Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sparrow SMS Now on NT CDMA

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Sparrow SMS is extremely pleased to announce that the services provided by Sparrow SMS will now be available also for the NT CDMA subscribers. We have already been serving the users of NT, Ncell, UTL and SmartTel for past 3 years and are very excited to be able to serve more people now.

 Sparrow SMS has come a long way since its establishment in 2010 and we owe our success completely to our clients, users, well wishers, and advisors; we couldn’t have achieved what we have without your support. Since our establishment, we have been delighting our customers with services like SMS to Email, SLC Results, HSEB Results, SMS toFacebook, Bulk SMS and many more.

We are always dedicated at finding new and innovative ways to serve more and more customers and the opportunity to serve a larger customer base is great achievement on our part. But as they say every opportunity also brings added responsibility with it and so with the increase in our customers our responsibilities have increased too. But we are confident that with dedication and hard work we shall be able to render complete satisfaction to our clients and customers.

With our belief in power of text and with the support of everyone Sparrow SMS hopes to keep serving you and also introduce new services as per the need of the society to be able to bring more smiles and happiness in it.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Updated] HSEB Results of grade 12 Management, Humanities and Education out soon! [LIVE now!]

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[Results are LIVE! Type HSEB<space>symbol no. and send the SMS to 35001 and get complete                                                             marksheet in your cellphones.]

While the HSEB results of science has already been published, there are plenty of Management, Humanities and Education eagerly waiting for their results. With the pass percent in the Science faculty having increased by 3.01 percent, the eyes are now on the management results to see whether the pass percent makes certain leaps or not. The previous year 2,30,934 students appeared in the non-science category, and among them only 89,124 students passed out. The pass percentage was 38.58 last year, so many people have their hopes pinned on a bigger pass percentage.

According to the news sources close to HSEB, the Management, Humanities and Education plus two results will probably be out in the late second week of September by tonight (25th September). For all the students worrying about your results, try and eschew away all those worries and focus on what you want to do after the results. There are so many options waiting out there for you, so many universities that you can study in, so instead of wasting your precious time worrying about something you have no control over, it’s better to take control over something that you can work upon.
Business and Management study programs are now in greater demand and they feature as the core faculty programs in many institutions. And they are one of the top choice of management students.
A few of the courses offered are; BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration), BBS (Bachelors in Business Studies), BIM ( Bachelors of information management), BTTS ( Bachelors in Travel and Tourism Studies), BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management). B.C.S (Bachelor of Commerce Studies), BHCM (Bachelor of Health Care Management), BDEVs ( Bachelor in development studies), BIT ( bachelor in information Technology) and BSW( Bachelors in Social work), CA ( chartered accountancy)
While these are just a few options you can choose from, you still have many other choices, especially specialization courses in areas like journalism, social media marketing, brand management, etc. However you will be able to make a concrete choice only when the results are out, and in order to view your results, type HSEB Symbol-No. and send SMS to 35001.
Example: HSEB 12345678 and send it to 35001. Each SMS attracts Rs. 5+ govt. taxes.

All the best for your results!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The SAFF Championship 2013 is here!

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Type GOAL and send it to 35001 for SAFF Championship Updates

saff championship 2013
Get updates on SAFF Championship 2013
This year, the 10th SAFF Championship will be held in Nepal starting from August 31st, all the way up to September 12. All 8 participating countries are divided into two groups. Nepal is placed in Group A alongside strong contenders Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Afghanistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Bhutan are in Group B.
2 groups, 8 teams and 12 days of unlimited footballing action
And GoalNepal is here to make the SAFF Championship even more exciting. No matter where you are this season, you can stay updated with the games' updates. Simply type GOAL in your message box and send it to 35001. You will get all the news and updates on SAFF championships, including the live scores of games.
And it gets even better. Now you can participate in various contests and get chances to win free tickets of the games. So stay tuned to our blog and for details of the contests, enjoy the SAFF Championship and win free tickets to some amazing games. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Red Herring Award--True to its Name?

