Monday, September 29, 2014

HSEB Notice Regarding Chance Examination and Re-Total

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HSEB has announced the date for chance examination.  The chance examination will be held on Kartik 11, 2071. Regular students who have appeared in grade 12 examinations of 2071 and have failed/not appeared in only one (1) subject and students who have cleared all subjects of grade 11 (regular and chance), but have failed in one subject in this year's Grade 12 exam will be allowed to give chance examination on Kartik 11, 2071. The forms for chance examination can be filled on or before Kartik 3, 2071. The examination time is 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Students are advised to go to HSEB will transcripts of grade 11, transcript/marks ledger of grade 12, two passport-sized photos and Rs.500.

Similarly, students who feel they have got less marks and want re-totaling or have problems in practical marks not added are advised to go to HSEB and fill up the required forms and contact the concerned department or authority within 35 days of result publish .  Students are also advised to go to HSEB with their admit card. The cost per paper is Rs.250

Sunday, September 28, 2014

HSEB Results are now LIVE!!!

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HSEB Results are now available for viewing.

Type HSEB<space>symbol-no and send SMS to 35001 to get results with marksheet in your phone

Example - HSEB 12345678

Good Luck to all the students!!!

HSEB Result Published!

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[Type HSEB<space>symbol-no and send SMS to 35001]

#HSEB #Result Breaking Update:

Sparrow SMS have received the official stats for this year's HSEB Results. 

Out of the total 191496 students appeared in regular exam, 74764 have passed, a total of 39.04%.

Similarly, out of the total 136155 students appeared in the compart / repeated papers, 40829 students have passed, a total of 29.99%.

HSEB Results 2071 with Stats

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HSEB results have been announced by HSEB. This year's examinations which were held from 19th of Baishak to 30th of Baishak saw a total of 191496 students appear in the regular exam and 136155 appear in the compart/repeat exams.

Out of the total 191496 students appeared in regular exam, 74764 have passed, a total of 39.04% which is a slight increase from last year's 38.63%. Similarly, out of the total 136155 students appeared in the compart repeated papers, 40829 students have passed, a total of 29.99%, which is a slight drop from last year's 30.96%

You can find the remaining stats in the picture.

HSEB Results Coming Today! See video for more.

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HSEB Results Coming.......................... TODAY

TODAY, HSEB results will be published

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Finally, HSEB will be publishing the results of Management, Humanities and Education today.

[Updated] HSEB Commerce, Education and Humanities Results 2071 to be out Today!

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Type HSEB<space>symbol no. and send the SMS to 35001 and get complete marksheet in your cellphones.
With HSEB results not getting published in the newspapers from the past few years, students were largely dependent on checking their results on the internet or via SMS. With SMS growing as a popular medium to check result, besides, with the privilege to get complete marksheet on the cellphone itself, it is likely that more and more students will use SMS to view HSEB results as well.

Sparrow SMS wishes best of luck to all the HSEB students awaiting their results.
Once the results are out, students can get complete marksheet on their cell phones via SMS by following steps:

Type HSEB<space>symbol no. and send the SMS to 35001.

The service is available for NTC, Ncell, SmartTel and UTL users

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) related to HSEB Exam Result

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Q. When will the result be published ?

Ans: It will publish before Dashain Holiday [ Within september ]. Last year it was published on september 25.

Q. Will HSEB Results come today [ Saturday, 27th Sep 2014 ]? 
Ans : NO it will not come today

Q. Will HSEB Result come tomorrow [ Sunday, 28th Sep 2014 ] ?
Ans: We have no official confirmation yet. Again, it might come or it might not. You will need to stay updated with our pages

Q. Can you give us a fixed date and time for the #HsebResult ?
Ans : No. Only HSEB can tell you fixed date. All rights are reserved with HSEB. We are just SMS result provider after it is published by HSEB. However, we always try to keep you updated with any notice we get from HSEB.

Q. Why are you delaying the result ?
Ans : We are not delaying the result. Sparrow SMS is the leading SMS service provider in the country. Result is published by Examination Board of HSEB, not by Sparrow SMS.

Q.Some other pages are saying that result will come today ?Is it true?
Ans: NO, it is false. Please dont go after Fake news. Share this post so that everyone can know correct Info.

Q. Why is HSEB delaying the result ?
Ans: Again, Only HSEB can answer this. Last year it was published on september 25. They are working on final processing and verification.

Q. Can Sparrow SMS make a guess, when will result come? 
Ans: Yes, we can make a guess. but it will just be a guess and nothing authentic. As per us, it might come on Sunday or Monday.It wont delay further than Monday.

