Monday, October 27, 2014

The POWER OF TEXT: Unleashing your Marketing Potential with Sparrow SMS

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Today, the world of Information Technology and Mobile has become a global theater wherein all users of mobile and digital applications, cell phones and mobile devices have become actors, players, audiences and critics. The many cell phone networks throughout the world each make up the different stages to unite all of us throughout mobile devices in one single digital platform. This has given birth to new forms of marketing and new ways to engage with customers.

In Nepal too, this is no exception asthe mobile penetration rate has gone up to 83% of  91% tele-density rate (source: Nepal Telecommunications Authority). This means that 91% of people of the country are connected via telephones, mobile phones and data services, out of which 83% users are of mobile phones.

Globally, different researches have been conducted to analyze the use of SMS in marketing. Some very interesting facts about SMS marketing are - SMS campaigns perform seven times better than do email campaigns (source: eMarketer), an average person looks at his/her cell phone 150 times a day (source: annual Internet Trends Reports) , 98% of all text messages are read (source: Frost & Sullivan), on average text messages are read within 5 seconds (source: Frost & Sullivan) and coupons sent via SMS are 10 times more likely to be redeemed (source: Slick Text)

Due to its quick nature and highly personalized nature and supported by all these statistics, SMS marketing is an effective and highly profitable tool if combined with proper marketing tactics.  There is a huge opportunity to employ mobile marketing to tap into the growing markets in Nepal.  Being a leading VAS service provider in the country, Sparrow SMS lets you do just that. The various services Sparrow SMS provides businesses include, bulk SMS services, inbound/outbound SMS services and API integration for SMS.

What can you get from Sparrow SMS ?

Sparrow SMS provides a shortcode (3001, 4001, 5001 etc.) each time an account is created. From that short-code, the different possibilities include:

One-way bulk SMS Service

One-way push SMS system that allows you to send offers, promotions, news, notices, personalize your messages as per your needs
Beneficial for: Promoting Campaigns, Launching New products, Reminding Customers, Public Service Notices

Two-way SMS service
It lets you respond to customers queries and questions from our system. Create multiple campaigns and respond to them accordingly as per your need and interest

Beneficial for: Voting Campaigns, SMS contests, Question and Answers, Quizzes, Answering to multiple queries, Replying to urgent needs such as blood requirements

API Integration Services

If you have your own system then you can integrate your system with Sparrow SMS system and send SMS/receive queries from   your own system. API lets you integrate SMS Gateway with your systems/database and the Telecom providers. Sparrow SMS will only provide you the SMS gateway. API Integration is possible for both one-way and two-way (inbound/outbound SMS)

Beneficial for users woho have their own system and just want to integrate with the system of Sparrow

Benefits for users include:
Secure Cloud Based Service
Dedicated Server
Updated with latest technology
Secure with double verification feature

Further details can be obtained by contacting us at:

01-5522492, 9802005009


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