Monday, September 22, 2014

Causes Behind the Stress We Go Through While Waiting for the Examination Results

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Waiting for exam results can be a scary moment for everyone; it's like you have an appointment with fear! As the publicity starts to intensify, you start getting restless. However, this is absolutely normal. It is to be expected that you feel stressed, nervous, panicky and anxious. At this moment you will not even realize that you are panicking.

Sparrow SMS shares with you a few causes behind the stress we go through while waiting for the examination results.
The main fear which exists in every student is the situation where you get the unexpected results. However, there are other factors which make you panic even more. They are summarized briefly below:

  • Fear of failure
  • Wanting to attain results that reveal the effort you put into your studies
  • Wanting to acquire results similar to your friends and peers
  • Pressure to accomplish the anticipations of others
  • The need to obtain results to progress to the next step in your career, the course, university or area of work of your choice
  • The fact that these exams outcome may indicate a new chapter in your life.


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