learning experience and felt left out of the startup culture of the country just because they are not in Kathmandu have now got a reason to rejoice. After successfully organizing Startup Weekend Kathmandu and Startup Weekend—Women Edition in Kathmandu, the organizers of Startup Weekend are coming to Pokhara for the city’s first ever Startup Weekend event.

The prizes for the Winners of the Startup Weekend has been sponsored by Sparrow SMS. The top three winners of the Startup Weekend will be able to use Sparrow SMS API worth 1500 NRS, for free for a period of one year. Using the API (Application Programming Interface) of Sparrow SMS, they will be able to integrate the applications they develop with the system of the Sparrow SMS, thus, allowing them to send and receive SMS using their own application.

"After Kathmandu, Pokhara is another such city which has tremendous potential and large number of people with innovative ideas for a startup. We are very excited to be organising Startup Weekend here and are looking forward to having a great event", Brijen Joshi, one of the organisers of the Startup Weekend said about choosing Pokhara as the venue.

With over 400 events in 100 countries around the world in 2011, Startup Weekend boasts to be the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs.  The non-profit organization has its headquarter in Seattle, Washington, and organizers in over 200 cities across the world.

This is what happens in a Startup Weekend

All Startup Weekend have the similar basic model where anyone is allowed to pitch her startup ideas. Top ideas are then selected through voting and groups are formed around them. The teams then go through 54 hours of continuous session of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend culminates with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback. To know more about what happens in the Startup Weekend, watch the following video.

Startup Weekend Pokhara (SWPOK), organised on the theme of tourism, is scheduled to take place from 27th to 29th September 2013 at Anand Business Hotel, Prithvi Chowk. To know the details, schedule and register please visit

Registration fee for the event are as follows
·         Proffessionals : NRS 3500
·         Students : NRS 1800
·         GDG Bootcamp Attendee [20% Discount] : NRS 2800
·         Designer [20 % discount] : NRS 2800
·         Early Bird [till 20th September] 20% discount : NRS 2800

For details SMS SWPOK to 34001 or
Call at 9851084889, 9851076047, 9808907457, 9843416555

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Food, Drinks & Hospitality Exhibition- the first of its kind event in Nepal

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To get a free invitation to the event,
Type FDH<space>Your name<space>Email<space>Company name & send SMS to 34001.

The Food, Drinks & Hospitality Exhibition is currently being held at Bhrikuti Mandap (till 21 September) in Kathmandu. It will be focused exclusively on food, beverage & hospitality, a first of its kind in Nepal in recognition of the tremendous growth in the sector. While food and beverage has become big revenue source and profit centers for the hotels, restaurants and “party-palaces” have mushroomed beyond anyone’s expectations in the last ten years. Likewise, take-away food outlets, street food vendors, super-markets and grocery stores have popped up in every neighborhood and markets in large numbers.

sparrow sms food drinks hospitality nepal rajkarnicarAccording to the organizers, House of Rajkarnicar Exhibitions & Events, -“nothing will be left to hopes or chances or the weather ……. all that can be done, will be done the organizers to ensure that the maximum number of business persons and professionals visit the exhibition. The advertising and promotions package include print media advertisements, electronic media which includes TV, cable TV and radio, outdoor media which includes hoarding boards and street buntings, website and Google banners, email campaign, bulk SMS and a robust public relations program.”

One of the most attractive factors about the event is the franchise pavilion by American Embassy where you can learn everything about taking up a franchisee of a US brand in Nepal. While the event is primarily a business-to-business event, consumers are expected to visit in great numbers. Business visitors will be able to check the exhibitors’ list and directly pre-book appointments with the exhibitors for duration of the exhibition.

Several live special events are planned during the exhibition such as Best Bartender Contest, Master Chef Challenge, Master Baker Challenge, World’s Greatest Momo Show, Wine Tasting Workshop, Secrets of Thai Cuisine Demonstration, Kitchen Design to Suit You Talk Program and of course, numerous sample tasting counters during the Exhibition to involve and engage the industry professionals, to highlight the exhibition theme but also enliven the atmosphere for the visitors.

