Friday, November 22, 2013

Nepal Elections Results 2013 - Poll counts going on strong nationwide

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Type <KFM> <DistrictName> <AreaNumber> and send it to 33001
And get the latest number of votes gained by candidates from that area

For Example: Type KFM BANEPA 2 and send it to 33001
You will get the latest poll counts of all the candidates from Banepa 2 on your mobile

The Second Constituent Assembly Election results has gripped the interest of entire nation right now. The vote count in many of the constituencies have already been completed and the winners have been announced. So far, the Unified Marxist Leninist (UML) have been leading the race with most wins, the Nepali Congress (NC) is at a close second. The winners for the first Constituent Elections, Unified Moaist, are far behind in the polls and so are Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), FORUM and other parties.  

Since the poll results widely affects the completion of a popular constitution in the Nepal, citizens are closely observing the poll counts being carried out at various voting centers nationwide. Despite being in the loosing end, Maoist have been grabbing news by deciding to walk out of vote counting polled in the elections, stating that the entire process was a fraud and polls were rigged. Maoist Chief Prachanda threatened that Unified Maoist will not join the Constituent Assembly if the poll counting was not stopped immediately. The latest update - off the 240 seats, winners of 238 have been decided and congress is at the top with 103 wins. Similarly, in the Proportional Representation (समानुपातिक) polls, as of right now, congress has taken the first place in the counts being carried nationwide, with UML now running at a very close second.

Earlier in the elections held on November 19, a record number of people showed up to cast their votes throughout the nation. Dolpa saw the highest turn around with 83% polls and Dolakha and Rautahaut also saw 80% polls completed. With the live vote counts being updated all over Nepal, keeping up with latest count is now easier then ever with SparrowSMS.


All you have to do is type KFM <District> <AreaNo.> and send it to 33001. You will immediately get the latest votes count of that area on your mobile. For instance, if you want to check the polls of area number 2 of Gorkha, simply type KFM Gorkha 2 and send it to 33001Type KFM and send it to 3001 to get live election updates and voting information.

For Proportional Representation polls, type KFM <Party Code> and send it to 33001. For all the designated party codes, click on the image below.

Together let's ensure that we see a constitution for all this time.
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