Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nepal Election Results 2013 now on your mobile

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Once the vote count starts, type <KFM> <DistrictName> <AreaNumber> and send it to 33001
And get the latest number of votes gained by candidates from that area

For Example: Type KFM KATHMANDU 2 and send it to 33001
And get the latest voting count of all the candidates from Kathmandu Area No. 2

The Constituent Assembly Election 2013 was successfully concluded today all over Nepal. Apart from a few minor incidents here and there and the cancellation of voting at one poll station in Jumla, the process of voting was carried out peacefully in the various designated voting centers throughout the country. The Election Commission stated that the second Constituent Assembly Elections saw a historic turn around with around 70% of registered voters showing up to cast their votes.

Now that the first phase of voting is over, the second and a very vital phase of counting of votes is about to start. To see through the entire process of counting as soon as possible, in some of the districts the voting will start from today itself. A majority of terai districts will commence the counting of votes by midnight. The announcement of final results of the entire vote count will take an approximate duration of 10 days.

But keeping up with the latest ballot count could not have been any easier this time. All you have to do is type KFM <DistrictName> <AreaNo> and send it to 33001. You will immediately get the latest and updated vote count of all the candidates appearing in the elections from that area on your mobile. For example, if you did cast your vote for the candidates who stood in the election from Area 1 in Jhapa, simply type KFM JHAPA 1 and send it to 33001. You will immediately get a message on your mobile which will show the latest and updated number of votes scored by each of candidates Jhapa Area number 1.

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