Just to remind you, the exhibition is being held from 18 September to 21 September at BhrikutiMandap, Kathmandu. So if you are into food, beverage and hospitality business or just a consumer who loves any of these, you can make a visit to the exhibition.

To get a free invitation to the event,
Type FDH<space>Your name<space>Email<space>Company name & send SMS to 34001.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Web Security Testing Campaign- A step towards making your online presence SECURE

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The number of websites is increasing at a skyrocketing speed globally and so is the number of people who love to play around with those. Well, we are talking about the increasing security threats to websites. In Nepal alone there are lakhs of website and these website are very much prone to attack by some people who want to get precious information or simply mess around with others’ intellectual properties. This is where Web Security Testing Campaign comes to importance.

SQA nepal sparrow sms web security test campaign
Web Security Testing Campaign

SQA (Software Quality Assurance) Enthusiasts are organizing an event where they will talk about web security and present demos of how various online and offline software can be hacked and accessed without being authorized. This event is important because today it has become a trend for hacking practitioners to use local websites as a base to train themselves in hacking field. The fact that website owners are least concerned about quality development, focusing on least price as possible makes them more prone to hackers. The number of hacking incidents is increasing significantly along with the rise in the number of websites. The implications of this are that:
• The probability that a website may be hacked for a first time has increased exponentially.
• The probability that a website once hacked may be hacked again has also increased taking advantage of the concerned authorities` failure to maintain security.

The campaign will answer various questions such as “Why a website is vulnerable?” pointing out the main weaknesses of local websites that make them vulnerable. The most important concern, acc. to Narayan Koirala -one of the organizing team members, is that everybody have a perception of what is there in my site and why would hackers be interested in the site I own which is wrong and the collaborative effort from all the SQA Enthusiast will definitely help to push the secutity status of such web one step ahead"

The event- “Web Security Testing Campaign” has been conceptualized to protect our sites, valuable data and information especially of those related to government data or any other important organization and therefore is mainly targeted at Government and Nonprofit organizational websites of Nepal.

This is a campaign must to attend and follow for every Nepali organization & web designer so that they can safeguard their information against any security threats. To participate, you can simply call Hempal Shrestha on 9851077031 or Saroj Lamichhane on 951064071 to submit the details and participation fees. Early bird registration fee is Rs. 500 till 18th September after which the fee becomes Rs. 1000. Sparrow SMS is the official supporter of this event which is going to be held on 25 September from 11 AM to 4 PM.]

Organization willing for registration in “Free Web Security Testing Campaign” need to submit a letter of Security test allowance clearly mentioning the domain name or IP of the site to be tested. The letter must be signed by the top level authorized person and stamp of organization with it. In this process of “Free Web security testing campaign” we will be undergoing Vulnerability Assessment (identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) then mitigation of vulnerabilities).

Unexpected Delay in the HSEB Management Results

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There has been an unexpected delay in the HSEB management result this year. It has been more than a month since results for science faculty were published but it seems it will take much longer for the management results to be published. Understandably, the students of management faculty are very frustrated with this delay and we as one of the result provider are receiving large number of queries every day.
As we are continuously trying to answer all the queries, we thought it extremely important that we address few concerns of the students. Sparrow SMS as a result provider would like to draw your attention to the following: 

1.       We are not authorised to publish the result; we are just a channel to provide the result, once it has been published by the HSEB.

2.       HSEB is the only sole authorized body to publish results. Only HSEB can tell you exact date and  no one else.

3.       HSEB has not announced any date for the result publication and so we can’t provide you with any fixed date.

4.       We try our best to buy the best servers and keep standby the best technical team to serve your results when they are published, but we are again dependent on telecoms and network congestion. It is difficult to work in this country and we try our level best to put our 100% . That is what we can do.

5.       We always try our best to give you any information we get, as soon as possible. We will post any news that we receive from HSEB , without any delay. So stay connected our page and share with all your friends.

