Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BBS and BA 2069 3rd Year Results Published!

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Type BA<Space>Symbol No. and send it to 35001 for BA 3rd year results
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Tribhuwan University today published the long awaited results for 3rd year examinations of Bachelors in Business Studies (BBS)  as well as Bachelors in Art (BA). The final examinations of both faculties were held last year and students have been looking forward to the results for a long time. 

The results for both the faculties have been mixed affairs. Of a total 22,081 students that appeared for BA 3rd year 2069 examinations, only 8,367 students have passed, taking the total pass percentage to 37.89%. Similarly, a total of 43,940 students appeared in the BBS 3rd year examination for the year of 2069. Of them, 16,352 made it count in the exam, the pass percentage being 37.21%. As per the given stats, the BA students fared slightly better than the BBS students. 

The results are out and live now. Be sure to be the first to check out your results using SparrowSMS. 

For BBS 3rd year results type BBS<Space>Symbol No. and send it to 35001 
For BA 3rd year results type BA<Space>Symbol No. and send it to 35001 

Our best wishes to all the students who appeared in the exams. For more updates, follow SparrowSMS on facebook and SparrowSMS on twitter.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Mobile Penetration Reaches 72.58 Percent and Internet Users Reach 26.93 Percent in Last Month

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The monthly report based on data collected till the date of 16 August, 2013 released by NTA shows an increase of 1.21 percent in telephone users in Nepal. Compared to the figure of a month ago, telephone users have increased from 80.51 percent to 81.72. The increment is due to 1.12 percent increase in mobile users and 0.01 percent increase in fixed telephone users.

There hasn’t been any change in the market shares of the telecom companies from last month. NCell and NT have 49 and 43 percent of market shares respectively while UTL and Smart Tel have 3 and 4 percent each.

There has also been an increase of 0.83% in the internet penetration in Nepal from 26.10 percent last month to 26.93 percent as per August 15. Although, there is increase in number of users of all the internet services, GPRS still leads the users’ choice of internet service while NT’s CDMA comes second with 233,677 users and WiMax service from NT has gained 611 more users since last month and now has 3,177 users. Ncell  still leads with 50 percent of entire market share in internet, while NT has 48 percent. UTL and other ISPs have 1 percent of market shares each.

If we look at the data over the last one year, the mobile penetration has increased by 13.88% while there has been 7.61 percent increase in internet users in Nepal.

Overall, the data suggests that the penetration of communication technologies in Nepal is getting stronger and with the introduction of new operators and service providers there is strong competition in the market. While, Ncell still remains to be the most popular brand in telecommunication.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Together, We Can End GBV in Nepal

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There is no denying that Gender Based Violence is on its ever high in Nepal now. It becomes more evident if we look at these figures collected with the help of reports published by various organizations in Nepal
  • 43 per cent of women in Nepal have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • 22 percent of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence at least once since age 15 (NDHS, 2011)
  • 77 percent of the episodes of violence against women are reported as being from within the family
  •  According to Women's Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC), 793 cases of domestic violence, 200 cases of social violence, 256 cases of rape, 42 cases of attempt to rape, 163 cases of murder and 22 cases attempt to murder, 32 cases of trafficking and 55 cases of sexual violence were recorded between April 2012-13.
  •  According to a report released by Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2011, between 5,000 and 12,000 girls and women aged 10 to 20 years of age are trafficked every year, 75 percent of whom are below 18 years of age and the majority of whom are sold into forced prostitution.
Incidents of GBV between 16 July and 16 August, 2013 source: WOREC Nepal
It isn’t that nothing is being done to curb gender based violence in Nepal. Between 2034 BS to 2067BS alone a total of 2305 NGOs working for the empowerment of women were registered with Social Welfare Council Nepal. Most of these organizations, in some way or other fight against GBV, and it is obvious that these figures of GBV cases would have been much higher in the absence of them.

But in the recent times, looking at the rise in GBV cases, it has become extremely important that irrespective of what profession we are from and what organization we belong to, we need to unite in whatever capacity we can in the fight against GBV in Nepal.