Q. Why do you keep posting about result ?
Ans : If we post about other things, we get comment to post about result only. If we dont post, people keep on asking. Hence, we are bound to keep you updated but we can not give you fake info. So we cant tell you fixed date.

Q. How to see result ?
Ans : After results are out, you can get results with complete marks by sending simple SMS. Type Hseb ( symbol no) and send SMS to 35001.

Q. When should we send SMS to 35001 ?
Ans: Please send SMS only after results are published. We do not do pre-registration. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Video: HSEB Result getting process explained

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This interactive video explains the quick process of getting HSEB 2071 Result with marksheet in your phone.

Always remember, after the results are published, type HSEB<space>symbol-no and send SMS to 35001.

Sparrow SMS is here to bring you the latest updates.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Guardians gift HSEB officials with grass for delays in publishing HSEB 12 result

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Guardians Association of Nepal (GAN) gifted HSEB officials with grass midst the delays in publishing HSEB plus two non-science results. In addition to this, they have issued a five-day ultimatum to the Board to publish the results. Let’s hope the results will be published very soon.

After the results are published by HSEB, Type HSEB<space>symbol-number and send SMS to 35001.

व्यवस्थापन, मानविकी र शिक्षा संकायतर्फका +२ का नतीजा प्रकाशित गर्न ढिलो भएको भन्दै आभिभावकवर्गले उच्च माध्यमिक शिक्षा परिषद्का पदाधिकारीलाई व्यंग्यस्वरूप घाँस उपहार दिएका छन् र साथै नतीजा प्रकाशित गर्न पांच दिने आन्तिम प्रस्ताव पनि दिएका छन् | आशा गरौँ नतिजा चाडैं प्रकाशित होस् |

नतीजा प्रकाशित भए पछि आफ्नो मोबाइलबाट HSEB<space>symbol-number टाईप गरी 35001 मा SMS पठाउनुहोस |

Monday, September 22, 2014

Causes Behind the Stress We Go Through While Waiting for the Examination Results

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[ As soon as the results are published, to get the results in a fast and easy way, type HSEB <space> <Your symbol no.> and send SMS to 35001. ]

Waiting for exam results can be a scary moment for everyone; it's like you have an appointment with fear! As the publicity starts to intensify, you start getting restless. However, this is absolutely normal. It is to be expected that you feel stressed, nervous, panicky and anxious. At this moment you will not even realize that you are panicking.

Sparrow SMS shares with you a few causes behind the stress we go through while waiting for the examination results.
The main fear which exists in every student is the situation where you get the unexpected results. However, there are other factors which make you panic even more. They are summarized briefly below:

  • Fear of failure
  • Wanting to attain results that reveal the effort you put into your studies
  • Wanting to acquire results similar to your friends and peers
  • Pressure to accomplish the anticipations of others
  • The need to obtain results to progress to the next step in your career, the course, university or area of work of your choice
  • The fact that these exams outcome may indicate a new chapter in your life.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

HSEB Management Result - Coming Soon

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The Higher Secondary Education Board had claimed that Management, Humanities and Education faculty result might most probably be published before Dashain.

So there are high chances that the results are likely to be published within the next week. However, it is upon the Higher Secondary Education Board to publish it.

HSEB Commerce Result - Coming Soon from Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd.

The Easiest Way to Get Your Results
Type HSEB <space> <Your symbol no. >
Send SMS to 35001.

Example HSEB 22651278 and send SMS to 5001.

Friday, September 19, 2014

When will the HSEB Commerce Result 2071 be published?

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The HSEB students must be curious for the results as the day is not very far away. It is the authority of HSEB, Sanothimi to publish the HSEB results 2071

If we study the general trend of HSEB results in Nepal, firstly the results of Science faculty is published and eventually the results of non-Science faculties. Last year, the HSEB Commerce result was published on 25th September. This year, we are still waiting for the HSEB board to give an update about the HSEB result date.

We dont have any official confirmation from HSEB regarding the Commerce Results of  2071 . But results are likely to be published before Dashain. 

Also, after results are officially published by HSEB, you can get it by SMS.

Type HSEB <space> <Your symbol no. > and send SMS to 35001.
example HSEB 1234567 and send SMS to 35001

Sparrow SMS wishes you all the best for results and bright future.

