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#hack4good in Nepal for the first time! International Hackathon series by Geeklist

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For more info SMS H4G to 34001

#hack4good, the Geeklist’s International hackathon series focused on uniting the worlds greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders and entrepreneurs is in Nepal for the first time in a event being co-organized by some active Nepalese communities and companies. Yes, you read it right, Kathmandu is joining the list of some of the world's best cities where technology nurtures. We'll come to what it is all about in detail as we build up.


Geeklist is the first social network of developers & tech communities spread around the world. And at Geeklist, the geeks are just gearing up for #hack4good , and if you are not aware of it, let us have the honour. #hack4good is a series of hackathons where the best developers work tirelessly for 48 hours to do some good for society with their tech weapons. This is the basic idea behind the program. Why should you join, how do you join and how has it been so far? - all answered revealed as you continue to read below.

One of the organizing team members, Nootan Ghimire describes how #hack4good is different as, "Hackathons around the world bring together developers to work on selected problems in the race to win some prizes and awards. #hack4good chooses to be different here. It pauses in this race and thinks-”what can we give back to the society?” And the answer was obvious, solutions to problems that are plaguing it. Therefore Geeklist designed a hackathon series that would attract hackers for a “different” purpose." It all started in June 2013 and the results of the first event speak for themselves. The hackers worked to solve serious problems like disaster communication, autism learning, hunger, earthquake emergency solutions, and even a non-profit to help non-profits in tech!

“Words don’t describe what a great project, built in 48 sleepless and frantic hours, can do to change the world.”
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So what is #hack4good? “Well it means everything built needs to be done to better humanity, support a non-profit/cause or leverage one of our sponsors (or our) API’s to do something to make peoples lives better. (Not to try and launch a startup in 40+ hours).”, as Geeklist puts it. And why do you need to join? Then the answer lies within you. If you think you should & can leverage technology to actually improve the society then you are just ready to join.

This particular event is being held simultaneously around the world at several cities like San Francisco, Berlin, New Delhi and 15 others that include Kathmandu as well. Avinash Kundaliya, one of the co-organizers, believes that ktmgeeks have an amazing experience waiting for them to work with other like minds who will #hack4good right here in the city on October 4-6.

Manish Modi, the co-founder of PicoVico, says- “Hackathon is probably the best platform for aspiring startup entrepreneurs to get their ideas transformed into reality. The 48 hours of relentless ‘hacking’ can transform someone’s dream into the solution that the world might just be in need of. ” 

Now, as we said earlier if a solution is your ultimate goal, then join this global hackathon where developers from even the largest Silicon valley tech companies participate. This means you get to network with them, look at the different ways as they look at problems and see some amazing solutions of those issues. If you can come up with a solution with your team, you can secure some premium freebies from the sponsors.

You can use the APIs of any of the partners or other's to work on your project. Sparrow SMS is also inviting developers to use its API to develop applications that leverage SMS technology to solve social issues. Please note that the team should be of minimum 2 and maximum 5 members. And 48 hours of hardhacking. Blend these with your great idea and there you are making the most of this event doing some good too. 

The venue is Islington College and so far Grepsr and Karkhana have joined in as sponsors. Other details will come up very soon. So keep following us on all our online channels to get every update and register at the earliest. We, at Sparrow_SMS, are ready to welcome all the geeks of Nepal at the first #hack4good in the nation.

For more info SMS H4G to 34001


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