Opendata, a project initiated by Sparrow SMS, is one such platform that encourages open data sharing and co-operation amongst the organizations fighting against GBV. The project involves following features

·         Reporting of GBV cases via SMS through the shortcode 5455. Subscribe for alerts and cases that falls under your jurisdiction will be forwarded to your mobile/email so that you can look into the cases and help in whatever capacity you can.
·    Mapping of the cases of GBV categorically and in accordance to their time of occurrence on Sign up for complete admin access and map your data and/or look into the cases and help the victims.
·         Download the cases available on the site and generate monthly or annual report.

How can it be beneficial?

To the victims/witnesses
                               Reports reveal that about 80% of the acts of violence are inflicted from within the family. In such cases, it is very difficult for the victim or friends or any other relatives of the victims to report about the incident discretely. SMS can be a very useful tool in the violence perpetrated from inside the family. SMS service is available 24 hours and reporting via SMS can be done discretely as well. SMS also allows for a quick response to the reports.

To the Organizations
                Unlike the reporting done through helpline numbers via voice call, SMS does not require a dedicated person at the receiving end. The SMS is received and stored and if necessary forwarded to individual email or mobiles automatically by the system developed by Sparrow SMS. Thus the reports of GBV can be received anytime of the day directly into one’s mobile or email and acted upon immediately. Besides mapping of the cases and reports on will allow easy and timely monitoring of the cases and ease the report generation and publication processes.

We request all the concerned stakeholders and organization to join us in our fight against GBV in Nepal. Visit the following links to know more about the project

or call 01-5522942/ 5009147

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NEA announces reduced loadshedding schedules for Dashain

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Type G<Your Group No.> and send it to 35001 to get latest schedules on your mobile

Nepal Electricity Authority has announced new loadshedding schedules with reduced hours keeping the festivities of Dashain in mind. The new loadshedding routine will be applicable throughout the Dashain holidays starting from 25th Ashwin up to the 30th of Ashwin. The power cuts have been substantially decreased in comparison to the present routine. 

With the dry season starting to gain more traction, people will get some respite from increasing loadshedding hours even if for a short period. And you don’t have to hassle around arranging the new routine. Simply type G<Your Group No.> and send it to 35001. You will immediately get a fully organized loadshedding table on your mobile. For example, if you live in the area of Group 1, type G1 and send it to 35001. As easy as that!

This service is available 24/7 in all the Telecom networks (NTC, Ncell, UTL, CDMA & Smarttel)

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nepal will play against India in the AFC Under-19 Qualifiers tonight

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After some very impressive performance at home in the AFC Under-16 Qualifiers, Nepal is trying to make a strong front in the AFC Under-19 Qualifiers being held in Doha, Qatar. Nepal is placed in Group A alongside some very strong teams like Qatar, India, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Tonight Nepal will face off against India in its second group game of the qualifiers. Nepal has already lost its first game to Turkmenistan by 2-1. Despite having a player sent off in the first half, Nepal showed some resilient game and will look forward to win the game today. On the other hand, India too faced defeat in its first game at the hands of the hosts Qatar. Both the teams will want to add some points on the table.

These qualifiers games are being played for the 2014 AFC Under-19 Championships to be held in Myanmar. The draw for the qualifiers was held along with the draw for AFC Under-16 Qualifiers on April 26, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A total of 40 participants are divided into 9 groups. The winners from each group alongside 6 best runner-up sides and Myanmar will qualify for the 2014 Championship.

After playing against India today, Nepal will next go head to head against Uzbekistan on October 8th. Similarly, in it final game of the qualifiers, Nepal will face-off against the hosts Qatar. Since all the games are being played on away grounds, Nepal will need to capitalize on its stealth attack and strong defense to win the remaining games without any home support. But with so much footballing action happening, the fans will be sure to cheer even louder for the team. Come on Nepal..!!!

And yes, no matter where your are, regardless of the untimely load shedding, do not miss a single moment of the games. Simply type GOAL and send it to 35001 and get all the live updates on your mobile.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

[Update:2] #hack4good in Kathmandu- The Geeklist's Int'l Hackathon

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#hack4good-the Geeklist international hackathon held simultaneously in more than a dozen cities around the world concluded with amazing output. It was a 48 hours restless hackathon where the experts, developers and entrepreneurs built their project on an idea that would do some good to the society. We were covering this event here in Kathmandu and have been updating you with every activity of the local event. Now we have finally got the global winners of #hack4good 0.2 and we would like to share them with you here:
donate4good sparrow sms api hack4good winner
Donate4Good: the 2nd runner-up at #hack4good 0.2

The 2nd runner up is Donate4Good from Kathmandu. This app allows people to apply micro donations to the disasters of their choice via SMS from supported regions. They are using Sparrow SMS's API.
The 1st runner up is Stop Web Disabilty from Minsk. It allows disabled people to access internet with the help of voice and facial motion.
And the winner is Mobile Rescue from London. This tool allows you to locate lost people in a natural disaster using their wi-fi enabled devices.

