Saturday, September 27, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) related to HSEB Exam Result

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Q. When will the result be published ?

Ans: It will publish before Dashain Holiday [ Within september ]. Last year it was published on september 25.

Q. Will HSEB Results come today [ Saturday, 27th Sep 2014 ]? 
Ans : NO it will not come today

Q. Will HSEB Result come tomorrow [ Sunday, 28th Sep 2014 ] ?
Ans: We have no official confirmation yet. Again, it might come or it might not. You will need to stay updated with our pages

Q. Can you give us a fixed date and time for the #HsebResult ?
Ans : No. Only HSEB can tell you fixed date. All rights are reserved with HSEB. We are just SMS result provider after it is published by HSEB. However, we always try to keep you updated with any notice we get from HSEB.

Q. Why are you delaying the result ?
Ans : We are not delaying the result. Sparrow SMS is the leading SMS service provider in the country. Result is published by Examination Board of HSEB, not by Sparrow SMS.

Q.Some other pages are saying that result will come today ?Is it true?
Ans: NO, it is false. Please dont go after Fake news. Share this post so that everyone can know correct Info.

Q. Why is HSEB delaying the result ?
Ans: Again, Only HSEB can answer this. Last year it was published on september 25. They are working on final processing and verification.

Q. Can Sparrow SMS make a guess, when will result come? 
Ans: Yes, we can make a guess. but it will just be a guess and nothing authentic. As per us, it might come on Sunday or Monday.It wont delay further than Monday.

Q. Why do you keep posting about result ?
Ans : If we post about other things, we get comment to post about result only. If we dont post, people keep on asking. Hence, we are bound to keep you updated but we can not give you fake info. So we cant tell you fixed date.

Q. How to see result ?
Ans : After results are out, you can get results with complete marks by sending simple SMS. Type Hseb ( symbol no) and send SMS to 35001.

Q. When should we send SMS to 35001 ?
Ans: Please send SMS only after results are published. We do not do pre-registration. 


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