Monday, October 6, 2014

Latest Telecom Scenario in Nepal

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Nepal Telecom Authority has published the latest Telecom Stats. As per the latest issue done in June-July, telephone penetration rate in the nation has increased up to 92%. This is a significant rise from March, which saw total penetration rate at 86.52%.

Among other key trends to be observed was how Ncell has managed to steadied its market share which stands at an impressive 49%, despite stiff competition from NTC whose market share is a respectable 44%. Ncell's market share has grown up by 1% in three months whereas that of NTC has remained stable.

Mobile's penetration has gone up from 77% to 83% within these three months - another indication of the growing market for telecom companies in Nepal. Despite having a lower market share than Ncell, NTC, however, has a greater share in GPRS/EDGE users with a good figure of 4.42 million over Ncell's 3.92 million.

However, a major topic of debate would be whether the 92% figure truly represents the the tele-density rate. Something common in Nepal is an individual having multiple SIM cards and many SIM cards remaining inactive for prolonged periods. In that case, though, concluding 92% to be representative of the entire penetration may be biased. The actual figure may be lower than that.

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