6.       After results are officially published, you can get results with marks via Sparrow SMS , by sending SMS to 5001. 

SMS format is,
HSEB <space> your symbol no. and send SMS to 35001

 7.       For further details, visit our facebook page

Sparrow SMS wishes you all the best for results. May you all pass with flying colors. We also wish you all the best for your career. You are the future of our country.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Second Ascol Open Expo to Be Held Tomorrow

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For more info SMS Expo to 34001

After the success of the first ASCOL Open Expo held about a year ago, Open Circle Ascol Circle (OSAC) has come up with the second ASCOL Open Expo to be held on September 16, 2013, i.e., tomorrow at Amrit Science College (Ascol), Lainchaur, Kathmandu.

OSAC, recognized by the administration of the college as a part of it, is a non-commercial and non-political body of Ascol. With the slogan “Let’s learn together and share to other” , OSAC focuses on encouraging  the usage of Free/Open Source Software in Nepal and develop innovations with the use of open source software.

The event to be held between 10 am to 5 pm, will include the following activities and competitions:

·         Distro Demonstration and Linux Installation Camp
The event involves demonstration of Fedora, Ubuntu and Kolibre. Also, on the spot installation of linux for those interested will be done during this event.

·         Paper Presentation
A paper presentation on topics related to open source. Top three presenters will be awarded with special gift hamper.

·         Coding Competition
Open for anyone who is interested and can code, the participants are required to code using any of the following programming languages – C, C++, PHP, Java-Script and Python.

·         Open Chautari
An open topic discussion and interaction program.

And other programs like gaming competition, dart competition, movie shows and many more.

The details of the event can be found on
Date: 16th September, 2013 [31st Bhadra 2070]
Time 10 am to 5 Pm

For more info SMS Expo to 34001

Saturday, September 14, 2013

An International Technical Competition for Every Techie to Look Forward To

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For details, help and support in Nepal SMS SEIC to 34001
open only till mid-night, 15th September.

Telecom Uncovered a website based in India providing news and updates from telecom and telecom linked industries has come up with an event targeted to promote innovative thinking and entrepreneurship in students and bridge the gap between the industries and the students. The event, also open to students from Nepal, named as “Students Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge 2013” is a competition  based on technology innovation and entrepreneurship of students with innovative technical idea.

The website, Telecom Uncovered, provides news and updates on the following topics in India:
  1. News and Updates on Telecom Vendors & Operators (like Ericsson, ZTE, Huawei, NSN, Vodafone, Airtel etc)
  2. Mobile Tariff Updates
  3. Updates regarding technology trends
  4. Reports on IT, VAS, Telecom and Mobile
  5. Updates on VAS, IT, Telecom and Gadget Industry
  6. Updates regarding Telecom Policies (TRAI, COAI etc.)
  7. Updates regarding Events in Telecom and Technology
  8. Advertising and Media

The event is open for registration for anyone with innovative ideas as long as they are not working as a full time employee anywhere but on their own projects. Anyone interested will have to register for the event no later than the midnight of 15th September 2013 by following this link. They will be then required to submit their ideas which will be evaluated by the jury members and the selected few will be called to present before the jury in the Jury Round to be held on 21st September 2013 at Woodland Retreat, Thane, and the main event which includes panel discussion between Corporate and Venture Capitalist and an award ceremony is scheduled to be held by mid of October 2013.

Step by Step Breakdown of the Event

Sparrow SMS is supporting the event as a media partner and an official partner for Nepal. Students from Nepal can register for the event following the link mentioned above or get any information or help from Sparrow SMS by sending an SMS SEIC to 34001.

Sparrow SMS is a leading Value Added Services [VAS] provider in Nepal that provides dedicated SMS 4 digit shortcodes, SMS API to integrate SMS with your own application, Bulk SMS to Nepal, and customized SMS applications. With 70% mobile penetration in a country with above 30 million population, Sparrow SMS has around million subscribers and huge followers on social media which makes it a brand synonymous to SMS in Nepal.

