Monday, November 3, 2014

Latest Telecom Stats of Nepal: Penetration rate crosses 93%

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Nepal Telecommunications Authority has again published the latest Telecom Stats under its Management Information System Reports for the month of Shrawan (July 16 – Aug 15).

The key highlight of this issue is that telephone density rate in Nepal has gone up to 93.69%.  This is an increment from Ashad( June 15 – July 15) when the penetration rate was 92.68%. This can be attributed to 267,000 more subscribers of telephone and telecom-related services in the country in the space of one month.

Another key talking point in this issue is that NTC has managed to increase its market share from 44% to 45% in the voice telephony category, but it has suffered a disappointment in ADSL services as more than 20,000 people have unsubscribed from it.

Mobile penetration rate has also gone up from 83% to 84%, where more increases have been in NTC SIM subscribers than in Ncell SIM subscribers.  Likewise, internet penetration rate has increased from 33.15% to 33.76% of the 93.69%.

However, these data may not be indicative of the actual scenario because of different reasons. First of all, one individual can have multiple SIM cards of which some or many may be inactive. The problem of inactive SIM cards raises doubts on the authenticity of the information provided by NTA. Secondly, there may be many individuals who are connected by different internet and data services all at once. The use of constant population to express rates as its percentage is also subject to criticisms from experts.

You can find out more by viewing the slideshare below. Happy reading!


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