Thursday, February 6, 2014

Picovico founders nominated for Kantipur Men of the year in Science, Information and Technology category

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The esteemed founders of the popular photo-to-video animation app Picovico have been nominated for the Kantipur Men of the year in the category of Science, Information and Technology. The young entrepreneurs Manish Modi and Suraj Sakpota are engineering graduates and now programmers who love to code. At a time when most of photo sharing sites simply allow the users to share their photos, these two came up with the idea of Picovico with a promise to make it different.

The idea of Picovico came when the creators realized how creating a seamless video out of the most memorable photos of people can help convey the story behind those moments in a far convincing way. Doing so not only makes a beautiful video collage that people love to see, but also saves time. The Picovico site has 4 basic steps of creating attractive video using your photos : First select the style of presentation from many of the available templates, then add photos and text, also select the music of your choice, and finally put in the title and credits. Now in no longer than a minute, the entire video is created. Yes, it is indeed as easy as that!

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