Apart from Sparrow SMS, the event is also supported by Netcore, Vodafone, Walt Disney, Exchange4Media, Cloudtelesol, kae Capital, Cygnus It Solutions, Innocent Heroes, 3 otherThings, Narnix technolabs and others.

Important Links and Dates:

Registration Deadline: 15 September 2013, mid-night
Jury Event : 21st September, 2013
Venue for Jury Event : Woodland Retreat, Thane

For details, help and support in Nepal SMS SEIC to 34001

Friday, September 13, 2013

#hack4good in Nepal for the first time! International Hackathon series by Geeklist

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For more info SMS H4G to 34001

#hack4good, the Geeklist’s International hackathon series focused on uniting the worlds greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders and entrepreneurs is in Nepal for the first time in a event being co-organized by some active Nepalese communities and companies. Yes, you read it right, Kathmandu is joining the list of some of the world's best cities where technology nurtures. We'll come to what it is all about in detail as we build up.


Geeklist is the first social network of developers & tech communities spread around the world. And at Geeklist, the geeks are just gearing up for #hack4good , and if you are not aware of it, let us have the honour. #hack4good is a series of hackathons where the best developers work tirelessly for 48 hours to do some good for society with their tech weapons. This is the basic idea behind the program. Why should you join, how do you join and how has it been so far? - all answered revealed as you continue to read below.

One of the organizing team members, Nootan Ghimire describes how #hack4good is different as, "Hackathons around the world bring together developers to work on selected problems in the race to win some prizes and awards. #hack4good chooses to be different here. It pauses in this race and thinks-”what can we give back to the society?” And the answer was obvious, solutions to problems that are plaguing it. Therefore Geeklist designed a hackathon series that would attract hackers for a “different” purpose." It all started in June 2013 and the results of the first event speak for themselves. The hackers worked to solve serious problems like disaster communication, autism learning, hunger, earthquake emergency solutions, and even a non-profit to help non-profits in tech!

“Words don’t describe what a great project, built in 48 sleepless and frantic hours, can do to change the world.”
geeklist hack4good hackathon sparrow sms nepal

So what is #hack4good? “Well it means everything built needs to be done to better humanity, support a non-profit/cause or leverage one of our sponsors (or our) API’s to do something to make peoples lives better. (Not to try and launch a startup in 40+ hours).”, as Geeklist puts it. And why do you need to join? Then the answer lies within you. If you think you should & can leverage technology to actually improve the society then you are just ready to join.

This particular event is being held simultaneously around the world at several cities like San Francisco, Berlin, New Delhi and 15 others that include Kathmandu as well. Avinash Kundaliya, one of the co-organizers, believes that ktmgeeks have an amazing experience waiting for them to work with other like minds who will #hack4good right here in the city on October 4-6.

Manish Modi, the co-founder of PicoVico, says- “Hackathon is probably the best platform for aspiring startup entrepreneurs to get their ideas transformed into reality. The 48 hours of relentless ‘hacking’ can transform someone’s dream into the solution that the world might just be in need of. ” 

Now, as we said earlier if a solution is your ultimate goal, then join this global hackathon where developers from even the largest Silicon valley tech companies participate. This means you get to network with them, look at the different ways as they look at problems and see some amazing solutions of those issues. If you can come up with a solution with your team, you can secure some premium freebies from the sponsors.

You can use the APIs of any of the partners or other's to work on your project. Sparrow SMS is also inviting developers to use its API to develop applications that leverage SMS technology to solve social issues. Please note that the team should be of minimum 2 and maximum 5 members. And 48 hours of hardhacking. Blend these with your great idea and there you are making the most of this event doing some good too. 

The venue is Islington College and so far Grepsr and Karkhana have joined in as sponsors. Other details will come up very soon. So keep following us on all our online channels to get every update and register at the earliest. We, at Sparrow_SMS, are ready to welcome all the geeks of Nepal at the first #hack4good in the nation.

For more info SMS H4G to 34001

Loadshedding Duration Increased to 7 hours a day in Nepal!

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Type G<Group no.> & send it to 35001 to get the latest schedule on your cellphone.

