Friday, September 13, 2013

Loadshedding Duration Increased to 7 hours a day in Nepal!

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Type G<Group no.> & send it to 35001 to get the latest schedule on your cellphone.

The latest notice of Nepal Electricity Authority has announced that the duration of loadshedding has increased by 3 hours to 7 hours a day. This new loadshedding schedule will be applicable starting from Sunday (15 September, 2013) until the next notice.

The trend of power cut has been prevailing in Nepal since more than half a decade now pushing the nation to acute power crisis which has paralyzed industrialization. Several other problems of general people often go without notice while some important problems like medical care, education and street lighting issues still remain a concern. With no promising signs of it being reduced over the coming years, Nepal is nothing but expected to bury deep into the era of darkness in all sectors of economy.

However to arrange your schedule for now, get the latest timetable on your cell phone. Type G<group no.> and send it to 35001. E.g. if your house lies in group number 3 then type G3 and send it to 35001.
This service is available over Namaste (GSM), NCell, UTL, NT CDMA & Smartell for 24/7.
Each SMS attracts Rs. 5 + govn. taxes.

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