Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Web Security Testing Campaign- A step towards making your online presence SECURE

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The number of websites is increasing at a skyrocketing speed globally and so is the number of people who love to play around with those. Well, we are talking about the increasing security threats to websites. In Nepal alone there are lakhs of website and these website are very much prone to attack by some people who want to get precious information or simply mess around with others’ intellectual properties. This is where Web Security Testing Campaign comes to importance.

SQA nepal sparrow sms web security test campaign
Web Security Testing Campaign

SQA (Software Quality Assurance) Enthusiasts are organizing an event where they will talk about web security and present demos of how various online and offline software can be hacked and accessed without being authorized. This event is important because today it has become a trend for hacking practitioners to use local websites as a base to train themselves in hacking field. The fact that website owners are least concerned about quality development, focusing on least price as possible makes them more prone to hackers. The number of hacking incidents is increasing significantly along with the rise in the number of websites. The implications of this are that:
• The probability that a website may be hacked for a first time has increased exponentially.
• The probability that a website once hacked may be hacked again has also increased taking advantage of the concerned authorities` failure to maintain security.

The campaign will answer various questions such as “Why a website is vulnerable?” pointing out the main weaknesses of local websites that make them vulnerable. The most important concern, acc. to Narayan Koirala -one of the organizing team members, is that everybody have a perception of what is there in my site and why would hackers be interested in the site I own which is wrong and the collaborative effort from all the SQA Enthusiast will definitely help to push the secutity status of such web one step ahead"

The event- “Web Security Testing Campaign” has been conceptualized to protect our sites, valuable data and information especially of those related to government data or any other important organization and therefore is mainly targeted at Government and Nonprofit organizational websites of Nepal.

This is a campaign must to attend and follow for every Nepali organization & web designer so that they can safeguard their information against any security threats. To participate, you can simply call Hempal Shrestha on 9851077031 or Saroj Lamichhane on 951064071 to submit the details and participation fees. Early bird registration fee is Rs. 500 till 18th September after which the fee becomes Rs. 1000. Sparrow SMS is the official supporter of this event which is going to be held on 25 September from 11 AM to 4 PM.]

Organization willing for registration in “Free Web Security Testing Campaign” need to submit a letter of Security test allowance clearly mentioning the domain name or IP of the site to be tested. The letter must be signed by the top level authorized person and stamp of organization with it. In this process of “Free Web security testing campaign” we will be undergoing Vulnerability Assessment (identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) then mitigation of vulnerabilities).


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