Monday, December 1, 2014

Loadshedding schedule - What to expect next?

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For latest loadshedding schedule: Type Group<Group No> and send SMS to 35001. (Example G1 for Group 1)

Its December and mid-winter is hitting upon in a few days time. Water flows in our rivers and reservoirs are gradually going down until the next monsoon comes to fill them up. In a country so dependent upon hydro power, this means alarming signs that loadshedding will soon increase.

The recent SAARC summit and agreement with the Indian PM during his visit to Nepal in August may give rays of hope that this age-old problem will soon come to a minimal one day, but that will surely take some time and has got many variables involved in it.

Last winter loadshedding peaked 84 hours a week - 14 hours a day. What figure it hits this time is yet to be seen. What we can expect is that loadshedding will increase rapidly in the coming days.

For latest loadshedding scheduke, Type G<Group No> and send SMS to 35001


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