Monday, December 16, 2013

New Load shedding schedule January 2014 increased to 80 hours a week

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To get the new loadshedding schedule on your mobile,
 Type G<Your Group No.> and send it to 35001

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has increased the load shedding to around 11 hours a day. The new load shedding schedule will be effective from January 5, 2014 (Poush 21, 2070). This is the second increase in power cuts in the month of Poush. Earlier on Poush 2, NEA had increased the load-shedding to 9 hours a day. With the peak winter days right ahead of us, the loadshedding routine is expected to increase even more in the coming days. With the ever rising demand of electricity and minimal production on the other hand, loadshedding in Nepal has been gaining more and more traction as each year passes by. You can get the latest load shedding schedules on your mobile. All you have to do is type G<Your Group No.> and send it to 35001, and you will immediately get the new load shedding routine through SMS.

Nepal has been facing acute power shortage almost since a decade. And now when the power demand is more than 1000 MW and the total power production of the country is only around 700 MW, the situation has gotten worse. With power cuts as low as 500 MW in winter, the power cuts will sure rise even more. But no matter how many changes are made in the load shedding routine, you can always get the latest load shedding schedule on your mobile using SparrowSMS. Simply type G<Your Group No.> and send it to 35001. For example, if your load shedding group no. is 5, type G5 and then send it to 35001. You will get a latest and complete loadshedding schedule of group 5 on your mobile.

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