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Red Herring, an English idiom, refers to a logical fallacy which involves feeding wrong and misleading information to people to lead them to most unlikely conclusion. It seems the Red Herring award is living up to its name. Red Herring Award, apparently a prestigious award in the past, has come down to a group of people tricking the startups in paying them large amount of money in a hope of being awarded.

The startups that apply for the award, either on their own or in response to an e-mail by Red Herring, are called and asked to pitch about their company. The startups then receive an e-mail asking them to fill up a registration form and submit a payment of USD 2900 to 4900 as an entry fee. To win the award, a representative from the startup then needs to attend a conference and present before a panel of judges. The conference takes place at foreign locations (mostly in Honk Kong for Asian startups) and the startups have to bear the travel expenses themselves. Based on the testimonials found on the internet, apparently there are no panel of judges and only few startups showing up on the conference day. It’s then that you realize that you have been fooled (read screwed).

Red Herring Award Registration Form
After applying for the award and passing through two review phases (submission review and Due Diligence), Janaki Technology, too, has been selected as one of the finalist this year (see the list of finalists from Asia here), but has decided not to attend the finale. It would be meaningless to get an award (which as it seems doesn't exist at all) by paying such amount of money, they said.

But internet is also flooded with large number of companies proudly announcing that they have received the Red Herring Award and how it has helped them to grow.  Also, there are people complaining that it’s just a hoax cheating the startups for few hundred dollars.

Hoax or not, the question is would a startup pay such an amount for an award which it might not even win? Is it fair to charge startups to award them? The issue is debatable and all we want is for the startups to think wisely and research well before they are enticed by the advertisements and success stories on the internet.

For details and news on Red Herring Award, click on the following links

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We are concerned...

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Dear Valued Customers,
We are deeply concerned about the recent blog post on the popular blog (

We are what our subscribers and customers are. We are what you make us, and what you want us to be. We hereby want to share our official statement in response to the post made.

Dear Umesh (,
We at Sparrow SMS, have read your blog article published at

It has become matter of deep concern to us.
Thank you for mentioning what we missed today. We would like to extend our apologies to everyone directly or indirectly concerned with this. However, If you get chance, please go through our most of ads, where we explicitly mention the price. We missed in our facebook creatives and we can only regret it now.

We respect you and your blog and in fact we are deep supporter of all youth entrepreneur of Nepal.

However, few critical information mentioned in the blog post have drawn our major attention. We would like to clarify how VAS market works and how we are able to serve our subscribers / customers every day.
  1. We have mentioned cost of SMS at many places wherever possible.
  2. We have given all our efforts to acquire best resources viz. highly paid technical manpower, hardwares, softwares, efficient connectivity.
  3. We have always tried our best to give fastest and reliable service.
  4. Marketing and administration overheads are always major expense. We try our best to provide results(and other services) in an easily and widely accessible way.
Your assumption of sharing ratio 80/20 has come as a great surprise to us. For your information, here is a brief of the general revenue sharing model: 
  1. Each Shortcode has a fixed tariff. 
  2. There is NO REVENUE Sharing for shortcodes with tariff plan Re 1/- or lesser. VAS Partners do not get anything. We regard this as a General Shortcode and we have been providing services Free of Cost from these shortcodes. Sms2email, sms2facebook, sms2twitter, Sparrow-Digicard are few of our free service, where we are focused on solving problems of general people. 
  3. For shortcodes with tariff higher than Re 1/-, we as a VAS provider receive around half of the cost paid by subscriber (excluding the taxes).
And here’s the cost overhead, we as a VAS provider (Content Provider) incur in running every single campaign includes and not limited to - 
  1. Revenue Share with the content provider
  2. Campaign Promotion
  3. Content Generation
  4. Hardware / Software resources
  5. High Bandwidth Internet Connectivity
  6. Telecom connectivity
  7. Human Resources
  8. Office Operations
  9. Initial Investment and setup
  10. Research and Development
However, the major point is the lack of understanding and research, that is revealed in the blog post that we have a serious concern for. Also the comparative study between telecom service and our service made on your blog is actually incomparable. We seriously condemn few issues you have raised and it has hampered a lot that we have gathered in this span of 4 years. The premature research and populist article posted has made us point your major mistakes. 

