Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Interesting Facts about Facebook

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Republic of Facebook? Or does it sound good when said People's Republic of Facebook? Democratic Republic of Facebook doesn't sound bad either - Facebook is all about people. And if Facebook were a country, it would be the world's third most populated country surpassed only by India and China.

The latest stats of Facebook are mind-boggling. With 1.23 billion active users in a month, yes, active users (forget the one's who set up their account and vanish away for years), Facebook stands as one large community able to unite people across the globe. The total number of likes on Facebook each day equals world's population of 1999 - 6 Billion! And the number of photos uploaded on Facebook exceeds the U.S population - 350 million total uploads a day.

With 60% of users being active each day, imagine the traffic on Facebook - sure to give its servers a tough job. Also, average user spends 7.75 hours each month on Facebook - enough to fly from Kathmandu to Bangkok and come back.

One of every three user is an Asian, while the other one-third comprises of users from Latin America, Africa and Australia. Europe has a total user base of 23% and 16% of users are from USA and Canada.

Where does Nepal come in all this? With 4 million users, Nepal only makes up 0.32%


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