Sunday, March 9, 2014

SLC 2070 - 566,085 students ready to face the iron gate

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The countdown to the much talked about SLC Board Exams 2070 has begun already, with the exams set to start nationwide on March 20. Even though SLC 2069 started on March 14, SLC exams 2070 were scheduled to start on March 20 keeping the festivities of Phagu Poornima in mind. This year, a total of 566,085 students will appear in the exams, a number higher by 54, 920 when compared to the number of examinees last year. The Office of Controller of Examination (OCE), Sano Thimi stated that 419,352 students will appear in the regular category, while a total of 146,733 students will appear in the exempted category. The routine for SLC Boards Nepal 2070 is as given below:

Compulsory English : 2070 Chaitra 6, Thursday

Compulsory Nepali : 2070 Chaitra 7, Friday
Compulsory Mathematics : 2070 Chaitra 9, Sunday
Compulsory Science : 2070 Chaitra 10, Monday
Compulsory Social Studies : 2070 Chaitra 11, Tuesday
Compulsory Health Education and Environment : 2070 Chaitra 12, Wednesday
Optional Paper First : 2070 Chaitra 13, Thursday
Optional Paper Second : 2070 Chaitra 14, Friday

This year, SLC is on its 80th year, and OCE has allocated 1,836 centers all over the country, with 87 centers alone in Kathmandu. But despite all preparations, concerns are already being raised over the results to be published next year. Regardless of several initiatives by the government, the number of passing students has declined to a 41.57% from 68.47% back in 2009. Even a bigger setback for the government has been its own projection made way back in 1998 of touching 100% pass rate in SLC by the year 2012. A huge chunk of failure percentage came from the public school throughout Nepal, with pass rate as low as 30% only. In spite of the declining trend, with a huge media coverage, and a greater interest from the entire nation, students are excepted to fare much better this year.

SparrowSMS wishes all the best to those students who are preparing hard to face the iron gate - SLC 2070

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