Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unexpected Delay in the HSEB Management Results

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There has been an unexpected delay in the HSEB management result this year. It has been more than a month since results for science faculty were published but it seems it will take much longer for the management results to be published. Understandably, the students of management faculty are very frustrated with this delay and we as one of the result provider are receiving large number of queries every day.
As we are continuously trying to answer all the queries, we thought it extremely important that we address few concerns of the students. Sparrow SMS as a result provider would like to draw your attention to the following: 

1.       We are not authorised to publish the result; we are just a channel to provide the result, once it has been published by the HSEB.

2.       HSEB is the only sole authorized body to publish results. Only HSEB can tell you exact date and  no one else.

3.       HSEB has not announced any date for the result publication and so we can’t provide you with any fixed date.

4.       We try our best to buy the best servers and keep standby the best technical team to serve your results when they are published, but we are again dependent on telecoms and network congestion. It is difficult to work in this country and we try our level best to put our 100% . That is what we can do.

5.       We always try our best to give you any information we get, as soon as possible. We will post any news that we receive from HSEB , without any delay. So stay connected our page and share with all your friends.

6.       After results are officially published, you can get results with marks via Sparrow SMS , by sending SMS to 5001. 

SMS format is,
HSEB <space> your symbol no. and send SMS to 35001

 7.       For further details, visit our facebook page facebook.com/sparrowsms

Sparrow SMS wishes you all the best for results. May you all pass with flying colors. We also wish you all the best for your career. You are the future of our country.


  1. Why this year +2 mgmt result not come yet.Hope you will provide us information about it soon.

  2. We'll definitely provide you with information as soon as we get any.

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