टेलिकमलाई शुल्क उल्लेख हुँदा-नहुँदा खासै केही फरक पर्दैन होला।
- यो लेख्ने कत्तिको उचित होला ? उल्लेख सबैले गर्नुपर्छ, र हामीले हाम्रो भूलको स्विकार गर्छौँ । 
किनभने स्प्यारोको एसएमएसमा कन्टेन्ट प्रोभाइडर र सेवा प्रदायकबीच ८०/२० दरले आम्दानी बाँड‌्ने सहमति भएको भए। पाँच रुपियाँबाट टेलिकमलाई एक रुपियाँ आउँछ। 
- यो लेख्नु पछाडि तपाईले गर्नुपर्ने यथोचित र आवश्यक अनुशन्धान गर्नुभएन छ? यसको जवाफ हामीले भन्दा सहि अरु कसले दिन सक्थ्यो होला ? 
टेलिकमकै १४०१ मा गर्दा पनि आउने एक रुपियाँ नै हो। तर यहाँ मार त उपभोक्तालाई पर्‍यो नि। एक रुपियाँमा आउने सेवाको लागि किन पाँच रुपियाँ तिरिराख्नु ! 
- यसको उत्तर सायद हामीले माथि नै दिईसक्यौँ।
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd., Sparrow SMS are the names committed in upbringing startup culture, SMS culture, youth entrepreneurship and serves a major contribution for the nation. We have been able to represent ourselves and the people we belong to, in different parts of the world and it gives us an immense pleasure in admitting the same.

PS: There is a huge difference between A commercial business house and a popular and a non institutionalised blog. Even though we realized what we missed, we felt hard hit by the brand attack via the post on your blog. We are committed in serving the best we can, henceforth expect the support and cooperation from all aspects.

Looking forward for a positive response and an appropriate action with respect to the clarification we have provided.

Amit Agrawal
Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Sparrow SMS

HSEB Grade 12 Results of Science Faculty Published

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[ To view your result with marksheet, just type HSEB<space>symbol-no.  and send the SMS to 35001. ]                         
The results of grade 12 science faculty has been published today. The examination held between 17th and 29th of Baisakh 2070 had a total of 33556 students in regular and 6349 students in exempted category from all over the country out of which a total of 25236 students in regular and 3266 students in exempted category  have cleared the examinations with a pass percent of 75.32 in regular and 51.44 in exempted category.The Pass percent in regular category have gone up by 3.01 percent from last year’s 72.31percent. In detail statistics, the result of grade 12 science faculty can be presented as below


Total Appeared : 33556          

Total Passed :  25236            

Pass Percent : 75.32 percent

Cancelled : 24

Withheld : 0


Total Appeared:  6349

Total Passed : 3266

Pass Percent : 51.44 percent

Cancelled : 7

Withheld : 0

To view your result with marksheet, just type HSEB<space>symbol-no.  and send the SMS to 35001.                           

Complete result of grade 12 with marksheet  is available on SMS via Sparrow SMS.

To view your result with marksheet, just type HSEB<space>symbol-no.  and send the SMS to 35001.                           
*Each SMS costs NRS 5 exclusive of taxes

[Updated] HSEB Science Results 2070 to be out Today!

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Type HSEB<space>symbol no. and send the SMS to 35001 and get complete marksheet in your cellphones.

Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has confirmed that the results of Grade 12 science faculty will be announced today. Students from over 3500 HSEB affiliated colleges had appeared for the grade 12 exams that had begun on 17th of Baisakh 2070 and continued for 12 days before concluding on 29th of Baisakh 2070.

With SLC results dropping to five year low, all eyes are set at HSEB results to see how it turns out. With 21,838 students passing the regular examinations of grade 12 in 2069, the pass percentage was 72.31. Similarly, with 47 percent pass percent, 5,574 passed in the exempted category last year.

