Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Curiosity regarding SLC results 2070/71

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SLC Batch 2070 must be excited regarding the results now that it’s approaching near. With most of the students, they always evaluate themselves. They pile all the SLC question papers, estimate their score in each question, total it, and total all the subject scores. And somehow, they tend to see it again, and then remark themselves. We all have been there holding those question papers around and wondering what our scores will be. And we know the thrived level of heartbeat after the rumors hit the place regarding SLC results being published.
The anxiety is not just limited to scores. It lies beyond the time period after results for SLC students. First, it comes with what they want to study. Later comes with what they want to be in life. The life questions surround the mind and create confusion among them. They need to realize that nothing has to be decided right away. The best thing that they can do is explore as many plus 2 institutes as possible. That will help them put their queries forward to the college management. It can give them an orientation to the subject details whereby they can decide the subject that they want to study.

If we study the past trend of SLC pass percentage, it is seen to be in a declining state. The SLC result of 2070/71 is going to be even more interesting to study. Is it going to follow the same past trend and decline even more? Or is it going to rise by a little increment in the pass percentage of students? Well, the increase is extremely essential for the education system of Nepal to prove itself. Otherwise, everyone will assume that there may be something going wrong with the education system of Nepal.

Sparrow SMS is a regular result provider through SMS service. For 2069, SMS format for SLC students to check their SLC results was to type SLC<space>symbol number and send SMS to 35001.

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