Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yantra 2.0- revised, improved and enriched

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For info SMS Yantra to 34001

Nepal's tech geeks have an exciting event to follow this September. Yes, we are talking about one of the most talked about robo-event of Nepal- Yantra 2.0

Robotics Association of Nepal and Karkhana Pvt. Ltd. are organizing Yantra 2.0, their third national robotics championship in Nepal. The Yantra competition has become the premier robotic competition in Nepal. Yantra 1.0 attracted over 100 participants from 20 engineering colleges and got a good coverage in newspapers and national TV channels. And excitingly the first edition attracted 3000+ visitors in just 2 days.

According to Karkhana's Pavitra Gautam, this third edition of the event - Yantra 2.0 expands on the previous success in four ways. It'll boast of

  • participation of more engineering colleges, including international teams.
  • participation from schools (class 7-10), and +2 colleges.
  • partnerships with a wider range of media to enhance awareness of robotics and 
  • new categories to compete in.
yantra 2 sms ran karkhana nepal sparrow
Yantra 2.0: Reloaded

In second national robotics competition titled “Yantra GRC Techkriti” the two winners of the event were sent to IIT Kanpur to compete against teams from 7 countries, and they made Nepal proud by placing 2nd and 3rd.

There are three segments of the competition in the current event. The first is MISSION NEPAL carrying NRs. 1,00,000 worth of Prize. Second is ROBO AKHADA carrying NRs. 30,000 worth of Prize. And the third is ROBO RACER carrying NRs. 30,000 worth of prize. 

Besides the opportunity to learn new skills the other benefits that participants can derive from this event are many. To mention a few, the participants can have the honor to be participating in the national level competition, the honor to participate with top robot makers of the country, to see few international robots and to interact with them and an opportunity to win the prize that is the highest in the history of this kind of competition. 

So gear up your engineering skills and join the battle to compete in any or all of these categories in Yantra 2.0. Here are the links to the registration forms:
for Mission Nepal

For more information SMS Yantra to 34001.

Keep following us as Sparrow SMS bring you updates from the event- possibly with a close-up of few most striking robots in the arena. You can also follow us on twitter @sparrowsms to get the quickest updates straight from the venue. 


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