We, at Sparrow SMS and hopefully all other following the event closely, would love to see these projects out from prototypes or beta into a fully functional distributable product very soon. Congratulations to all the winning teams and hats off to all other amazing ideas shown at the hackathon. If you would love to read more about them, click here.

October 5:
#hack4good has kicked off yesterday at 4 PM in Kathmandu, along with several other cities across the globe at approx the same local time. The excitement to participate was overwhelming here in Nepal as the number crossed the availability of seats days prior to the event.
The hackathon is being held at Islington College in the heart of the city and the whole place was filled with enthusiasm of the participants, guests and the local organizers when we made a visit there on the inaugural program. Here are few pictures of the first evening of #hack4good at Kathmandu.
hack4good kathmandu sparrow sms nepalhack4good kathmandu sparrow sms nepalhack4good kathmandu sparrow sms nepal

As known, the whole theme of the event is to deploy technology to solve social problems especially those which scale at large. Developers, entrepreneurs and experts gather in this 48 hours hackathon to blend their ideas and knowledge in a bid to develop solutions that are reliable and useful. Nepalese developers are participating in a hackathon of such a global scale probably for the first time and we at Sparrow SMS plus everybody following the event are definitely hopeful about getting to see some cool apps out of this hardwork.

But before we reach the final pitching on 6th October, here is a brief description of what the folks are working on at #hack4good (these are all we could manage to cover by far, more coming up):
  1. Jootau: The first project we came to know is this one that aims to serve users by informing them about events based on the location & interest specified by the user. The project is using Sparrow SMS API and APIs of Facebook & Twitter by far. The team behind this idea comprises Sudip Kafle, Narayan Prasad Kadel and Subit Raj Pokharel.
  2. Room Rental: This project aims to facilitate the process of finding a room or lending a room to tenants. By far the team has thought to develop it as an Android app connected with SMS functionality (using Sparrow SMS' API). The team members are Yogesh Ojha and Suraj Gyawali.
  3. Donate4Good: This sounds similar to the event title but is a different and nice concept. The team wants to develop a solution through which anybody can donate some bucks for some social cause especially natural calamities. It relies on donating money by sending only SMS and the whole system will be integrated with Sparrow SMS' API. Users do not need to make payments via credit cards or mobile money accounts. A simple SMS and you have donated. The brains behind this idea are Sajesh Khadgi, N.J. Subedi, Bobby Basnet and Saurav Bajracharya.
  4. Campaign4Good: Another similar sounding name but again a different concept. It is an online platform to create and share campagins for social cause. People can be a part of such campaigns by giving monetary help, kinds or voluntary work. No API is being used here and they rely on deep social media integration for growing their user base. Roshan Bhandari, Santosh Ghimire, Sijan Bhandari and Sujit Maharjan are the members of the team.
  5. VNats: It is "a visual social network" as the team puts it. People share information of various types in their groups where other can see it and respond to it too. It sees the application in fields as diverse as research work and job search. The data is also mapped to be used for other purposes. The project is smartphone based app with some web compliments. Sabin Bhandari and Aashish Acharya make up the team for this ambitious idea.
  6. Corruption Meter: This simple idea is equally useful. Users use the solution to post details about acts of corruption as they experience(or say suffer) it in their daily activities. They can also know about the standard procedures of undertaking a public service. These data are shared with other users and authorities and also mapped (using Google Maps API) for further reference. Suraj Subedi, Ganesh Pandey, Sushil Shrestha and Ravi Prajapati complete the team for this project.
These are some of the ideas being worked upon in #hack4good here in Kathmandu. The prototypes must be ready by tomorrow when we bring you the updates from the pitching session.So keep following our blog and twitter handle (@sparrowsms) to get the latest updates as we cover the 48-hours hard-hacking. 

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