Stay connected with our website for latest updates. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When will Grade 12 Result be Published (Management,Humanities,Education)

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Finally the countdown has begun. With the results for HSEB grade 12 science already published, the students of Management, Education and Humanities faculties have been waiting eagerly for their results. And since there has been a healthy rise in the number of passing number of science students this year, almost everyone is speculating to see a similar uphill in the results to be published now. Going by the latest updates,  the results for Management, Education and Humanities should be out somewhere around Dashain Festival. The wait is certainly very unnerving for most of students. But again, you can utilize all this free time to ponder on your future career choices since there are a number of promising options and opportunities out there for you to grab. 
Last year, the HSEB result was published on 25th September and that day is not much far. Following is the statistics of last year non-science students:
Non-Science Faculty of HSEB Nepal
Regular Category
Exempted Category
Total Appeared
Total Passed
Pass Percentage

With no concrete updates from HSEB on the matter, the dates for result publication still remain uncertain. But students can put this ample time they have into some good use. With a good number of emerging career options at the threshold, this free time can utilize a good deal to analyze them and choose the most promising one. A good number of students seem preferring faculties like Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelors in Information Management (BIM) and Bachelors in Hotel Management (BHM). Students who are interesting in pursuing a career in BBA under Tribhuwan University will have to appear in the CMAT entrance examinations being conducted by university. CMAT stands for Common Management Admission Test, and students have to pass this test to pursue further management studies under Tribhuwan University affiliated colleges.

Sparrow SMS is one of the largest result provider of HSEB results in Nepal via SMS. The students can get their results along with marksheet on their mobile phone simply by sendingSMS to 35001.
For 2070, the SMS format to get the HSEB result was:

1. Go to your message box.
2. Type HSEB, give one space, type your symbol number
3. Send SMS to 35001

(Type HSEB<space>symbol-number and send SMS to 35001)

Within some seconds, the students could receive their results with marksheet on their mobile phone device. Sparrow SMS is considered as the fastest and reliable result service provider of Nepal.Sparrow SMS wishes the best for all the HSEB students for their results 2071.For updates regarding the results, events and our other services, follow us on facebook,twitterslideshare and google+

Sunday, September 7, 2014

SLC Supplementary Result PUBLISHED

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With the SLC pass percent so low, this year around, the number of students giving the SLC supplementary exams has increased significantly. While they do not create as much as buzz as the regular SLC results do, they are nevertheless very important for all those students who have given the supplementary exams. 

The results have been published today (7 September) being available to public through several media including SMS. Many students were eagerly waiting for their respective results so that they too can continue their higher studies. With most of the plus two colleges and A-levels colleges already starting their academic year, it is essential for the supplementary results to be out as soon as possible, so that these students will be able to catch up with their course of studies. The supplementary exam which started from the 20th of Shrawan, ended on Shrawan 27th.Total of 1,20,317 (51939-Male, 65376-Female) had appeared in the SLC chance examination of 2070 and 78,453 students passed the exam.  Those who could not pass the regular examination and couldn't pass the maximum of two papers in the SLC examination 2070 were given this opportunity to clear their SLC. With the statistics from the OCE, only 65.21% students could pass the chance exams. 
Following is the division wise result statistics: 
Distinction: 0
First Division: 2001
Second Division: 58086
Third Division: 17366
Witheld: 244
Cancelled: 52

Sparrow SMS is providing the results via SMS over your phone just like the regular SLC examinations Just follow the following simple instruction:

In your phone's new message box, Type SLC<space>symbol-no and send it to 35001.
Eg. SLC 24851658 and SMS to 35001

Don’t worry about these results too much! There is always an other chance if you couldn't make it through and if you have passed Sparrow SMS would like to congratulate you. Sparrow SMS wishes that everyone secures a very good result!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

MBBS Entrance Exam Result Published by IOM

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Sparrow SMS is a regular result provider of HSEBSLC, HISSAN, IOM and IOE. We regularly facilitate the students of IOM with the SMS service where they can get their results through SMS service. To get the results of MBBS entrance exam conducted by IOM,
Type RESULT<space>Symbol Number and send SMS to 2200

Eg: RESULT 1421 & SMS to 32200

Congratulations to all the students who passed the HSEB grade 12 science result and Sparrow SMS wishes best of luck to all the students who are waiting for the IOM result. Exams were held on Saturday and Sunday starting from 8 a.m. For any further query you can contact at 4413729 and 4423538. 

Sparrow SMS is one of the fastest and reliable SMS source to get the HSEB and SLC results as well. With the time, it extended its result facilities to the students that resulted to providing the SMS results to reputed institution like IOM. The SMS system has modified the way the students obtain their results. It is reliable, convenient and the fastest mode to obtain results on your mobile phone device.
For updates regarding the results, events and our other services, follow us on facebooktwitterslideshare and google+

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