The latest notice of Nepal Electricity Authority has announced that the duration of loadshedding has increased by 3 hours to 7 hours a day. This new loadshedding schedule will be applicable starting from Sunday (15 September, 2013) until the next notice.

The trend of power cut has been prevailing in Nepal since more than half a decade now pushing the nation to acute power crisis which has paralyzed industrialization. Several other problems of general people often go without notice while some important problems like medical care, education and street lighting issues still remain a concern. With no promising signs of it being reduced over the coming years, Nepal is nothing but expected to bury deep into the era of darkness in all sectors of economy.

However to arrange your schedule for now, get the latest timetable on your cell phone. Type G<group no.> and send it to 35001. E.g. if your house lies in group number 3 then type G3 and send it to 35001.
This service is available over Namaste (GSM), NCell, UTL, NT CDMA & Smartell for 24/7.
Each SMS attracts Rs. 5 + govn. taxes.

Powered by Sparrow SMS- the leading telecom VAS provider of the nation.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A confident Nepal ready to tackle Afghanistan in semifinals

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Type GOAL and send it to 35001 for more updates on SAFF

With a comprehensive 2-1 win over defending champions India in a highly anticipated game, Nepal excelled against the opponent team throughout the both halves.  Two thumping goals in the second half sealed the semifinal berth for Nepal as the winner from Group A. First Anil Gurung kicked in a rebounded header to make the score 1-0 and few minutes later, Jumanu Rai grabbed a long pass to score a wonderful left footed goal. Lagging behind by two goals, India did score in the dying minutes of the game but it was already too late for any comeback. Nevertheless, they also qualified for semifinals courtesy of better head to head score against Pakistan.

saff 2013 nepal team win sms

Nepal’s impressive performance in the group matches has not only boosted the team confidence but also solidified its bid to win the title. With remaining Group B games concluded today, the semifinal berths have been decided. Now Nepal will face Group B runner-up Afghanistan in the first semifinal on September 8th. And Group B winner Maldives will face India in the second semifinal on September 9th. The winners of both games will play the final on September 11th. All the games will be held at Dashrath Rangshala Stadium under lights.

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Fans all around Nepal have been elated by Nepal’s commanding run in the championship so far. Let us all raise our voices even louder this Sunday and cheer for Nepal to make it into the finals. Because when our players win for our country, our heart cries out with joy. Cheers to the players, and cheers to the fans for their awesome support!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Updated] SLC Supplementary Exam Results Published- a second chance to make it through the "Iron Gate"

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Type SLC<space>symbol-no and send it to 35001, to know your SLC Suppl. results

With the SLC pass percent so low, this year around, the number of students giving the SLC supplementary exams has increased significantly. While they do not create as much as buzz as the regular SLC results do, they are nevertheless very important for all those students who have given the supplementary exams. 

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The results have been published today (9 September) being available to public through several media including SMS. Many students were eagerly waiting for their respective results so that they too can continue their higher studies. With most of the plus two colleges and A-levels colleges already starting their academic year, it is essential for the supplementary results to be out as soon as possible, so that these students will be able to catch up with their course of studies. The supplementary exam which started from the 20th of Shrawan, ended on Shrawan 27th and from the 58.43 percent of students who could not pass the regular examination, those who couldn’t pass the maximum of two papers in the SLC examination 2069 were given this opportunity to clear their SLC. With the statistics from the OCE, only 60.01% students could pass the chance exams. While none could secure a distinction, some 1610 students managed to score first division.

Sparrow SMS is providing the results via SMS over your phone just like the regular SLC examinations Just follow the following simple instruction:

In your phone's new message box, type SLC<space>symbol-no and send it to 35001.

Don’t worry about these results too much! There is always an other chance if you couldn't make it through and if you have passed Sparrow SMS would like to congratulate you. Sparrow SMS wishes that everyone secures a very good result!

* And please note that actual results will be authorized by the OCE, Sano Thimi. Results by SMS are for immediate information only. Each SMS costs Rs. 5+ govt. taxes.

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