Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why Nepal faces increasing loadshedding hours? [infographics]

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Nepal, despite being the second richest country in natural water resources, faces high hours of load shedding every day. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced yet another increase in power cuts to up to 12 hours a day from February 9, 2014.

Regardless of various efforts from the Government's side to upscale power production time and again, they are yet to minimize the power cuts, let alone the days of gaining power surplus. The major setback has been the ever increasing Power Demand VS the Power Production rate.

In accordance with the annual report of Nepal Electricity Authority 2012/13, Nepal produces about 662 MW and imports 102.5 MW of electricity, total of 764 MW a year. Consumers on the other hand demand about 332 MW more.  The entire deficit between production and demand can be viewed in the infographics below. 

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