Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When will SLC result 2071 be published?

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It is on the hand of OCE, Sanothimi to publish the SLC results 2071. However, we can generalize that the result might be published during the second week of June for SLC results 2014 (last week of Jestha or first week of Ashad). If we study the trend of the result date, it can be predicted somehow. However, the actual results will be published by OCE, Sanothimi only.

For 2069, the format to check SLCresult was to type SLC<space>symbol-number and send SMS to 35001.

SLC results 2071 Nepal
SLC results 2071 Nepal

The impatience level must be rising up for the SLC batch 2070 students now that the day is approaching near. The time has come for planning what to do after SLC. You need to decide on what to study next and which educational institute or college to join.
Sparrow SMS wishes the best for all the 2070 batch students for their SLC results.
For 2069, the format to check SLCresult was to type SLC<space>symbol-number and send SMS to 35001.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

ITU Young Innovators Competition 2014

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The ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition is looking for young talented social entrepreneurs with ideas for making innovative use of technology. The participants need to come up with an idea that can meet one of the challenges. People from all around the world participate in this competition where they can present their ideas for the project. Participants can gain exposure at ITU Telecom World.

Winners can receive up to $10,000 in seed funding as well as business workshops. They will also be provided with networking, showcasing and pitching opportunity at ITU Telecom World in Doha. Their idea will also be followed up by a mentorship program throughout the development phase for a year to help them boost their business idea.

The procedure to apply in the Young Innovation Competition is by following the link http://ideas.itu.int and finding out latest challenge themes. There are two way of getting involved in the competition:

1.       Start-up Challenges:
You need to tell about your business and upload your business plan. Also, you need to comment, vote and discuss the idea presented by others.

2.       Co-creation Challenges:
You need to send your ideas and create a collaborative business plans with others.

Young Innovators Competition 2013
Total number of applications: 608
Total number of countries: 88 (45% of ITU)
Total number of women applicants: 124 (20%)
South America
North America

It is an event that will provide you with exposure to great expertise who can work on giving your idea a shape. Thinking is what it takes, and may be you have it in you. It is time to bring out the best you have and come up with an idea that can meet up certain challenges and create significance.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Load Shedding Schedule

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A must have document in every Nepali household today is a load shedding schedule. Everyone must have been curious regarding when the load shedding hours are going to reduce. A mutual thing that every Nepali shares is their life story related to the load shedding schedule. As for now, HSEB students must be adjusting their sleep hours at night according to the time when the light goes off. Or the IPL excitement must be driving many of its viewers to the restaurants. These are two of many examples that all of us share these days. The good news is that the hours relating our stories have been reduced slightly. The load shedding hours have been reduced by 2 hours, from 12 hours to 10 hours daily. The load shedding was 84 hours in a week which will be decreased to 70 hours a week.

As a SMS service provider, Sparrow SMS has provided you with a service that enables you to get your load shedding schedule easily on your mobile device.

You can type G<group-number> and send SMS to 35001 to get the load shedding schedule on your phone. For example, if your group number is 4, type G4 and SMS to 35001.

The load shedding increment or decrement is predictable for every Nepali. The study of the load shedding trend in 2070 shows that the highest load shedding hours have occurred during Magh to Chaitra. 

As per the recent study conducted by the team of Institute of Engineering,Tribhuwan University Nepal, led by Prof. Narendra Man Shakya, Nepal has a total potential to generate 53,000 megawatts of hydropower. This study was based on using Geographic Information System (GIS).  If load shedding problems were observed and untied by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the life in Nepal would be unimaginably changed. The business houses would be standing in a remarkable position than they are standing now. The expense for every household to set up extra energy power source would be checked. It would be like removing the huge log off the highway.

Psychologically, it would benefit most of the citizens as they could do their regular life chores without considering the load shedding hours. We can relate the reasons to why most people are usually frustrated due to load shedding. However, most of Nepali people have found this problem as an opportunity to take it in another direction. There are numerous trolls posted on facebook and twitter where people find a way to cope with the situation by having a laugh about it. The developers have captivated it as an idea to create various apps which has persuaded the development in people. And in the most general scenario, the reliance on technology has been minimized for social interactions that have pushed people to interact more often than usual.

Nepal government should have a policy to implement as many hydropower projects as possible with domestic investment in order to check this ravaging electricity crisis.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Curiosity regarding SLC results 2070/71

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SLC Batch 2070 must be excited regarding the results now that it’s approaching near. With most of the students, they always evaluate themselves. They pile all the SLC question papers, estimate their score in each question, total it, and total all the subject scores. And somehow, they tend to see it again, and then remark themselves. We all have been there holding those question papers around and wondering what our scores will be. And we know the thrived level of heartbeat after the rumors hit the place regarding SLC results being published.
The anxiety is not just limited to scores. It lies beyond the time period after results for SLC students. First, it comes with what they want to study. Later comes with what they want to be in life. The life questions surround the mind and create confusion among them. They need to realize that nothing has to be decided right away. The best thing that they can do is explore as many plus 2 institutes as possible. That will help them put their queries forward to the college management. It can give them an orientation to the subject details whereby they can decide the subject that they want to study.

If we study the past trend of SLC pass percentage, it is seen to be in a declining state. The SLC result of 2070/71 is going to be even more interesting to study. Is it going to follow the same past trend and decline even more? Or is it going to rise by a little increment in the pass percentage of students? Well, the increase is extremely essential for the education system of Nepal to prove itself. Otherwise, everyone will assume that there may be something going wrong with the education system of Nepal.

Sparrow SMS is a regular result provider through SMS service. For 2069, SMS format for SLC students to check their SLC results was to type SLC<space>symbol number and send SMS to 35001.

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