With SLC results not getting published in the newspapers this year, students were largely dependent on checking their results on the internet or via SMS. With SMS growing as a popular medium to check result, besides, with the privilege to get complete marksheet on the cellphone itself, it is likely that more and more students will use SMS to view HSEB results as well.

Sparrow SMS wishes best of luck to all the HSEB students awaiting their results.
Once the results are out, students can get complete marksheet on their cell phones via SMS by following steps:

Type HSEB<space>symbol no. and send the SMS to 35001.

The service is available for NTC, Ncell, SmartTel and UTL users

*Each SMS costs NRS 5+taxes

Monday, August 12, 2013

Keep Calm and Hope that HSEB Result will be Good

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[Once the results are out, type HSEB<space>Symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001 to get the result with marksheet]

As always, the nerves start to get tensed when the results of an exam approach near. We usually fear more during the results than when we give the exams. But that is a human nature after all. But we want to say you that "Keep calm and hope that your HSEB exam results will be good".
HSEB result nepal

Here we are writing this article because in the last two days we saw hundreds of comments & posts expressing the tension of students awaiting results. Every day must be going like a month for them. We understand that these results are important and matter to you but taking stress won't help a penny.

When you take stress and think too much about results, you are more likely to end up expecting too high which may cause dissatisfaction when not achieved. And even if you expect low, these days spend like hell. So what is the best way to cope up? Simple. Do not emphasize results too much. You have already given your performance in the exam and that was more important than this. The results are just the reflection of that performance. So stay calm and enjoy your daily life. You can also start searching the university for your higher education or look up for a job or even some recreational activities. Just do not take stress. And accept your result at it is.

And remember once the results are out, you can get your result with marklsheet by SMS just type HSEB<space>Symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001 to get the result with marksheet. 

The service is available for NTC, Ncell, UTL and SmartTel users

And yeah, just in case you still can't resist taking stress, then keep following us on our facebook page or our site. We can at least provide  you the latest updates so that you ease down a bit. Good Luck.

*Each SMS costs NRS 5+taxes

Thursday, August 8, 2013

HSEB Results 2070 in Nepal to be published very soon

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Type HSEB<space>Symbol no.  & send to 35001 to get your results with marksheet once the HSEB results 2070 are published.

HSEB Results of Nepal for the year 2070 B.S. are probably coming out within few days now. The result to be published is of Grade 12 exams in Nepal conducted every year by the Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. This year the exams were held from Baisakh 17 to Baisakh 29. 

HSEb result nepal
The success in HSEB results mark as an entry into the higher university level education where students can join there undergraduate courses other skill based courses. Therefore these results cause a great anxiety among the awaiting students regarding their eligibility to join the further studies. Sparrow SMS tries to help such students by providing them their results instantly via SMS. That to say, you can get your HSEB results with complete marksheet as soon as it is published on your phone by sending a simple message as shown below:

Type HSEB<space>Symbol no.  & send to 35001
E.g.: HSEB 1234567 & send to 35001.

This service is available to all network operators in Nepal namely NCell, NTC, UTL & Smarttell. The service can be accessed from any kind of phone as far as it can send and receive SMS. For more updates on results, you can also follow us on twitter and facebook 

*Each SMS attracts Rs. 5+govt. tax.

Friday, August 2, 2013

SLC Supplementary Exams-2070 to Start from Sunday

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[The results are out. Type SLC<space>symbol-no. and send the SMS to 35001]

SLC Supplementary Exams-2070 are scheduled to start from this Sunday i.e., 20th Shrawan 2070. In the results of the SLC examination 2069/70, only 41.57 percent of the regular students were able to clear all the papers. Those who couldn’t pass the maximum of two papers in the SLC examination 2069 have been given this opportunity to clear their SLC.
SLC Supplementary Exams 2070 Routine
The examination will be regularly held from 20th of Shrawan to 27th from 8 in the morning to 11.

Sparrow SMS would like to wish all best of luck to all the students appearing for the SLC supplementary examinations this year. We would also like to remind you that just like the regular SLC examinations, the results of supplementary exams can also be obtained via SMS. Just follow the following simple instruction:

Type SLC<space>symbol-no and send the SMS to 35001. 

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