Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some SMS Facts You Perhaps Didn't Know

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Since its birth in 1992, SMS has changed the way we communicate with texts. As its name suggests, SMS has enabled us to tell things and communicate in the shortest and precise way possible. The way SMS has managed to get us all hooked to it simple beyond our imagination.

Today, the approximate users of SMS worldwide stands at an astounding figure of 3.7 billion. What surprises us even more is that only 3.5 billion people in the world brush everyday. So SMS has become more important than a daily habit. Such is the way SMS has captured all of us. Annually 8.6 trillion SMS are sent each year globally - perhaps more than the stars present in some galaxies.

Due to its short, precise and quick nature, SMS are replied eight times as quickly as e-mails What supports this fact is that 91% people keep their cell phones within their arm's reach ( Don't dare you touch my cell phone!) 90 % SMS also get seen within three minutes of receiving. And as much as 70% people love to receive offers and promotions in their cell phones.

The influence of SMS has led to the birth of a social media giant, Twitter. 140 characters on a tweet was influenced by the 160 character of a SMS.

And if you're thinking about the best time to send an SMS, do it between 10:30 to 11 in the night. If you think you want to do much later than that, make sure your recipient is suffering from insomnia!

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