Friday, August 8, 2014

New load shedding schedule to be effective from Shrawan 24

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Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has increased the load shedding hours which will be effective from August 9, 2014 (Shrawan 24, 2071). To get the new load shedding schedule on your mobile phone,
Type G<Group-no.> and send SMS to 35001.

Previously, it was 47 hours a week which has been increased to 59 hours a week. The load shedding schedule is not uniform which makes it difficult to memorize. Sparrow SMS has been providing you with a service that enables you to get the new load shedding schedule on your mobile.

In the year of 2070, this month was the period when the country faced least load shedding problem. It was 3.5 hours in a day which in comparison to this year is half of what we are facing right now. Again, with the mishap at Jure, Sindupalchowk, the flood has shut down 5 power houses causing the discontinuation of capacity of producing 67 MW of electricity. This has created an impact on overall capacity of the country to produce the electricity. As a result, the problem of load shedding has increased. 


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