Thursday, October 24, 2013

Together, We Can End GBV in Nepal

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There is no denying that Gender Based Violence is on its ever high in Nepal now. It becomes more evident if we look at these figures collected with the help of reports published by various organizations in Nepal
  • 43 per cent of women in Nepal have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • 22 percent of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence at least once since age 15 (NDHS, 2011)
  • 77 percent of the episodes of violence against women are reported as being from within the family
  •  According to Women's Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC), 793 cases of domestic violence, 200 cases of social violence, 256 cases of rape, 42 cases of attempt to rape, 163 cases of murder and 22 cases attempt to murder, 32 cases of trafficking and 55 cases of sexual violence were recorded between April 2012-13.
  •  According to a report released by Nepal Demographic and Health Survey, 2011, between 5,000 and 12,000 girls and women aged 10 to 20 years of age are trafficked every year, 75 percent of whom are below 18 years of age and the majority of whom are sold into forced prostitution.
Incidents of GBV between 16 July and 16 August, 2013 source: WOREC Nepal
It isn’t that nothing is being done to curb gender based violence in Nepal. Between 2034 BS to 2067BS alone a total of 2305 NGOs working for the empowerment of women were registered with Social Welfare Council Nepal. Most of these organizations, in some way or other fight against GBV, and it is obvious that these figures of GBV cases would have been much higher in the absence of them.

But in the recent times, looking at the rise in GBV cases, it has become extremely important that irrespective of what profession we are from and what organization we belong to, we need to unite in whatever capacity we can in the fight against GBV in Nepal.

Opendata, a project initiated by Sparrow SMS, is one such platform that encourages open data sharing and co-operation amongst the organizations fighting against GBV. The project involves following features

·         Reporting of GBV cases via SMS through the shortcode 5455. Subscribe for alerts and cases that falls under your jurisdiction will be forwarded to your mobile/email so that you can look into the cases and help in whatever capacity you can.
·    Mapping of the cases of GBV categorically and in accordance to their time of occurrence on Sign up for complete admin access and map your data and/or look into the cases and help the victims.
·         Download the cases available on the site and generate monthly or annual report.

How can it be beneficial?

To the victims/witnesses
                               Reports reveal that about 80% of the acts of violence are inflicted from within the family. In such cases, it is very difficult for the victim or friends or any other relatives of the victims to report about the incident discretely. SMS can be a very useful tool in the violence perpetrated from inside the family. SMS service is available 24 hours and reporting via SMS can be done discretely as well. SMS also allows for a quick response to the reports.

To the Organizations
                Unlike the reporting done through helpline numbers via voice call, SMS does not require a dedicated person at the receiving end. The SMS is received and stored and if necessary forwarded to individual email or mobiles automatically by the system developed by Sparrow SMS. Thus the reports of GBV can be received anytime of the day directly into one’s mobile or email and acted upon immediately. Besides mapping of the cases and reports on will allow easy and timely monitoring of the cases and ease the report generation and publication processes.

We request all the concerned stakeholders and organization to join us in our fight against GBV in Nepal. Visit the following links to know more about the project

or call 01-5522942/ 5009147


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