Tuesday, September 3, 2013

With 71.46 percent Mobile Users, Telecom Penetration in Nepal Reaches 80.51 Percent!

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The monthly report based on data collected till the date of 15 July, 2013 released by NTA shows an increase of 1.66 percent in telephone users in Nepal. Compared to the figure of a month ago, telephone users have increased from 78.85percent to 80.51. The increment is due to 1.42 percent increase in mobile users and 0.06 percent increase in fixed telephone users.

Although NT and NCell have gained users in numeric figures, but if we see their market share in percentage, it reveals a different story. Ncell and NT had 50 percent and 43 percent market shares last month while this month they have 49 percent and 43 percent share with 10,526,798 and 10, 346, 794 users respectively. There is no change in market share of UTL while Smart Tel has gained a percent in its market share and now has 4 percent of the market shares.

There has also been an increase of 0.28% in the internet penetration in Nepal from 25.82 percent last month to 26.10 percent as per July 15. Although, there is increase in number of users of all the internet services, GPRS still leads the users’ choice of internet service while NT’s CDMA EVDO comes second with 232,248 users and the newly initiated WiMax service from NT seems to be getting popular and has gained 680 more users since last month and now has 2,566 users. Although Ncell  still leads with 50 percent of entire market share in internet, it is a percent less than last month of 51 percent  while NT has gained 2 percent of market shares from last month and now has 48 percent. UTL and other ISPs have 1 percent of market shares each.

If we look at the data over the last one year, the mobile penetration has increased by 12.76% while there has been 6.78 percent increase in internet users in Nepal.

Overall, the data suggests that the penetration of communication technologies in Nepal is getting stronger and with the introduction of new operators and service providers there is strong competition in the market. While, Ncell still remains to be the most popular brand in telecommunication, WiMax the new internet service brought by NT is getting popular with time. 


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